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paper or electronic?

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The only paper manga I have are western ones like Calvin and Hobbes. Japanese ones are too story focused to not invest in the whole thing and too large to invest in the whole thing, while at the same time not really containing enough in each individual chapter to bother reading again. For stuff like porn manga, it's like fap and trash. What's the point of keeping it? For the cover?

Is there a collection culture in Japan where there's stuff like rare printings of popular manga that go for a lot?
I don't think there is a collection culture. There is a store called Mandarake that is full of collectable books. All old, famous stuff. 99.99% of it is selling at less than cover price.
I started buying paper and collecting, but I kinda regret it. I like having books on my shelves, but within a year or two of buying I filled several bookcases and it's reaching a point where I'd need to move to get more room for books.

I still want to buy more, but I think I'm just addicted. Probably best to invest in a good e-reader and build a digital library. I guess buying paper books is still good for artbooks and series that aren't available in digital.

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i like how they made the song part of the character, i wonder how are they going to handle the mahou shojos and their song, if it's well done like sky show i won't complain
are the girls dancing in the ED the actual VAs?

Also, thread theme:
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What is your opinion on TL Notes?
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Okay in books, when kept to a minimum.
Shit in animated media.
I translate some manga and doujins here and there and TL notes annoy the shit out of me because 99% of the time it just means the translator is lazy or bad at what they do. The remaining 1% of TL notes should be really short or put at the end of the chapter or in release notes on whatever blog you're distributing from. TL notes should definitely never be put in an animated medium.
all according to keikaku

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2ch already have their venom ready on this. He will never recover. RIP

Your Name rip-offs
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Old news, confirmed not stolen
no, anon. this is very new.
He has made too much money. It would be just like the people trying to sue Disney for their blatant rip off of Kimba the lion

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>New game
>tfw Tuesdays are the comfiest day of this season
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Just because
Yui chan
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but it's Monday...

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>finish watching Kenshin anime series
>purchase the OVAs
>see this

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This OVA is actually better than the rest of the entire franchise by a significant margin.
The tv series was most likely shown during the day on tv, even then the non filler arcs were fairly brutal at times. The manga is less kid friendly as well.
>OVA about a swordsman in the Bakumatsu
>surprised there is violence

I wanna go BOOM BOOM BOOM with Nona, if you know what I mean
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Please explain in graphic detail.
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I wonder how nice she'd look with her hair down.
she was the only good thing about this and there wasn't even any doujin that I could find

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Wish they waited a couple years. It will probably leave it open ended after the goblin general battle.
Why does the guy on the right look like Isaac Netero from HxH?
I knew it would happen.

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ITT: dead manga scanlations
Lets bitch a little
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Abnormal Kei Joshi
Mahou shonen majorian

That fucking cat!

I was wondering what happened to this manga.

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Kurapika has two arcs.
Killua and Gon make up a chunk of the series

When will leorio get his own arc?
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This manga/anime is about cute shotas, not ossans
Never. HxH is getting canceled halfway through this arc when everyone realizes it's absolute garbage.

I mean, what the fuck was the writer thinking? This assassination shit is dumb as fuck.

literally just:
>words words words words
for pannels on end. reads like fucking "Tails got Trolled" for fucks sake.

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guys i think i came to the conclusion that this is the best villain in one piece prove me im wrong
>pro tip you cant
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he gets one shotted the same episode hes introduced
yeah and? i didn't say strongest i said the best, his arc and character development is unmatched by any other villain
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I want to lift them up and lick all the sweat under her tiddies.
What's her element?

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Why we don't have more mahjong shows?
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saki zenkoku 2 fucking when
>tfw only know chinese majong

Can I watch these and understand?
Do you need more than one?

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>Because attack on titan is heavily inspired by mma.

What would be the best fighting style for reiner?
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>Because attack on titan is heavily inspired by mma
It is?
Anyway, boxing/judo.
Muay Thai?
Jujitsu seemed to work when Eren used it. He would have won if colossus titan didn't fall on him.

He is to armored to use striking on.

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Is it just me but if you look back a bit this aura looks like Goku has wings. They keep talking about the back. WTF /a/ is Goku some angel nao?
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>They keep talking about the back.
They said... you could see... the face of a demon...

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