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Well it did.
Bad show is bad.
Would've been worse if Kayo didn't move on at all.
It's called 15 years.

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Does anyone else feel as though /a/ has changed their opinion on many shows that they have watched and enjoyed?
>inb4 bait
some of my first anime where SAO and AOT and i thoroughly enjoyed these at the time, i thought they were top tier shit. Over the course of me browsing /a/ all the shit posting, bad mouthing and normie shaming have made me feel as if these are shit shows, even though i remember them being amazing.
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Either you're made of putty or the show wasn't as fantastic as you thought it was. Probably a little of both.

If you actually like a show, you can get past its flaws and still love it, even shows beyond saving. Just because you see some criticism or hate for something doesn't make it bad, either. Acknowledging the bad is good, because it makes you realize whatever you like isn't perfect, but the doesn't always cancel out all the good. You could love Sword Art Online or Attack on Titan simply for the animation, for example.

Don't let someone's hate or dislike deter you from liking or loving something.
This is accurate, while it can be argued there's a certain amount of objectivity in critique when viewed through the lens of cultural trends, at the end of the day your own opinion is swayed largely by personal taste.

For example I like certain types of music for superficial reasons even though they're largely derivative or cloying, and that's just a part of what makes up my own taste. I like Sora no Woto probably more than it deserves given all of its flaws, but it strikes a very particular chord with me. The important thing is that I know the difference between what is an aspect of my own taste and what is actually good. I can separate the two without hindering my enjoyment of media. That's what thinking critically means. Understanding why you like or dislike something and being able to speak intelligently about it.

So maybe you like SAO because you're a sucker for a power fantasy, or you like AoT because that particular type of action just does it for you. The only way that would make you stupid or wrong would be if you suggested that they were good in a more general sense, or that other people should like them as well.

Learning to understand your own taste will help you better understand media.

Also SAO and AoT are mostly trashed here because they're seen as more popular than they deserve to be. They're probably 5/10 and 6/10 shows respectively, but everybody constantly shits on them because they became crossover hits despite their mediocrity.


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Kaji was on international waters. He could have banged Asuka.
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And surrounded by military types who would likely have shot him for doing so. Hell, I'd have to look it up, but countries might have sovereignty over the decks of their warships (and possibly even normal ships; remember than most cruise liners are registered in some bumfuckistan country).

Also, pretty sure he'd rather bang the cake who can go for WEEKS rather than the clueless virgin.
>He doesn't want to bang the clueless virgin
Hey, I'd pick Asuka. But Kaji is pretty obviously still holding a torch for misato, and I doubt someone with no sexual experience would be able to go as long or as hard as Misato can with him. At least not with an intact pelvis.

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Let's discuss NT16.
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If the AAA girl is not Mikoto, who might it be and what implications could it carry?
Kaminari is the traitor.

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Alright, this was pretty sad.
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this is new
Yeah, but it didn't feel forced or contrived like usual.
Yeah that ep gave me a sad, esp when he said his mom an heroed out of the blue

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Did anything happen?
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We laughed on the wrong day and everyone laughed at us.
We grew taller.
Sasuga /a/.

You still love a 12 year old, right /a/?
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Hozumi is the cutest.
Takumi died a virgin.
Yeah, not that one though, that one is shit

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How would you convince your waifu to marry a filthy gaijin like you? Japanese people don't like dating outsiders, anon!
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I think she is quite openminded desu
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Take her to see Yes or something, she's kind of a slut anyways so it should be easy.
By being the protagonist.

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Are delinquent lackies supposed to be this moe?
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>looposter makes yet another utena bait thread
what are you talking about?

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What was the deal with Nemuro. Did that duel with Utena even happen?

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What do you f/a/ggots think of Tsugumomo? I just got caught up a week ago, and overall it's a pretty fun read.

I still haven't come to terms with Kiriha's death
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Solid series. Great art. Good characters.
Best girl is coming back right? ;_;
yoshi spent like days drawing a pic of her on stream a week ago so maybe?
If the author made some asspull to bring her back, I honestly wouldn't even be mad.

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>anime OST samples RuneScape music
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>thread OP samples cock
>things that have never happened
>tumblr memeshit
>greentext shitposting thread
absolutely awful on all counts
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better delete the thread OP before anyone sees this

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is this worth a watch
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>Pani Poni thread
>is not Cinco de Maho
Is this real life?

And yes, it is good.
Sure, you'll be prepared for the next Cinco de Maho if you watch
definitely watch it dubbed

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Best loli thread?
Best loli thread.
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But she's not even the best loli in her own show
She's not the best loli in her own team
She's not even a real loli
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Fucking slav piece of shit get out of my board!
Shut up...I just tried to make a thread about Katyusha.

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Woot, let's see what we have this week.
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I've seen this image enough times that I have to ask: is it edited?

The lines in the hair just bother me so much.
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[TN: Title is 'Airhead']

Takahashi Urara
Year 1 Class 3 Drama club

I'm noth an airhead!!

My drama club kouhai Urara-chan is a really nice girl
"Stop iiit!!"

She's a really nice girl but...
"Urara-chan, there's no sense of urgency there, okay...?"

"Stop iiiit!!"

She's a nice girl but...
here we go

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