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Let's pretend for a moment that Yu Yu Hakusho hasn't existed yet but then becomes an upcoming show in the next anime season. How well or badly do you think it would be received?
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No one would stick to it, shounenfags would drop it after two episodes and SoLfags would complain about any sign of it being a battle shounen even though there's nothing wrong with that.
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What are you doing nigga
It would be treated like another shounenshit. In fact even worse since lot of the flaws of the series are usually overlooked by fans because "it was of its time" so the OP 1-dimensionalness of Hiei and Kurama, the aborted arcs, the loss of potential of Kuwabara, the powerleveling, the tournament arcs, and the fact it just feels like every other battle shounen (until the Sensui arc where it starts feeling like Jojo) would make people get bored with it quickly.

That was surprisingly funny and great, should have watched it while it was airing. All the girls were best girls and the mascosts were pretty funny too.
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there was 1 funny episode
wasnt really
/a/ loved it back then, but obviously now it's gonna get shit on.

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ITT some of the most horrifying monsters Japan has ever created.
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You've been warned.
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cute anime pic 1317.jpg
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Why does Dragon Ball Super have animation budget issues when Dragon Ball is such a successful franchise?
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same reason why One Piece and Berserk has animation issues

the studio take the popularity for granted, they know nerds are going to flock to it anyway so why put in the effort?
If you knew your fans would eat up any shit regardless of quality, would you bother wasting money on polishing it?
Because production issues don't always revolve around money and they aren't all solved simply by throwing money at something. The world is a more complicated place than that.

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This girl walks up to you, slaps your ass and calls you onii-chan.

How do you respond?
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pee inside her
Steal her hat
[X] Anal

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If you download from the cartel when there will be a better alternative out in a couple of days, you should not be allowed to post on /a/
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atleast they are honest about what they are, horrible
People are still this retarded huh.
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Sorry, I dont have severe autism

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ITT: Characters that you're gay for despite being straight
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Who's that?
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i miss him


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Enjoying summer /a/non-kun? Catching up on anime you've missed out on?
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befuddled negro.gif
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>>Catching up on anime you've missed out on
Never understood this mentality.
I watch what I want, when I want. If I see something I like, I watch it. If I'm tired of anime, I take a break. I don't see the point in "keeping up" with current seasons.
I'm bored as hell.
There is really no interesting anime to watch.
And my eyes hurt too much to read.
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why do your eyes hurt anon?

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The opening theme really makes me want to watch this.
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If you haven't already watched it, it's definitely worth it.
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I am watching it, and it's great, it's just that the opening is obnoxious.

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How hard do you think he nutted in this moment?
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First for best boy.
Post lewds of my boifu kirishima
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Very hard

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Memes aside, 3 out of 9 ain't bad.
lole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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ITT post characters who deserved better
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Kosuzu should have been dealt the same
With the mango current ending, at least have Reimu shown regrets about killing the poor man
Reimu is a feminist
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and all the rest of the Bokurano kids

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narancia is cute CUTE
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When I'm not drinking baby you are on my mind
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I want /jp/ to stay !
Good song
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>cucking someone by forcing them to have your child

Is this a common trope?
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