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What is this show about?
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Prologue to Rance series
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It's Seinfeld, but in anime form
Stopping the demon king with a standard rpg party consisting of a tank, mage, healer and rogue.

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Who is the rapey’est lesbian in anime or manga?
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The alpha dyke in Cross Ange

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon CH.47

This chapter is shit. I hate it.
Made me want to off myself.

btw next chapter is the end of this volume.

Previous Chapter:
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Did somebody say goblins?

Did somebody said rape?
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It's really weird. With cars, people would usually look up some real ones before drawing one.
With horses (and unicorns), people would usually google some real horses first.
There are gun fetishists who will go to great lengths to depict the weaponry as correctly as possible. In effect most mainstream media feature somewhat realistic looking guns. (this is excluding scifi weapons)
But with medieval weaponry and armor, the only inspiration that people seem to draw from is other people's uneducated drawings. What's with this disconnect?
>But with medieval weaponry and armor, the only inspiration that people seem to draw from is other people's uneducated drawings.
People look up historical weapons and armor, if they make historical manga.
If they make scifi shit, they obviously don't put accuracy on real life cars and planes.

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Why does /a/ refuse to give Ume-sama the D?
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And where would we procure that D that we are supposed to give freely to some girl?
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>You will never see Jobgeta beat Hit or Brianne in this arc, or ever.
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Reminder that shaggy is the strongest warrior
Welp goodbye Broly
This tournament sucks ass, the preliminaries were better than this shit.

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What did she mean by this?
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That's her reach. If you get any closer than that, your balls are minced meat.
aside from being a lolicon what other fetishes do you have?
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Tenshi no 3P thread?

Plum announced they'll be doing a "summer bikini" figure for Jun. No concept images yet.

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sleeper best of the season?
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puts me asleep nigga hah
The heavy kissing scenes are hot.
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>In the same season as Action Heroine, Hina Logi and Isekai Shokudou
Ha ha no.

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based sasuke.png
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Is it even possible to name a better looking male specimen than Uchiha Sasuke?

I mean, look at him. You can try to deny it, but he will always be superior to other anime boys.

You can't prove me wrong,
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Uchiha Madara.
>tfw no sharingan
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Sorry sweetie

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Was it a masterpiece?
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What if it was two masterpieces?
my other car is utena
what's this?

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What's with the lips?
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What about them?
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In the anime they're very puffy, but not in the official art. I was wondering why that was.
+5 succ stat
and she's short enough to give blowjobs while standing

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is this really that good?
do I need to watch the first season?
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It's really good, but ends with implied usagi drop.

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What was the best anime of the 1990s?
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Obligatory Evangelion.
code geass probably

guilty crown is close second though
madoka desu senpai

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This is Iori Minase and she's better at soccer than you.
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She's also better at anal than me
She's a great goalie, her asshole catches all balls
shes an ass, she gets very anal about every little thing you tell her

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Am I the only one that misses this manga?
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Finished reading that a month ago. Felt nostalgic
It ended on the highest note possible so I felt satisfied, I wish they had finished the anime though.
>Felt nostalgic
Fuck. Me too... I finished reading it like 3 years ago and damn... There is nothing new, and it hurts to know that there will never be anything new about Gash Bell.

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