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How do I ask for this haircut?
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save up for a printer, print out the picture, take the picture to a barber, show the barber the picture.
Tell them your opinions about Charlottesville
made me kek

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I've just begun at an business university and wonder how i should dress. I won't be able to wear a shirt every day, but it should be somehow close to business casual. Any ideas? I was thinking on oxford-beige chinos and a white t-shirt, but i don't know what kind of shoes would fit to that.
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>business university
So, a for-profit vocational school?
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Common Projects or brogues.
you will look like a complete faggot and everyone will make fun of you for trying too hard

dress your class

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>tfw you are not alive in the 80s experiencing aesthetic glam/Bowie
>tfw you don't go to club and drink coca cola from glass bottle
>tfw you don't do heroin in the toilet
>tfw no qt pale skinny girlfriend with bags under eyes

Nowadays people dress shitty fuckboi clothes and look all the same

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Sounds like the seventies, more like
Aren't you the guy that did the same thread but about the ss15 collection?
But stop being a bitch, you can go to a rock club, do drugs and fuck girls.
Btw if you think that everyone in the 80's was a ss14 slp lookalike you must be insane.
Is that one of the brother from the garden?

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Download (4).jpg
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Hey /fa/bolous people

Where can i get a jacket like this in Europe?

Also whats a hybrid between sneakers and buisness shoes?

Trying to look a little more professional.

Ps: Should i buy padded jeans/chinos or is everyone freezing their dicks off in winter but have a nice warm jacket? Shit doesnt make sense
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>where can I get a jacket like this
same place you'd get one all over the world. Looks like some extremely generic jacket sold by H&M and such.
>hybrid between business shoes and sneakers
no such thing exists. Closest thing we ever got was suede boots like Clarks but even those are way too casual.
>Also whats a hybrid between sneakers and buisness shoes?
Don't get any hybrid shoes (ecco and similar). Either just get sneakers, or if you aren't a pussy get derbies
>Should i buy padded jeans/chinos or is everyone freezing their dicks off in winter but have a nice warm jacket? Shit doesnt make sense
Long johns

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Is there any way to get tall?

I'm 5'6".
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>Being this insecure

Just accept the fact that you're a manlet. I'm the same height as you and it doesn't stop me from anything. Work on your fits and your game and you'll be fine. Women find taller men more attractive because tall niggas are naturally more confident.

Also, you can fit women's clothes and shoes ( if youre a 9 or smaller in men's) (and if you're not fat) , there's some models and colorways that are women's only, (example is the Tubular Defiant) . Same with some Jackets (Another example is the Adidas Pastel Camo 1/4 Zip Windbreaker)

Just stop being a faggot
Go on dating sites, filter for girls approximately 4.5 inches shorter than you are. Date the youngest ones you can and marry one ASAP.
Do not put off marriage, like a normie, or those short girls will all have been pounded out by over a dozen 6'0+ men. That is what they will expect in a husband and they'll always have a dry vagine when they are with you.
Why do you care about it as much? There are plenty of shorter girls than that, I personally know a 20 year old girl who dates a man who's like 5'4/5'5

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I'm 5'5, what do?
What makes me look taller, being built or being thin? Any advice?
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Being built might make someone look bigger but also stubby, being thin might make someone look small but also make someone look "longer"
>inb4 kill yourself manlet
Do I really have to?
What are some other tricks I can do?
>caring about being taller

At your height trying to seem taller is a waste of time and effort even if you manage to appear 4 inches taller you would still be a fucking manlet

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r8 this look. This is what I wear everyday. I toss on a hoodie if it gets chilly. Rec some new looks.
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I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear.
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How do I achieve this look?

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So I've been wanting to get into the Tricky Rick style
>Inb4 he fell for the meme
And I found a pair of new Ramones for a great price, so I bought them. I looked at a lot of goth ninja fits, and they're autist-tier. I can't imagine going out in public dressed like that. Does anybody have subdued fits of Rick and other brands like it? I was thinking of brands like Julius, Ann D, early Damir Doma, etc. Inspo please, /fa/gs. You're my only hope.
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You fell for the meme, enjoy your goof troop shoes. Hope you find a subdued way to look like a clown at a funeral.
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I mean shit like this. I really love the silhouette of Ramones, and I don't want to look like one of those normie retards who wear the shoes with blue jeans and supreme or something because they just want the status behind it.
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Maybe try getting some of his less out there trousers

why can't we go back to loose fitting comfy robes as acceptable clothing outside the home? Especially during the winter.
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Just start wearing it. Like bro do what you want. Wear whatever clothes you feel like.

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I'm thinking of doing a cosplay as Ashley Wilkes at some point in the future.
Any idea how I could manage this hair? I'm thinking pomade. A lot of pomade. I think that was big in the '30s.
Yes, my hair is both wavy and curly naturally.
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Another closeup in color at possibly a different length with less material keeping it down.
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country/ post industrial/ modern suburban/ mexico border culture overlap / ufo conspiracy/ native american and government contractor operator core are all welcome
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Turquoise / denim / bolo ties / leather. What else is there?
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Dang flabbit miley

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Piercing discussion/general. Post your piercings, intended piercings, tips and tricks, etc.
Pic related, just got my left ear pierced today. So far most of my guy friends(excluding the ones with piercings) have been hardcore hating, whereas my lady friends all seem to like it. Really makes me think.
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i think its al right thou

i have a 10mm gauge on my left year since 2012 maybe
i always liked it a lot but im feeling kinda annoyed by it
I don't think it looks good on most guys desu.

I had a bridge pierced years ago and it looks ridiculous, but I still have it for some reason. Probably stopped caring, gave... up... on myself... on life...
Getting close there...

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Does this say nvrmad? lol
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Is toilet cruising fa?

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How will you save this company? Prep shit is just isn't working out, at least there aren't enough demand to sustain a national chain the size of J. Crew.

>inb4 go "urban" and call it J. Nigger
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Fuck famalam, this is one of my favorite companies. It'll all work out though.
Prep will never die.
We still have J.Press
How can such a thing be even possible? J. Crew is like the first hipster go to shop. What's next? Red Wings bankruptcy?
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/fa/ your queen is back

rate my fits
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