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What would you want to do with her?
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Drinking contest.
anal sex
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I would unironically kill myself and take chances with Eris if I was Kazuma. The thought of leaving that bitch hanging is a delightful and worth the pain

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Anime director Yamakan vs. the parasite blogger Yaraon

Wait for more info on this shitfest


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What is Yamakan doing these days? Is he still in charge of making WUG save the idol genre from its stagnation and become anime jesus?
WUG sucked. Yamakan truly is a hack.

I'm stuck guys
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I'd gladly marry any of them. First pick would be 18.
Videl is shit. That's the only real guideline.
What about Chi-Chi?

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"What are you thinking right now, Anon?
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"Why is OP making the same thread 2 days in a row? Should I report him for spam?"
Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on
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name your favorite part
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The parts that don't have Aqua in them.
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The parts with aqua in them
frog harassment

Touken Ranbu Thread
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Lurk for 2 years before posting.
Who will be the next to die?

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I get the impression that anime and manga are often consumed by people who are dissatisfied with their life or reality in general.
Sometimes even wishing that the laws of physics were less restrictive.
It is not uncommon to see some anon lamenting the non-reality of a character (or his waifu), for example.

But how widespread is this dissatisfaction?
Do you wish reality was different; more eventful/adventurous/fantastical?
What do you believe that our reality is? (Do you think fictional worlds could be real?)

I apologize for this being a meta-thread of sorts, but I am curious as to what people here think about these things.
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>reddit spacing retard
fuck off
I don't even browse reddit. Why so hostile?
Life should be like a high fantasy RPG.

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ITT: the realest niggas of their respective series.

I'll start with an easy one.

>inb4 the pasta
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And I'm not talking about Ching Chong Madara Uchiha. I'm talking about Nip Nong Madara Uchiha with Kawaii and Uguu doujins (with the moshi moshi abilities and being capable of both nani sore and ganbare), equipped with his waifu, a perfect Boku no Pico, control of his sushi and Tokyo Drift, with Hirohito's DNA implanted in him so he has BANZAAAI and can perform Pearl Harbor while being an expert in sucky sucky and me rove you rong time

Anon, I'm hungry
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eat this *unzip dick*
Pasta pasta don't lewd the dragon kek
Considering dragon attachment to their extremities and Kanna's tendancy to just eat things in front of her, she'd probably do it. Literally.

I'm asking for a friend.
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Shit, if you get turned on, you get turned on. Just enjoy whatever arouses you.
Why do you care either way? None of one here will ever have sex anyway.
Just accept it, anon. Yes, it's gay because Astolfo is a dude, but he's too feminine for me to care about that.

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This is the only Jump series I've seen that doesn't have a (normally useless) female friend of the hero as a regular character introduced from the start or close to it. I thought it was mandatory for cute appeal or something. Does Togashi just tell editors to go fuck themselves?
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>inb4 someone says Kurapika is a girl
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Bisky's probably the closest, she was the third protag in GI basically. Though Killua isn't very fond of her and neither is Kurapika.
>Does Togashi just tell editors to go fuck themselves?
Pretty much, just read up on his last YYH notes and then look at how HxH came to be.
Togashi can do whatever he wants with HxH, but I don't think the female character thing was much of a big deal.

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negima's harem.jpg
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What is the most optimal amount of girls for a harem anime?
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usually it's 3-5

but really it depends on how many the author can handle with pic related doing a good job with an entire class and most writers probably would've been best with just one girl.
As long as best girl wins, the number doesn't matter.
Depends what the gimmick is. Twok had way more than 5 but the gimmick made the girls irrelevant after their arc was finished. 3-5 is a good range unless you have one or two side girls that pop in for a two ep arc.
So sayeth the Harem King

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is this the new fetish now?
disgusting brown oversized tits
too much makeup
how can people like this?
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It's called gyaru and fetish, newfag.
it doesn't matter what it's called
it needs to stop
It's only 1 show the entire season, stop being such a whiny.

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Guys, I think I accidentally got Satsuki pregnant. What do I do?
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Use her ass next time
wake up
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I did.

To this.

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Yuri thread
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My cousin broke all her front top and bottom teeth kissing someone like this. I know it looks cute, but it's actually really dangerous.
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