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Last one @250+
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Summer outfit
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>3 posts

why are you posting these images OP

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Hey /fa/

I'm going to start at an Ivy League school soon and need to get a better wardrobe. I think I want to go for the prep look.

Can /fa/ help me out in what to get from normal wear to a suit?

My parents are blue collar workers so they don't know a lot about this stuff.

I'm a 6'1'' white male for reference.
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What's your wardrobe now?
I have
>basketball shorts
>athletic company t-shirts,
>two ralph lauren polo shirts (people always tell me I look real good in them)
>khaki pants
>nike sneakers
>really cheap black dress shoes that are way too small for me
>brown and black belt

The only suit got is a navy blue pinstripe one that makes me look I'm from some cheesy 1980s mafia movie that doesn't even fit me anymore

Any recommendations?
What school? I went to Princeton and prep school in Massachusetts. Also 6' 2" white male. If you want to really look the part and fit in I'll include the basics below.

Basically for bottoms you're gonna want 3 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of pants. I assume you already have casual wear like jeans and stuff so I'll leave that out.

For pants I recommend a slim, (because you're tall) but not too skinny cut, chino. Vineyard Vines has a good selection and fit for tall guys, I wore their stuff later on in college and preferred the fit. However, Polo is what I wore all throughout my time at boarding school in MA and they sufficed. Your'e gonna want these pants in a light khaki/stone (maybe 2 pairs of these), regular khaki, and navy. Same with shorts, 6-9 in inseam depending on what sport you play. Nothing below the knees.

For tops you're gonna want a good amount of t-shirts as any college student would have, but also make sure to stock up on casual sweaters and the like. You'll need these for layering, if you're from the Northeast I assume you already knew this, but I was from the South and had no concept of this. For sweaters I recommend Patagonia and J. Crew.

Also, for your t-shirts, stay away from graphic tees and brands. Really. Not that anyone cares but when it comes to t-shirts there is a wide range of tastefulness. I found that my most worn t-shirts were from my prep school sports teams, my tennis club at home, and several vacation locations my family had gone to. These shirts will often be covered by your outerwear considering the cold climate of the schools, but it doesn't hurt that they are nice.

The Ivy League is no longer the bastion of the tastefully dressed untitled aristocracy of the US, but it doesn't hurt to make sure you have a few collared shirts and a navy blazer for nicer events. Stick to Brooks Brothers for your Oxford shirts and navy blazer as well as a few ties. Maybe 3.

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LAST THREAD >>12677632
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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Going to a music festival next weekend. Which fragrance should I take?
>club de nuit intense man
>versace dylan blue
>versace pour homme
Which house's frags have the best dry-downs and why is it Guerlain?

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show em, other thread 3 hunna
also rate this beauty
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Just copped me the Bunny in Black
got a pair of Reigning Champ UB's on the way to me now, very stoked
jus copped these

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Anyone know where I can find these? My girlfriend has been moaning and groaning, looking through all of pinterest and amazon trying to find a pair. Help me out, bros.
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you should probably just tie a bunch of books to her feet if she wants to be that much taller
Why would you buy her some satanist shit?
>Dating an alt girl

I am cleaning out my closet and being the unknowledgeable henchman that I am, am looking to find what colors work well together in a suit or fancy attire, white shirts/ black vests/ red ties.... that sort of thing.

You are my only hope /Fa/
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Some of what I have, are darker shirts not as fashionable as whites/lighter colors?

What are good tie complements?
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>Fall is coming
>can wear jeans and a comfy bomber jacket everyday again

who excited here
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people in 2015
bombers are boring
who wears bombers anymore? i thought the new meme was sherpa jackets now. although that kinda makes the bomber attractive again, since the fuckboys will move onto a new thing

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Hurricane coming my way. How do I be /fa/ and functional when shit hits the fan?
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look into all of techwear

>dressing like ANTIFA/OWS

thats a good way to get shot by those who stayed
name yourself harvey

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vechernaya moskva.jpg
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Traveling to Russia soon; what should I wear to blend in and still look good? pic unrelated
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adidas, gosha, puma, nike, those fur hats with ear flaps, second hand wool coat, soviet army gym trainers(cooler than GATs search for them, kinda look like soviet converse)
>wool coat
wtf why do you want him dead?
Hey me too. Where are you going? I'm just packing to stay warm for the most part. I'm from sc so I'm looking forward to actually having to layer

What do i wear to conceal wide shoulders?
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Baggier shirt
Pretty nice legs for a guy
god fuck off

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Anyone know where to get something like this or this exact one, it's sold out on the original site (wetstore jp).
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anime ass nigga
Op don't let this nigga check you, check him back.

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Why do skinny legs on men look weird with shorts? It either gives off an incel vibe or a feminine gayish vibe. especially when paired with flip flops or birkenstocks. pic not related
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you just answered your own question.
I have naturally big calves and I hate the way my legs look with shorts. So bad.
damn ol drumstick leg looking ass boy

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/fa/ f a c e t h r e a d
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Grow your hair out
I low key want this thread to happen, but don't wanna have my pic here with OP's untill it gets archived.
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hey boys

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Is there anything wrong with using white shoes with black pants/jeans? Seems kind of off to me

Pic related
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If you're gonna do black pants white shoes imo top also has to be black.
Is this what /fa/ has become ?
A place for asking questions and shit posting?

The websites I found looked pretty sketchy and were still expensive. My Russian friends call me a western spy but I don't want to break the bank on $100 of striped fabric.
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Дa, я знaю. Ho, нe дoлжeн cкaжy гдe нaхoдитcя тaк лeгкo. Moжeт быть вчepa, ecли нe yжe нaжил.
thrift, you can find tons of cheap sports stuff if you look right
nice obvious google translate faggot

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