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im an aussie female, and ive never encountered a winter as cold as the one i will no doubt be encountering here in scotland in a couple months. help me, i need a jacket or coat that's warm as fuck and not a bloody bomber. male styles are fine if not preferred.

im just gonna start posting some random pics
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Any recommendations for my hair?
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Don't cut it it looks nice
Maybe oil it once a week with olive or coconut oil
Use bobby pins if your framing bits bother you
You got exactly the same hair as me right now and i also dont know what to do with it
I was thinking about going for manbun, but i still gotta do something in between
Mine is blondier though
A noose

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my hair look fine when they're dry, but when they're wet this appears. should I be worried
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Possibly. Hasn't it changed recently? Do you think you're balding? Get on finasteride if you want to do something.
yes, you'll be bald in 5 years
i'd start shaving my head if i were you

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Hiro promises change to boards that have clear vision of where they're going. It's important that our shitposting is heard and we demand change for this board.

Common complaints and suggestions:
>Remove "Is "x" effay" threads
Without intellectual input from OP these threads should be banned. They serve for nothing but bait and should be contained.
>Remove "effay cars, wallpaper, music, art, etc"
People can take inspiration from anything, but there's boards dedicated for this type of discussion and should be taken there.

/a/ got what they wanted with the removal of generals, with enough support we can get the changes that we wanted.
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Fuck off faggot
There is no reason to regulate a dead board
Kill yourself
But you're here
I have been noticing an influx of British shitposting on here. Most likely kids that came from 'the Basement". If you are British and came here from a streetwear facebook group, please leave. Do not make Supreme threads, stop making threads about where to cop your stupid ass hoodie, stop asking for legit checks around the fucking clock.

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with commando sole? If not, gtfo.
i mean commando's nice but what's wrong with dainite soles
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bugaku dancer.jpg
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dainite is alright too.

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Where do you buy your thick basic tshirts
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clothes shops
Go any fashion forums and see their recommendation? Holy fuck how spoonfeed you need to be?

Haynes Beefy T's on Amazon are like 7 bucks and they are the best thick tees I have ever found desu and come in a pretty good variety of colors. My nipples aren't visible through my white ones and they are pretty damn durable given that I have been abusing them as gym shirts for 2 years and they hold up. Seriously recommend over anything else I've tried. They fit like a t shirt should if you have some muscle or look great as a slightly looser fit if you size up or are skinny. If you are quite tall they're probably going to run a bit short.

Hope that helps friendo.

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Disgusting. You would guess that with all his income he would buy some nice shit but no.
I like how Floyd keeps trolling Connor that he is a nigger. Wearing similar glasses that makes Conor looks like a albino nigger, Floyd sporting the oirish PaddyPower sponsorship
in the shit tier store at the shit tier mall boi

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What brand is the jacket lads
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Rich the Kid
am I the only one that things those shoes look hideous with the pants?
Google just comes up with some homosexual rapper?

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what's a good sci-fi look? I want some casual but different. pic kinda unrelated
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pic related effay as fuck
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>jumping straight into meme fashion when there's variety of choices
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>let me just wear a shirt that's all faces of underage cartoon girls orgasming
Weebs were a mistake
Normally I would agree with you about weeaboo t shirts but this would possibly be effay. Alexander McQueen and moschino made some really nice manga t shirts around a year or 2 ago

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sister's friends.png
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24, acne prone oily combination skin. Lab Series Oil Control Face Wash, Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, Nivea Men Sensitive Gel Moisturiser.

Am I golden? What do you use /fa/?

Pic unrelated
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CeraVe Cleanser, Finacea for acne, Paul's Choice 2% BHA, Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner, Aveeno Lotion for moisturizing, and CeraVe SPF 50 face sunlotion
>Am I golden? What do you use /fa/?
a dairy free diet lol
Does this work for all skin types?
Would you recommend this for absolute beginners?
I just use the Mario Badescu Acne Starter regimen kit.

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Womyn now (((rent))) their clothes instead of buying. Where can I get this but for men?

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Rent the Runway was a response to men being able to rent tuxes for special events (weddings, prom, etc). They still mostly do "special event" or eveningwear stuff, even with the subscription service.

You could just get really good at flipping stuff on grailed??
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>sharing ball sweat
No thanks. Unless they do a really good chemical cleaning after each use.

So are those designers clothes they are renting?
>Rent the Runway
isn't Rent The Runway for women only?

bad experience mate

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This from the early nineties ?
Gonna be out of season in like a week.
what is denim linen?

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Where can I find some good quality socks that aren't just a single solid color. I want something that has a kind of thicc fabric as well because most socks are way too thin and feel like shit.
Also sock general I guess.
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sears has good socks
sounds like you should check out Stance
if you wanna get in to the sock game for real you're gonna have to upgrade to wool
check out
Darn Tough
B•ELLA is good if you wanna splurge for some cashmere socks
Thanks anon, will check these out.

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Where can I cop this???
I've been asking for months -_-
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What are you asking to cop? It's a hoodie with a bandana. Maybe a hoodie with a built-in facemask. Chinks have been making assassin type shit for years now.
the hoodie sorry, see how its seamless all the way from the bottom of the coat? its thin and looks good.
literallly a turtleneck under a hoodie

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