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Was he gay?
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He's unattractive so why do you care?
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how is that relevant at all
Is it not?

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ITT: Characters that were right all along
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>Yachiyo Hitotose has always strived to be helpful, sacrificing her time and energy to follow in her mother’s footsteps. While traveling overseas to become a relief volunteer, Yachiyo’s plane crashes–and she suddenly awakens in a world of magic and mysticism. In a realm where reincarnations and fate dictate the lives of those within it, Yachiyo is hailed as a goddess against the forces of evil…and a mysterious keepsake from her mother may be the key to saving everyone.
It's impressive how badly they fucked up this synopsis. Also
>Vol 1 Release Date: 2017/08/08
>Vol 2 Release Date: 2018/03/06
This will have an anime out before the third volume's English release.
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>this will have an anime
Really? Source?
Is that a swastika in the top right
>It's impressive how badly they fucked up this synopsis.

Yeah, I don't see any mention of nazis, which I can only assume feature heavily, judging from the cover.

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I know I shouldn't expect much from something that is essentially subpar cute BL, but still, what the fuck is wrong with this guy. He's like the personification of the no homo meme.
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Jesus fucking Christ. The teacher is even worse than the ginger.
This anime is terrible
>The teacher is even worse than the ginger
Are you sure? One blackmailed his childhood friend into becoming his boyrfriend and is now guilt tripping him into having sex with him, the other is playing with the MC's feelings and going out of his way to bully him for absolutely no reason.
I don't mind bastard boyfriends in my anime but at least don't make the narrative take their side.
this guy has autism

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Say what you will about Miyazaki, but you won't find a greater auteur than him in the anime industry,
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A contender blocks your path.
Watch more anime.
What about based Yuasa?

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She is talking about Luffy, isn't she
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First for Sanji x Nami
She's talking about Kohza
I think so too.

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Thank you for the memories
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I wanna fuck the slut with the tits

You're really nice
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Will she get an anime original ending?

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I'm really confused, did Hinomaru end? There was no announcement or anything but now that there was just a time-skip and Hinomaru accomplished everything he wanted, is the series continuing with a new generation or what? I would have thought there would be an announcement if it ended and it's extremely rare for Jump sports series to go past the first year.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Is Appmon the Evangelion of our time?
>Leviathan working to implement the Human Application Program
>humans to live free from death or illness a virtual paradise
>all human needs managed by AI
>obvious best girl
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Post more smug Eri de wasu
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I'm way behind on digimon stuff. I still haven't finished Xros Wars. I haven't watched the last 2 movies. I haven't even touched this show yet.

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>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy
>People will defend this
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Why do boys make cuter girls than girls?
Was that shadow Billy? Did he become a total badass and begin the process all over again with his pet animals who understood him in a way useless dumb women never did?
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A wise anon over on /soc/ pointed this out, and I've never forgotten his reasoning. He was wise beyond his years.

Women only try to be cute/feminine when trying to secure a partner, and then once in a blue moon after that to provide just enough excitement in her day to day life, or in the bedroom. Otherwise, women basically cross dress as men (track pants, t shirts, hoodies, etc) after a certain level of comfort is achieved.

Traps however have to be cute/feminine ALL the time because that's their gimmick. They are the perfect women because they understand the ideal female archetype, and understand how desirable it is, and mock it by pulling it off better than any other woman can, 24/7/365.

I miss Hidan.
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>Rescue Gaara Arc
>"pretty awesome, can't wait to see what's next -- that retard's obviously Obito, though"
>Sai and Sasuke shit
>"maybe this series is finally done for"
>Hidan and Kakuzu appear
>"holy shit, this is awesome!"
>get killed off quickly so we can get back to Sasuke
>Sasuke goes and cheeses Orochimaru and Deidara to death
My favorite is when they asspulled Kaguya into the story.
>Hyped up all to hell

>All S-rank class missing nin each said to be able to handle a small army on their own

>Lose to a bunch of wannabes because plot

So, I was looking for popular animes for gamers and found this
Is it any good?
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It's a masterpiece
You have to post your favorite videogame first.
The worst anime if the past decade

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Hey bro, wanna come in and listen to some rockin tunes?
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Sorry, kiddo but I don't drink bear since I'm not a pleb.
>ketchup instead of mustard
>nintendo ds
sorry but I'm not a kid
I only listen to anime OSTs, videogame theme remixes and hard techno. Sorry dude

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Why nobody trying to stop her? She is doing a wrong, murders for a hire are not good job. Succubus job suited a better for Enma Ai.
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For what purpose?
People are too scared of Ai to try to stop her. She's the most powerful figure in Hell.

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