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Find a flaw
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He's getting ass all over that chair and someone else is probably gonna sit on it. What a disgusting person.
Looks like a man from behind
Some ugly filter
Aspect ratio looks off
Why is his diploma in arabic?

Why is there nothing else like this? Why is no one even trying to imitate what is generally regarded as one of the greatest accomplishments in the medium? You dont even need fancy animation or a high budget, proper writing is all thats required. Natsume is too light hearted and colorful, Mononoke follows a completely different direction in regards to both ambience and storytelling. Why the fuck is this the only one of its kind?
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The Witcher 3
Kino is literally exactly like Mushishi though.
Directly copying something isn't interesting.

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All Might x All Might is best ship.
Bakugo x Single for Life is better
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ITT wasted potential
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Your life anon. I'm sorry.
Every anime that isn't yaoi is a worthless drain on resources.
Don't be mean to me

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Has KyoAni ever been so busy? Yamada, Ishihara, Ishidate, Kawanami, Ogawa, and even Kigami are working on their own projects.
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Aren't all those projects just recap movies + Violet Evergarden?
Good stuff.
More KyoAni means more excellent shows to look forward to.
I love how they can consistently release high quality anime.
Ogawa: Hibike recap
Kawanami: Free recaps (2), Free original
Yamada: Hibike new movie (1)
Ishihara: Hibike new movie (2)
Ishidate: Violet Evergarden
Kigami: Mascot thing

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The reason it took so long was because the five minutes were holding back.
Fuck, I wanted it to happen in my life time.

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Pride Troopers.png
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>how would you do a doujin with characters from Dragon Ball Super?
It begins with doggy, with SS1 Caulifla reverse-ramming base Cabba who's holding on for dear life and on the edge. Then Cabba powers up to SS1 and slams her into missionary to take the lead leaving Caulifla blushing and squirming. "S-SHISHOU, I WILL NEVER FORGET THE PRIDE OF THE SAIYANS!!!" Cabba instantly recovers his Ki and his boner enlarges as he thrusts with all his might, frantically drilling into the female saiyan as her skin reddens and sweat pours from pressure.

Caulifla, who is on the verge of climax and finally letting out moans, will then grip Cabba into a leg-lock and flip him over. "Don't get ahead of yourself, wimp!" Sealing her opponent's movement with a kiss she will then twist into a reverse cowgirl position. Caulifla then rides Cabba while berating him. "Your thrusting your hips like a retarded monkey and you're still this weak and pathetic! You call this skill? Kale is a thousand times better than you—" but she miscalculates, as Cabba is actually a massive masochist. His cock goes fully erect, as hard as it can go, and he powers up into a full SS2 form as electric sparks fly all around Caulifla. She screams from the static and newfound slamming underneath her and climaxes at that moment, the sudden rush of pleasure sending her into SS2, which also triggers immense pleasure from the super saiyan tightness into Cabba as he, too, climaxes while both of them never stop thrusting and grinding.

Both of the warriors revert to their normal states and a gasping, blushing Caulifla collapses on top of an exhausted and spent Cabba. "We should do this 'special training' more often..." Cabba nods nervously, then Caulifla notices that he's still hard. She smiles wickedly. "Up for another round?" Next page will be a chibi drawing of a shaking bed with the words "DOUBLE KO" overhead.

The final page will show "TO BE CONTINUED" with a yandere Kale watching from a crack in the bedroom.
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Reminder that Son Gohan is beautiful
The criteria for choosing warriors for this tournament was their ability to hold back.

What the fuck, how did I end up liking ribbons? Hibike's S2 was pretty great, the threads must have been terrible.
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Ribbons are love, that's why.
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Ribbons is chaotic good.
>the threads must have been terrible.
They were the worst shit of all time, 100% correct.
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ribbons for president.png
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I, too, once hated Ribbons, but S2 won me over. She's actually a good girl.

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Its time for some Fire Punch
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>Okay felas I'm here to help you reach [Whatever safe place]
>B-but muh ledah last test
>You know what? You are right, retarded little girl. I'll let you descend into the maws of hell itself that has already killed hunders of people far more experienced than you. By the way, nice robot you got there, I bet someone would get really famous if it were to carry it to the surface and expose it. Shame nobody seems to be doing it, uh?

Can someone honestly explain me how this even makes sense? Why is the girl allowed to go into the abyss with one of the most valuable relics on existence? Why isn't the black whistle recovering the robot?
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>Why isn't the black whistle recovering the robot?
it's the bf of what's basically his daughter

also there's a reason everyone involved doesn't seem to care but it'll make you bitch even more
Spoiler that will be covered in the next few episodes: Riko was stillborn and the abyss gave her life. Ever since she was recovered she's been irresistibly drawn back to it. Habo and leader are some of the few that know that, and know they can't stop her from going down there now. And Reg will protect her. That's more valuable than pawning him off and crushing Riko's dreams. Not everyone is a total asshole in this series. Riko is like a daughter to Habo, and leader has basically been waiting for this moment for a decade since Lyza left him. The test is obvious. If they get hurt on the earliest layers, there's still a good chance of them being recovered. If they get carried through and hurt later, they're 100% done for.
Because it's a fucked up society that's built around that. Adults climb down the abyss, kids train to do the same, most of them ARE prepared to die, it's what they do. Think of it like Pokémon, your mom certainly wouldn't let you go on an extremely dangerous adventure on your own at 10 years old (where you'll basically go through the harshest environments, be hunted down by both wild creatures and adults, and probably meet God himself given enough time). It's unthinkable, but in these worlds you basically are raised to do so, it's a fantasy culture in a fantasy setting.

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kyouko tummy.png
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Post sexy 14-year-old anime girls. That's it, simple thread.
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There's something special about 14
Tried to post a picture and it showed "possible malicious code in picture"

what's this?
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anime cop.jpg
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Is Ver as popular in Japan as he is here? Because I wonder if that's why they just can't keep him down.
I think he is. Or at the very least, Sugita is.
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Called it so hard back in gx

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How often do you think Leon goes into heat?
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That girl on the bottom, her anatomy seems off
her boobs are coming out of her navel

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No Maria bullying in this thread.
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I approve but it seems fairly unlikely that your request will be granted.
How do I become as cool as Maria?
Hibiki is going to die now isn't she?

What went so wrong?
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A crappy studio who did not know how to use the budget.

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