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My hair normally sits like this and all my friends say it makes me look like a pedophile, any tips on hair product/gell and what to do with my hair?
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your hair looks fine, get new friends
Maybe it's your face, do you have a mustache or an uncontrollable boner whenever you see children?
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>Washing hair

I always see these Reebok Ivory Club C 85 Vintage posted here but i never see them in any good fits.
Can someone post some fits that actually look good with them.
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it's a white(ish) sneaker. it looks fine with pretty much everything.
get the butter soft
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club c 85 1.gif
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this. I got a few to dump

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I needed a new wardrobe and didn't want to shell out a lot of cash on fancy brands.
I spent $200 at Target to on their new Goodfellow brand and got me some nice basic clothing.
I bet you all think youre too good for Target!
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you bet right
Funny thing is, the "nice stuff" and the "cheap stuff" are all made in the same factories. You pay for the label more so than the quality
so buying from target is smart if you dont care about looking wealthy or if you just wanna look like an average joe that doesnt dress like an autist?

What core is this?
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hardcore XDDD
I'm more of a pornhub guy

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Could these actually be authorized yeezys? Or are they another fake
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reddit has a board for legit checks, people are just going to flame you here.
What's the he board called

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Where to get cheap < 30 USD selvedge/raw denim that are of decent quality?
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Nowhere. You pay for what you get.
That rule doesn't always apply to every product.
In China they make these jeans for dirt cheap I bet.
Selvedge denim is fucking dead

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>low-rise jeans
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sal leave
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fuck you anthony.jpg
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This is a pretty shitty thread so I'm gonna hijack it to ask why anthony vaccarello decided to make YSL shit again? If you look at his runways so far he's trying to take back some early 2000s elements, which is, in my opinion, the worst time in history for fashion.
wow great thread!

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How do you guys wash your more expensive clothing? I've noticed throughout my life that the washer + dryer combo takes it's toll on clothing more than wear ever could. Once soft clothes became rough, loose fitting becomes tight, and of course random stain marks from the soap.
I'm getting serious about buying expensive fashion and would like to keep my nice stuff nice.

My thought is hand washing and leaving out to dry (not in the sun) is probably the best method. But I have no clue.
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Not op but are you retarded?
>How do you guys wash your more expensive clothing?


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Can anyone advise me on polo brands?

I have a lot of cheap polo shirts but recently I wanted to get some nicer ones.

I bought a Lacoste which I really liked, and fit me really well in the store but the second you put it in the wash it shrinks like 2 sizes. I'd really rather not have to deal with this shit, and have to air dry every single time.

Any suggestions, looking for the best polo around 50-75 dollars a shirt.
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Ralph Lauren never dissapoints.
i like kappa's polos

What's with so many old men wearing jackets like these? It's always in this color.
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Its the best color
old men are wise and full of wisdom

they know what looks nice
Very common golf jacket. I own one tbwh

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How are you preparing for the best season of the whole year, autumn!?

Any goals or fits or life-style changes you're especially looking forward too?
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any palettes?

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Got for $30 bucks at marshalls. Rate
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ugly. u only bought because it was cheap.

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discuss weeb apparel
post relevant sites
recommend jp aesthetics
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trapfags pls go
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omocat needs more minimalistic, less 'i'm a virgin who watches anime' designs
gook imports are effay

I want to fuck with New Balence but ever since that damn virgin meme I can't get myself to buy their shoes. They need to change their N logo asap
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For sure just rethink your life if a meme on 4chan has affect on your real life my guy
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same but not because of a 4chan meme just because the huge N is fucking ugly and their best looking shoes are the ones where it isn't as in your face
It's also considered the shoe of white supremacy

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Where can I find colorful underwear similar to this?
I've looked everywhere and the only thing i could find is MeUndies, but they only have like 8 prints on their site.
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