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Characters that are really just exhibitionists
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After consider all the choices, i declared rem the best girl of the year, probe me wrong, you can't
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> Probe you
If you insist.
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>probe me wrong
I fucking hate that rem and ram are twins but only one of them gets attention of subaru

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New anime for Fall was announced - Nazotokine

Original Creator, Director: Naoya Fukushi
Character Design: Hitomi Takano
General Film Director: Hiroyuki Morikawa
Sound Effect: Hiroaki Yabunaka
Producer: Akira Nakatsugawa
Scenario Cooperation: Yuuki Hasegawa, Jun Peyon
Mystery Solving Cooperation: Takanori Morita
Studio: Tengu Kobo
Production: Nazoon Teikoku

Official site
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Naoya Fukushi created the anime and is directing it at Tengu Kobou. Hitomi Takano designed the characters, and Hiroyuki Moriyama (anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day) is serving as chief director of photography. Hiroaki Yabunaka is handling the sound effects, and Hikaru Nakatsugawa is producing. Nationally-ranked shogi player YĆ«ki Hasegawa and comedian Ayumi Masui (under the stage name Peyon-Jun) are collaborating on the scenario writing, and Dream Vision's Takanori Morita is collaborating on making the puzzles to solve.

"Nazo-toki" refers to stories that center on puzzle-solving, such as the Professor Layton game series.
>no PV
probably a short

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How can I chop this image and saved the bottom part? Oh and molester man thread.
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1: Open up MS Paint.
2: Get a rope.
3: Make a noose.
4: Hang yourself.
5: Why are you dangling from your ankle?
6: Fuck it. You're hopeless.
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Christ, it's just in full swing this month, isn't it?

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This is the face of Rewrite in a year 2016. How does it make you feel?
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>touching nuclear waste

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best girl.jpg
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See? Totally not gay.
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it should be a 20 min show, fuck this gay earth
I'm so confused about my sexuality when I watch this. But it is fun so far.
What a cute fujo

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Why is she so attractive?
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Those eyelashes do things to my dick.
Eyelashes, voice, her vain attempts at trying too hard to be cute.

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Is he the worst God ever? I sure as hell wouldn't worship him.
>Ugly, unimpressive design
>Cares more about fights than actually helping people
>Created a system where Gods create planets, and then some other Gods destroy a bunch of planets for no reason other than MUH BALANCE
>Actually tells God of Destruction that they should commit MORE planetary genocide
>Destroyed 6 entire universes because of temper tantrums, making him one of the biggest mass murderers in anime history
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He's Toriyama's self insert
Sounds like standard godhood to me. What kind of bizarro universe are you from that gods in every religion or mythology aren't complete assholes and/or genocidal?

I held an anon's hand today.

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Who's your daughteru /a/?

Are you protecting her?
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>having a wiccan as a daughter

good job being a shit parent
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future stem major.jpg
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Is "sienen > shonen" really the reddit-tier opinion on anime/manga?
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but /a/ hates shonen. they like bleach though. /a/ is confusing
but /a/ loves moe and moe is shonen

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What were they thinking?
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I forgot this was a thing
I liked it very much. Fuck off

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How would you describe the art style of Casshern Sins.
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Dark and edgy.
God tier.

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Who do you think will direct it?
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No clue but if they don't use Take's artstyle I riot
No clue. I'm hoping for Oishi personally who should be free after Kizu.
Oishi FUCKING Tatsuya

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This is your date for tonight
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No she's not, I'm not a girl.
I'm going home. I don't date dykes.
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Hibike Reina.webm
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Does Hibike have the best girls out of any KyoAni series? The answer is yes.

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