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My school has a polo/slacks uniform, and this year we're allowed to wear any type/color of shoes. Any recommendations, I'm a huge fan of pic related, but wear a size 15.
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CP Achilles or die.

This thread is about the appreciation for hiking, camping, and general outdoor attire incorporated in casual fashion.
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What do people wear for the bases? Thinking about copping some merino underwear and socks specifically from icebreaker, but that's stuff expensive. Wondering of any long lasting, cheaper alternatives to merino bases.
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I bought these thinking they're real combat boots but I realized they're actually wellies designed to look like combat boots... Do they look like wellies?
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They look like doc martens
They are :)

pic not related
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>it's ok i'm doing it 'ironically' haha
>irony in fashion in 2017

everyone will see through your shitty excuses, poorfag
fuck, thanks anon
Don't think about buying a full wardrobe of fake clothes, but buy some good replicas here and there for things that are ridiculously overpriced. In the end, they're just clothes. Pay full price for things you think are worth it.

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Why are men's shorts these days so gay?

It's like we are stuck between cargo shorts or this gay patterned shit.
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stop shopping at vineyard vines
It's not just at vineyard vines, this faggotry is everywhere
The like when the shorts back then were actually short

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Is collecting books /fa/shionable?
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no, but reading is
i do it. i don't read books.
>No /pol/ books
Enjoy reading your shitty literature that your high school forces you to read, faggot.

are girls sizes different than guys? reebok restocked these memes but only for women...
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It's literally the exact same shoe. You have to size up twice
in EUR/UK sizing there's no difference, in US sizing there's a difference

also womens shoes tend to be narrower
oh well im fucked then cause im a 10. why wouldnt they sell these in mens sizes

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Will he lose his hair?
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hope not
its a gift to all mankind
my hair is kinda like his, except frizzy and black :^(
Not necessarily, pretty much only deathniks have babby hairlines their whole lives, 99.9% of whites get some temple recession, but not necessarily more than that.

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justin beiber going bald.png
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How long does he have?
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holy chit, I knew he bought a plot but I didn't expect him to actually move into Norwood Cemetery so early
Still not as bad as Jake or Logan Paul
He'll get plucks and the public wont even notice

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Anyone else here love Vaporwave fashion?
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It's like the avant garde of fashion, its the best
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How would you make this work?
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I've seen some effay people wear those kinds of shirts recently
looks like 2000s revival is just ahead of us
buy it 2x too small

cut off the sleeves

tuck it into black jeans

silver chain necklace

take large hit of drugs

go party
>2000s revival is just ahead of us
it just passed us a few years ago-- we're looping faster but we've definitely got a while before it cycles back a 3rd time.

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Is this amount of muscle enough for a dude?
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Do you shave your arms and legs?
t-that's not you, right anon?
Op I hope this is not you
Such a soy boy

If I was drunk walking down a street
and you forced me to defend myself
I would stomp your faggot soy boy head into the concrete

>Preventing uncontrolled and inappropriate calcification is the key to healthy attractive facial proportions
>When MGP is left inactive by a lack of Vitamin K2, premature calcification in the nasal cartilage stunts the growth of the face. Early hardening of the nose and jaw prevents these facial structures from reaching their widest, healthiest proportions. This results in an . Vitamin K deficiency in the first trimester of pregnancy results in maxillonasal hypoplasia in the newborn, with subsequent facial and orthodontic implications.
>Dr. Price’s research demonstrated this was not genetic. In fact, he documented the facial structure of offspring from parents from many different traditional cultures when they were eating modern foods and when they were eating a prescribed diet of “milk, green vegetables, sea foods, organs from animals and the reinforcement of the fat soluble vitamins by very high vitamin butter (source of K2) and cod liver oil”. The children born to the same parents were visibly different – the ones who consumed modern foods before and during pregnancywere born with narrow faces and all that comes with it, and the ones who consumed ample amounts of Vitamins A, D and K2 had broad faces and none of the associated issues.
>In the large and prestigious Framingham Heart Study, a dietary questionnaire given to 335 men and 553 women (average age 75 years) showed that those with the lowest vitamin K intake had a 65% greater risk of suffering a hip fracture, compared to those who had the highest vitamin K intake.27
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My bad.


If someone I know is 16.5, can k2 still help them?
Asking for a friend
>Good jaw
>Good Chin
>Wide face
>No cheekbones
just fuck my shit up

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What's /fa/'s stand on fedoras?
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A noose
Oh, look, another "fedora" bait thread picturing a Trilby!
/fa/s stance on anything is the same. If you're attractive you can wear it. If not you can't.

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