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Has Azumanga Daioh aged well?
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that line fits her character tbf

It's aged like a 300 dollar fine wine.

It's quite literally an Aria tier SoL. One of the very best.

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Can you help me connect to the internet?
How are you posting without internet?
She isn't real.

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What do you see as the best shonen in Jump?
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JJBA was the best
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Be honest, whose bright idea was it to create this rivalry between HxH and BnHA? I cannot believe HxH fans actually gave up fighting with One Piece, so there must be someone else pulling the strings.

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megumin needs (You).webm
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see this, what do?
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Pretty sure there is a 3d porn thread on >>>/h/.

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>I kill dogs with my own bare hands.
>I actually am aware that I have a harem.
>A god couldn’t even resist my hand.
>Fought insect kaijus with no ability or whatsoever with only my feminine hand.
>Have better imouto.
>I’ve killed a fucking dog that kills gods.
>Stole the achievements of a dog.
>Led the girls perfectly without making any internal conflict in a heat wave, while other communities were struggling.
>Had an encounter with Accelkek as hostile while I was about to make my dankest video on YouTube, and survived.
How will Cuckine ever recover?
>Not actually some cuck
Shityl please.
>My childhood friend is still alive and likes me.
>Casually entered the walled city, which Etzali probably won’t be even able to enter anymore again.
>Beaten a dog to its death.

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Touma should've died so I, a better character could've been the new MC.

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Write an anime plot based on this image.
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Cute cat girls doing cute things.
this image hurts my eyes.
Sea levels rise and cover up old civilization below like in LoZ: Windwaker. Series follows a group of scrappers that dive below to recover stuff. Catgirls just because.

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Haven't seen many threads about this show. Anyone else keeping up with it?
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Never watched the originals, but I've been wanting to watch this season's anyway.
I watched the original, but I don't remember anything anyway. I remember characters' faces, but not their backstories.
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Yep it's terrible just like season 3.

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It's time.
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Is anyone still watching hitorijime besides me?
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Golden Kamui is super interesting
Everyone here, but we don't talk about it.

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Why does Astolfo have to be a dude?
She(he) is the only reason to actuallly watch Apocrypha
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The dick only makes it better.
Because astolfo was a dude in real life and japs are sick bastards.
>in real life

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who is ready for golden kamui and ainu waifus?

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>>Influx of anime-only fags who speedreads the manga, and complains about "spoilers"
>>actual discussions and speculations grind to a halt
>>generals threads

I for one, am not looking forward to it. Can they really do Noda's comic timing justice anyway?
>generals threads
Getting a bit ahead of yourself arent you? It wont be that popular
cant wait to see asirpa animated

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Would you watch a Lego anime?
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No, not really.
Hello, /toy/!
And no.
Depends on the setting.
Ninjago or Nexus knights, maybe.

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Have you worshiped the queen of /jp/ and /a/ today?

Any attempts at bapping will be met with extreme force!
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How do I worship anime characters?
By buying their models and artbooks and making a shrine out of it.
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There's only one 4chan-relevant character i worship.

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>committed myriad unconscionable war crimes shooting innocents indiscriminately
>gets a pass for this because "B-b-but you've changed right? You didn't mean it right?"

Explain this bullshit.
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She cute that all matters
Why are you singling out the literal blank-slate alien who hadn't developed a conscience yet when other characters who were normal humans participated in that same shit? And I wouldn't say she (or anyone else) got a pass, either - she was very clearly haunted by it throughout the series.
>Explain this bullshit.
BONES logit

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>he still watches Dragonball in 2017

There's either a problem with underages here or simple manchilds not outgrowing kiddy shit
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easy mode.png
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>Watch Dragonball
>Watch anime
>Not just read the manga
>He'd rather stuff shit down his throat than wait for truly quality food to come along
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>I only watch mature anime for mature people, such as myself.
Better than being a literal manchild watching shit that is targeted for 11 year olds

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Choose wisely
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Take all three and throw them in the trash because Konosuba is garbage.
kill, kill, fuck to death and chuck her corpse with the other two
kill kill kill

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