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Is this girl's nose fake?
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Could be. Have any older photos of her ?

Btw could somebody post the photos of the frank ocean looking black guy as well photos of swede ? I didn't save them from the last facial aesthetics thread
I think it is, I've notice that most girls who get a nosejob suddenly take side view pictures and upload them to Internet. Will post futher examples.
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To show off their new "beautiful" side, like its the only angle they look good.

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Are eSports effay?
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Look how happy they are. Those pans will be nice accessories to their fashion styles.

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Advice needed on jeans

>Live in Florida
>It's always hot out
>Need a pair of dark jeans I can wash fairly frequently
>Worried about raw jeans getting ruined by being washed
>Raw denim is usually too heavy, gives me the worst swamp ass imaginable, and smells too quickly

Please help
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don't wear jeans
I wear them at night to bars and such. It's a huge staple to my wardrobe.
I live in Florida and love jeans too, but I can only wear them out at night because it's way too hot during the day. That being said- why do you need advice on this

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You can go from shitty jewfro curly hair to good straight hair with an hair iron
But how can you go from shitty jewfro curly hair to good curly hair like picture related?
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is that a man or a woman
with an hair iron
perm it to a good curly.

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I got one good argument. Designer clothing retains their value and it's more likely designer brand clothing are good quality. It's good for the environment because no one wants to buy old used shitty H&M clothing but someone is willing to buy old gucci jackets so less landfill.
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leave mfa and streetwear and join /malefashion
The mistake you are making in the first place is aurguing with people on the internet and especially on reddit and especially on mfa l m a o
>investing in fashion

Is that your fucking bottom line? Investing in clothing?

Should've invested in gold bars, like in loony tunes

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Issa fit?
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go lose weight you ugly slob
you look like a bloke in the corner of a house party hoping that drunk 6/10 talks to you and brag to your boys that she wanted to fuck
Issa fit. Do work out a bit though.

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do you find this kind of pants cool? how do you combine this with other stuff?
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File: o-PHARRELL-WILLIAMS-570.jpg (111KB, 570x804px)Image search: [Google]
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like pic related. actual americana stuff is acoustic
lmao those jeans look like fucking garbage

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I think its the reebok zoku runner but any ideas would be grestly appreciated.
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I wouldn't mind sucking his dick tbqh.

>no homo
It's clearly those. Half this board seem to need glasses.
W2c tiny faggot shorts like those?

How do I dress like Lil Peep?
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ask your ex-scenekid big brother who's in college to hand you down what he was wearing when he was your age
>the guilt he is going to feel when he's 82 and his skin wrinkles and a nurse is changing his diapers thinking what the fuck is this freak and his tattoos
I don't think he's gonna live that long.

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What does /fa/ think of the new Vans Ultrarange shoes
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a shit
I like em
I absolutely hate how trainers are this year, they all have the same stupid polystyrene bottom or that shitty ultra-light mesh material.
Total chav-core.

File: RIPSLEAZE.png (337KB, 489x593px)Image search: [Google]
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sleazecore died before it even started
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dem triceps
>Implying that is sleazecore
She is hot though

File: saint2.jpg (1MB, 2136x3201px)Image search: [Google]
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tfw when you will never be cowboy living in the 60s
tfw when hedi left slp
i am so lonely
idk why i am writing this
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File: saint_laurent_ss15_5.jpg (318KB, 1366x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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Learn how to greentext.
BTW if you like those clothes buy them and shut up.
There are plenty of cowboy jobs in Australia if you are serious about this
File: 1499156435533.jpg (364KB, 1280x1287px)Image search: [Google]
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Who the fuck wants to live in a scorching wasteland full of hostile wildlife in the middle of fucking nowhere

File: jonny.jpg (112KB, 500x688px)Image search: [Google]
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if your face is nice enough do you even have to worry about what you're wearing?
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File: shirt.jpg (35KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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w2c sweatshirt
just wear what makes you feel good and confident.

File: uniqlomerino.jpg (25KB, 415x410px)Image search: [Google]
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Quick question: can you wear a wool cardigan in 32 degrees celsius?

I have a date and would like to wear more than a t-shirt for once.
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yes it is okay, you can always wear it arounb your waist or across your body like a dad. good luck and hav a good time tmrw.
You're going to sweat like fucking crazy. Just wear a polo or button up.
this, you don't own any other clothes?

File: adidasMedia.jpg (13KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Red pill me on (Adidas) GATs please.

I want a slight militaristic aesthetic and these are the only shoes I can think of apart from para boots.
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What's the official name of the shoe? I want a pair. Wasn't the original shoe a WW1 army trainer? I really like them
if you can't afford MMM paint splatter gats then gats shouldn't even be on your radar they're the only ones that matter, cop a $50 pair of sambas at your local mall if you can't afford MMM paint splatter gats

if you're considering MMM non-paint splatter gats you are a FOOL
fuck off

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