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Will they ever be resurrected?
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hopefully not even though some overalls look nice it's not worth it for looking like a tool
only girls can rock overalls, guys just look ridiculous in them
i hate you

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Im at six flags and im getting a ton of dirty looks from brown people because im wearing a VV shirt

Why the hate?
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Why are you lying
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But im not
All the looks must be in your head then, are you in SA or something

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Has anyone bought RO detroit cut before? About to pull the trigger on a pair on grailed that are listed as US 32/ EU 48, then i noticed "the tags say 52 and the description says size 52IT BUT runs small - so they're 32US", is this true? Do they actually run that much smaller?
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entirely depends, the sizing is inconsistent as fuck
measure some jeans you own from the waist laid flat and ask the same measurement from the seller to be sure
detroits are pretty low waisted so take that in to account
that being said, the denim is nothing special as far as retail goes, if you are getting them for good price, definitely worth it
I asked for measurements from the seller, i guess the SS14 was a season that ran small (lol), they're a TTS 32 US which is my size, so that's cool, NWT too so for $100 I think they're a decent deal

Can hair dye ever be /fa/?
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only natural colors. been thinking about doing it either with going full chestnut brown or just platinum blonde streaks.
el congolombiANO
I'm from Puerto Rico and even I think J Balvin is a fag. But honestly that color way hair dye is pretty dope.

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where may i purchase a hoodie like this ?
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the fucking store
online maybe?

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Advise to a guy about to buy his first suit? I know nothing about clothes and usually just dress up like I'm homeless.
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Dark blue and Gray are good colors for a first suit
People often say that suitsupply is pretty good too

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Tired of seeing sneakers and that stuff, what do I need in my wardrobe for big boy's shoes ? For casual and elegant styles
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I bought these a couple of days ago so I could wear them with jeans and a shirt.
What brand are they?
I bought Aldo because they were 50% off, paid $80 for them.

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What are some fashionable clothes for back to school? Casual jackets and jeans preferred.
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stop worrying about being fashionable you fucking pleb and get your school work done.
Nobody gives a shit about high school. Work hard and get into a good uni. That is effay as heck
My school work is no issue. I am not some neet that floats by with C's. I was just looking for some clothing, not advice.

I am looking for good quality clothing. Not synthetic shit, the finest material. Literally. I am not talking about brands you find nice enough or any marketing meme but actual top tier material quality.
Any brands to recommend?
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Just thrift, jeez louise
>Just thrift,

google isn't showing. Is that an american brand?
I think he is just trolling

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Where can I order & buy this vintage sweatshirt? Is it even possible in 2017?
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Yeah most clothes from tv shows was product placement. Just check eBay. A streetwear boutiques might ha-
Wait you're just a /tv/ cross poster trying to troll. Fuck off, we're full
america goodwills are littered with this stuff bro

depop, grailed, etsy, ebay
as the other anons have said, it shouldn't be hard. the knicks are a popular team and that's one of their basic designs. there were probably a fucking ton sold, especially around new york city

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Is Brad Hall the king of /fa/?

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hahahha yes

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Name a white man who can pull off a headband better than Dan Gheesling. Pro tip: you can't
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Nikki Sixx
half white is as close as i could get
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Pro tip: 1, 2 drop on Stonoma.

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Is this Lunacore?
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Of course it's fucking lunarcore anon, it's a fucking astronaut outfit.
Lying to the American people is never effay
i hate minimalism, look what it did to space suits. where did all the small details go'? looks it was made out of cheap plastic ffs

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yea mans

What type of collar is this?
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