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the teeth girl
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s4s please leave
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As Megumin consumes her balanced meal of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins, a vast volume and variety of magnificent chemical reactions are occurring within her body to break down her food into usable energy.

I want [s4s] to stay
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hime bullying!.jpg
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Anon-kun are you keeping a couple of sparrows eggs in your panties?"
"Maybe I can stimulate them into hatching"
*cupps your eggs, panties and all with my cold hand*
"Ara ara they're shrinking even smaller, we can't have that"
*blows warm breath on them through my pursed lipps*
*gently rolls them around in my palm before lightly pinching them between my fingers*
"Such kawaii eggs, the perfect amount of firmness"
"But you know anon... I like my eggs SCRAMBLED AHAHAHAHA "
*pulls out a police battering ram*
"One and a two and a SLAM"

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Feels bad man
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torikoshit ended

feels good man
At least naruto and assassin classroom didn't end due to unpopularity like the others
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What do you see as most important best shonen in manga history? I mean like shonen have brought something new in shonen scene. In my opinion FMA, HxH. Not generic shit like Boku no Hero Academia. What do you think?
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Lucky Star
>generic shit

Don't delude yourself, son. By definition, al shonen are "generic". The difference is about how do you use those tropes. BNHA plays into the strengths of the genre and reminds you of why you like shounen in the first place.

It's better than Magi btw.
You couldn't have made more blatantly obvious that made this thread just to trigger BNHAfags.

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I present you Kumoko the most fuckable spider
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re:monster with less killing and rape
don't sexualize kumo-chan!
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Is this what relationships are like?
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Only in 2D
Ideally yes
I wish.

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Since there was an update yesterday and I didn't see a thread yet again, I was wondering if anyone else on /a/ was reading pic related and what you were thinking of it.
If you're interested, I can dump the first two chapters.
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Well, I begin to dump the first chapter. If no one will post then I'll let the thread the thread die.
Thanks for Helvetica for the translation (even if the pace is horrible) and I warn you that one of the MC is literally autistic.
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Featuring Toda's secret to picking up chicks and Nakano's autismoe.
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This is going nowhere. When is Nakano going to get knocked up by a fat old man?
>taking a picture of a bottle that a boy has given to her
We have reached a new level of lewdness.
She is a pure girl enjoying her first love. Notice how she's much happier since she admitted it to herself and Croissant? If Toda doesn't confess first, I think she'll find a way to tell him.

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Multi Vitimin.jpg
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Any of you guys yanderes?
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Yoosung isn't a yandere. He's a little bitch.
Dude it's just a picture, I don't think he's yandere personally.
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Then why'd you post it when you're asking about yanderes. Post a real fucking yandere.

ITT: 10/10 characters from shit series
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So if Tank-kun's half-brother on the top here is responsible for the virus, then Tank-kun himself must be responsible for doing something underground to get the trees moving, right?
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Reposting all the JoJo figures from WF2017s.
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Reminder that Jobin is just a random jobber and not the main villain

I want to make fuck the tomboy out of Ryuko.
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>make fuck the tomboy

Sasuga, ESL-kun.

Get in line asshole
She's a dumb dyke, not worth the time

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>draw a good character design
>it's in a shit anime

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What's so good about this design?
Most recent kyoani anime are shit
What is purple lipstick trying to tell men ?

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Is this chart ever going to get updated? Hasn't been touched since 2013 and it could do with adding/removing some series like Gunslinger Girl, Haruhi, and Redline for Rakugo, Kemono Friends, and Uchuu Kyoudai.
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Then update it you lazy shit. Do you think stupid anime charts magically update themselves?
They don't?
>adding/removing some series like Gunslinger Girl, Haruhi, and Redline for Rakugo, Kemono Friends, and Uchuu Kyoudai
Terrible bait

Why is she such a pure?
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Shes a thicc
Oh boy the slutfags are gonna come rage war, I prefer that because I like NTR though but still it's just a preference please don't do that
Because pure gyarus are an increasing trend of late and she is designed to capitalise on it.

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fluffy tails
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