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New Ojojojo chapter
Translator finally came back
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I don't like K-On.
K-On sucks.
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I don't like OP.
OP sucks dick.
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yui cake.png
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ok, thanks for sharing
S1 was pretty great. I hated S2 though.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Freddie on the fish page!
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Now Sakurafish I can get into.
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I am indifferent to it.

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She does things to my dick, great things.
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Mine too.
The cutie.

I know I haven't watched her anime yet.
But I don't understand this popularity.
What went really right?
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Oreimo with lolis
It's just a flavor of the year thing, she'll disappear like all the other girls after comiket.

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Post characters that could actually be diagnosed with autism
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Playing games in class does not make you autistic.
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our mascot
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Schrodinger's protagonist, the protag is a trap, except when he's not, he's a hero, except when she's not, he's a she, except when he's not he has a harem except when she doesn't.

The protag has a severe case of MID (multiple personality disorder) and is using his immense magic power to play both the role of the demon king terrorizing the human population and the hero saving them, without being aware of the existence of the other, through teleportation, mimicry and clone skills.

The mc's main love interest and best girl discovers this and uncovers the truth to this as they reach the layer of the demon queen. After fighting a clone of the demon queen the hero comes to realise that this is the truth and puts his sword through his stomach.

He wakes up in a hospital bed with his waifu on his bedside, he hit his head pretty hard and hallucinated the whole thing while in a coma. He becomes an actual MID after he wakes up sequel hook for season 2

>pic not related
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>Schrodinger's protagonist
You do understand that it's only Schrödinger's protagonist until the anime is broadcast and somebody watches it? Then the wave functions collapse into reality.

In other words: Every anime that hasn't been written yet has a Schrödinger's protagonist.
I didn't mean it in a literal sense obviously, you should be able to infer that much. The state of the protagonist exists in flux similar to the concept Schrodinger's cat. It's not a perfect emulation.
There could also be a trigger to his MID that acts in a similar way as to the observation with Schrodinger's cat.

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>slaps your dick
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This shit still isn't over? Jesus fuck.
Can't read?

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>Ningen kirai drama in a comfy sol

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>comfy sol
It was never a comfy sol, filthy secondary

shitty show is shit, anon
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come get some!.png
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>dragons and humans can co-exist!!
>spends entire show pretending to be human
What did she mean by this?

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A moment of silence for our fallen friends.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Uh.. you don't get to bring friends
>SUUPA is getting demorished by Tokusatsu? I'll show them! [raughs]

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>the vast majority of people on /a/ who have seen gunbuster, have never seen ace wo nerae
What does this mean?
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Is it still not fully subbed?
pretty much everything gainax and trigger is a rip off of it

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Do the Japanese really not pirate anime or is that a meme?
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They can watch anime on TV and record it from there legally if they want.
What about manga?
They read it standing in front of the magazine shelf.

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Whats next edition.
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Crimson Devil snack for toads
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do you guys think his tongue was betwen her legs?

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Did you all get some good REM sleep? Rem is important.
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>There still isnt a waifu as good as Rem.

She's just too perfect.
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Does it make sense I want to RAM REM?
Clown cock

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ITT: Anime that are better than the manga
Pic related, best version of jojo
>Inb4 muh removed dookie wiping jokes
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He's right, though.
Attack on Titan

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