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What's a good hat or cap that will protect you from the sun, but also won't easily blow off your head or be an encumbrance when doing an outdoor obstacle course?
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bought a trucker hat by Yupoong a while ago.
pretty happy with it. mine is in Black and White in the back but they come in all sorts of color schemes. they also produce caps for companies like Ripcurl.

they also have all solid hats as well.
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I'm looking for a solid black baseball cap, no logos. Can anyone recommend a quality brand?
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>solid black
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monsters university hat.jpg
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Steal one from Marvel Studios

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Hi /fa/,
So I'm going to shortly come into possession of a Hussar uniform (pretty much this, but with a different strap for the outer jacket) as part of a short film my friend is planning to shoot for his grad project.

And i was wondering, how autistic would it be to wear parts of it for winter wear on campus? I think the pliesse (the outer jacket) might look kinda cool in the snow.

I'd rather not just have it sit in my closet until the formal dances start or halloween or something.
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Like a lot of riskier clothing options - only as long you arent fat and are above average in attractivness
I actually really dig that.
I actually really dig that.

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Can turk roaches ever truly be considered /fa/?
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no ew
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Djent / Melodic-hardcore bands are /fa/ ?

You listening to this kind of music anon?
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What are you, 14? stop bumping your shit thread sage

(I listen to sludge, crust punk, post rock / metal, black metal, contemporary hip hop, industrial and fusion. I don't claim it's /effay/ tho)

I would unironically wear this IRL (minus the belt) if I could buy something similar to this anywhere. HELP
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well by minus the belt i meant minus the belt buckle
by the belt buckle i meant THAT belt buckle, not all belt buckles

an even more minimalistic version of the uniform would be nice as well
Don't worry, people can see your autism without it too.

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Gonna be having chem lab this semester, what are some good fits to wear with a lab coat?
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A bazinga! graphic tee with faded jeans and vans slip ons.
That's just wacky enough to get me all the m'ladies

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A noose
Fucking nazi
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I love his work

Is there anything that DOESN'T go with chino pants?
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A noose
A leather moto jacket.

But that's just my opinion.

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Is Brandon Begin effay?
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No him and augie are both fucking bums
augie would be more effay if he didnt have to rep his sponsors clothes
Yes, in a bumy way

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Any of you /fa/ggots got these? What do you think about them?
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One of the few shoes that could genuinely be considered a meme

Their destiny has always been the bargain bins, they'll be completely forgotten in ten years
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Where could i get one of these shirts? I think they're pretty effay
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my grandmas closet
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Korea apparently
I notice that one sleeve is differnt patterneted to the other... looks like you could maybe find one in Hawaii

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What is fashion in Europe like? Is it actually faggier?
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Like everything else, it's dominated by black men.
Europe is a thinner version of America.
this board is too funny

Is it true that clothes make the man?
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dude dresses pretty normal. flashy, but normal. if he wasn't an internationally known mma fighter, and i saw him walking down the street, i'd probably notice the expensive pieces for a second, then think nothing of it a minute later.
cringe... and scary tbqh
I bet he is a huge cocaine fiend

How can I dress like this without being labeled a nazi?
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Its a fuckin polo and khakis bud, people will think you are a douche not a nazi.

Don`t surround yourself with a bunch of fuckwits.
This is the normie uniform, everyone dresses like this

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