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w3c bomber
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a noose
who is this goddess

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You know the drill - show off your progress, ask for opinions, etc.

With that comes my question to you: any particular articles / videos / pieces of information would you recommend to check out when growing out beard for a period of at least 3-4 months?
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Beards are so gay and lame dude.
Shit man, those are the adjectives I want to be described with! Ya got me.
>too lazy to shave
>haven't shaven in less than week
>friend with beard tells me I can easily grow one
>decide to try
Its almost 7 days since shaving and I already feel like I need to shave my neck and form something like a neck line because I look retarded

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What do you guys think about round glasses? Would you wear them? I would love to wear them but I don't know if they suit my round face. Thoughts?
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Takes a certain style to wear them.
I just usually wear round sunglasses that aren't perfectly round as that's easier.
What kind of style would you recommend? Would simple dark clothes work?
Do not wear round (especially not circular) glasses if you have a round face.

post undercover stuff. I would love to share what I have.
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How do you come to terms with how you look in the mirror? I am above average and probably have the potential to look pretty good if i took better care of myself, however i keep growing increasingly more unwilling to show myself outside because i feel uglier and uglier. The better i dress the more i feel like i dress like shit because it feels like i do not know shit.

Self perception thread fa, do you think you are ugly or real nice looking? does your self perception change throughout the day? For me my latest mirror glance always dictates how the next hours will feel mentally, until i get a good version of myself through a reflection
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i like to think im good looking but i feel ugly sometimes, i look like alexander skarsgard but female and idk if that works
Knowledge of various self help methods
Good habits
I have narcissistic personality disorder so I think I look great all the time :-)

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Last thread: >>12688888

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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What are your stats? How is your health, still getting periods? The main thing you can do is lose more, but as you get thinner you need to be more careful about doing that and make sure the calories you do get are very high quality ones with lots of vitamins and minerals.

And yes, squats are stuff are recommended by people who don't understand what you are aiming for.
ray peat is a nice diet
Explain it to me. I googled it and it looked like it was recommending a bunch of fruit which is retarded.

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How do i achieve this aesthetic? Started growing my hair, but it is getting kinda wavy.
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get thin, anaemic, clear skin, dye hair and wear a little loose t-shirts I guess? You will look quite gay but so does the character
Use a hair straightener fuccboi
you will always be 3dpd

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post watches. fall edition.
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rankings watches.jpg
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I want to get a gshock watch. Are they good watches or are they a total meme?

Old thread at 300.

How should I go about getting hair like pic related from a nr. 3 buzz?
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bowl cut?
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Should i have the back of my hair the same size if i got long hair?
I have what looks like an overgrown mullet that looks awful.
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What should I get going to get a haircut today? Opinions would be cool

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This thread is dedicated to making puttees look good and tasteful in a modern setting. Also trying to establish a freikorps-core (the name needs some work), which basically means the style of any WW1 veteran or interwar fighter
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Puttees are useful if you do stuff outside. I highly doubt any of you wannabe rappers do anything outside of a city, so there's no point in getting puttees. You would mess up your pristine, overpriced shoes either way.
I don't that the people who want to look like traumatized German veterans are wannabe rappers. Also this is perfect, since I do plenty in the outdoors

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Feel free to contribute
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Got my first tattoo today what do you guys think also tattoo thread
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snake eat it self
it triggers me

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I have a thing for fish and I want to make this shirt. Thoughts? Also what website/materials should i use?
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dont use that picture spend time to get a better one
As in composition or quality of fish photo?
File: Sunfish_800_2048x.jpg (104KB, 800x800px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think of this, OP? I copped it recently and I really like it.

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Does /fa/ agree with pic related? Is this all that a man needs to wear? I only have 2 blazers, should I buy more?
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Not if you live in a place that has more than 1 season. You would at least need a winter coat, boots, raincoat, umbrella etc.
And why have 2 pairs of slim dark jeans? Why not get a lighter colour?
And no shorts? Bathing suits?
Seems too minimal to me. Like the person who made it was a south east asian kid siting around in front of a computer all day with no other activity.
Where I live there is no snow. So there's that.

>And why have 2 pairs of slim dark jeans? Why not get a lighter colour?

Because dark goes with everything

>And no shorts?

I literally have not worn a shorts for more than a year. You don't need that shit. Just use pants.
>Because dark goes with everything
Is this what /fa/ told you? kek
>I literally have not worn a shorts for more than a year. You don't need that shit. Just use pants.
That infograph has flip flops listed, but what are you going to do, wear sandals with your trousers?
Unless you are a dirty paki living in India, this is unacceptable.

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Just bought this for $80, did i get a good price?
P.S. its a Supreme drop
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rad shirt, don't spend 80 fucking dollars on a tshirt.
If you think so, these kinds of shirts by them are real nice though.

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