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ITT: Best girls who lost
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Tomoyo a shit.

What happens to the fang when lolis get older? Does it just fall off?
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I don't know but fangs are the fucking best
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>lolis get older
The rest of the teeth grow into place.

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Nausicaa manga is an absolute masterpiece. Why haven't you read it yet?
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I did and I agree
Do I read or watch this? Or manga then anime?
Anime then manga

Why is this the go to crazy face for anime?
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Because it's a face that looks crazy
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ITT: shows that were too smart for /a/
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Not this one
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>you need to communicate with people because not being understood at all hurts way more than being poorly understood!

Kiznaiver was a good show, but "too smart" is overselling it

Other than MUH MANGA explain how the Death Note movie won't be great
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same reason why dragonball, avatar, and ghost in the shell failed
Fuck off and kill yourself.
>same reason why dragonball, avatar, and ghost in the shell failed

Because they had bad directors? This one has a good director like Edge of Tomorrow.

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eva 3.0+4.0.jpg
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what are your hopes and expectations for eva rebuild 3.0+1.0?
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Utterly abysmal, just like 3.0
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also here is the english one
Did they make that shit with MS Paint? Terrible font selection

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How long did it take you to come to the realization that there is no best girl in the monogatari series because they are all the best girl? Every single girl in the series is just as good as the other, and I don't mean "yeah they're all good but Karen is THE BEST" but I mean "these are all great characters and not a single one is worse than any other"
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true except for snake because snake is absolute shit
Non-Japanese have no place discussing the Monogatari series.
I want to pay Kaiki to hold my hand.

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Was this show good? I just watched it and I have no idea.
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Yes it was.

Oh ok. I did like it overall.
Had good animation overall but it went nowhere. Also eye jutsu. Yawn.

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>he doesn't like traps
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Fucking trapfags, they are like the new furries.
the only reasons a heterosexual would like traps is for the subtext of domination of the partner by being the stronger sex and the arousal from seeing his member react even unwillingly.

both of these can be done through a female instead of a trap, even if vags are less expressive than penises, in that case, for a smoother rehabilitation I recommend a dose of catgirls mindbreaks where you would otherwise consume trap media, with the added ears and tails providing said expressive compensation.

NOTE: avoid consuming catbois media or the patient may get worse down the homo hole.
Do you're saying I should exclusively consume catgirl trap media? Got it.

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This anime is CG
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CG has been not-shit for awhile now.(Ajin, Bubuki Buranki).
Kemono friends MMO RPG when?
If OP is telling the truth then we finally reach the bar, CG have nothing to envy traditional animation.

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cute girl (male)6.jpg
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How do you feel about creatively bankrupt writers and producers shoehorning generic female characters and making them an instant fan favorite just because they're canonically male?
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I dropped the series after ep1. I guess only people who like the story will watch it. On the other hand all the discussion about...
>drawing a girl, calling it a guy
... probably attracts the attention of people who didn't plan to try to the series out. Some of these people will droo it but some will become viewers.
Can you stop making this thread? No one gives a shit.

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Could he be reasoned with?
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get over it, you lost
you see ?
I only see your butthurt

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Can someone explain to me what happened between the first and second series

because a lot changed between the original and sequel , and I feel like I'm watching two completely different unrelated shows.

Was there a web-series or something that tied the two together?
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You need to watch Re:Life to understand the connection.
How are any of these shows related?
The correct order is Re:Zero, Re:Life, Re:Dline, Re:C and finally Re:Creators.

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Well, he certainly stayed with the group a while.
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thanks for spoiling asshole. Hope you got back at whoever ruined your day.
source for 61

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