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>make a good anime
>best seller

Why don't they this more often /a/?
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>everything i don't like is reddit

nice meme
>good anime
I bet you're a shit tasting nip

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Translation never edition.

Anyway dumping
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Can Shiki kill servants?
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She can kill my heart
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>Eyes of Death, Butter Knife, and Ghost Hand
>Servants have Noble Phantasms that can terrorize cities
Took the bait
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Has this aged well to you?
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I'm watching it right now. Ep15 its not that fun , should I drop it
The low quality animation hasn't but if you watch it for the characters and drama elements yes.

>Ep 15 its not that fun
The exam episode? Are you high?

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Is this even any good?
I've watched Musaigen no Phantom World and found it seriously lacking.
Does K-On! live up to the hype?
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Well it's better than Phantom World at the very least.

You'll know by the end of the first episode if you're gonna like it.
What did you think Phantom World was lacking?

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img000018 (1).png
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Anyone reading this?
I've really been looking forward to Raiku's next serialization and so far it's been pretty good.
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Not yet but soon.
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Yeah so far it's really enjoyable.
I enjoyed what I''ve read so far

I just hope Raiku start explaining stuff soon

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What everyone opinion on Mai Hime and Mai Otome

Which Mai-series is the better series?
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Sits firmly in my top 10. I just love it so much, save for the ending which by no means ruins the show.

I haven't seen Otome because the disappointment seems inevitable.
Dropped in the middle of the season. Or even if watched to the end, I don't even remember anything, it was so generic and forgettable. Disappointed after being so hyped by all the fanboys. Even yuri appeal didn't sell it to me in the end - because it's literally nonexistent and you probably have to be that very autist who goes '2 females within spitting distance of each other - omfg, they're totally banging!' to enjoy it.
Mai Waifu is the greatest one.

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do you think heat would expand my tits?
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Heat generated from paizuri? Let's try it out.
Please no, I don't want to have an expansion fetish.
why does she have such an easily accesible titty zip?
is she trying to tell us something?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't really like it.
I still love you all though.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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What went wrong?
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We had this thread yesterday and we all agreed that Madoka killed Shaft.
They got a taste of money and started following it around.
I want to see serious of the shaft

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Is there a bigger bitch in anime than this?
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But she's the second best girl.
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She's not a bitch. Try watching more than 1 anime.
Also this.

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kate-prison school.jpg
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She pisses me off, this arc pisses me off too
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Can we all agree that Assman Adventures is the only thing keeping the manga readable right now?
She's right, Mari is a fucking hypocrite whore.
>Can we all agree

I pretty much stopped reading after the Ouroboros and the Chairman screwing with the wife while running away. That being said, I picked it up just as the Ouroboros was translated and I like to let the chapters pile up.

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Naruto GO.jpg
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We have One Piece and Bleach generals 24/7, but rarely any Naruto threads. What's up with that?
Let's have one know and discuss the following perhaps.

>Do you think Jashin will appear in Boruto?
>Which Movie was the best one?
>Who is best girl?
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fucking stupid OP m8.
There's already a Naruto general on /vg/. Still, Naruto is anime and therefore belongs on /a/.

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Yo /a/
Are you still sad that this show turned to shit after a few episodes?
I am.

There was so much potential.
One of the bestest girls.
One of the most cool/badass black characters.
Good story.
Not idiot MC.
Awesome opening.
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Bob was OK. Tawara was the best character by far though.
read the fan translated LN, the anime is chickenshit, good fight scenes though.
I'm sad that there's barely any porn

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Was it love or lust?
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Is there a difference?
Your mom lusted after this dick
But I love men
deep bro deep

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