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Did your taste in anime changed as you grew older?
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No. According to /a/, my taste has been consistently shit since 2008
I was already too old when I started, so no.

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Episode 17 Preview


Crusch and Felix do not deserve any suffering.
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Did i die? again? shit.
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>Throwing his arms out He wrapped around Subaru’s neck and snuggled up next to him.

>“Uh, eh, eeeh!?”

>“Don’t move. I’m checking something out right now.”

>Since they were about the same height, his face was now right next to Subaru’s. His voice whispering directly into Subaru’s ear, his whole body felt like it was being tickled. Subaru's face turned red from the sensation. He looked to his surroundings for help, finding Rem loitering near the mansion’s entrance he instantly turned pale.

>She had on a blank face, one could see from afar she was unconcerned with what was happening. Towards the now gasping Subaru, Rem gestured her hands in a small mincing motion. It wasn’t like this gesture had any meaning in particular, but the intent was clearly conveyed to Subaru.

>“I’m going to tell Emilia”
Will Whale die in ep 19?

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Tough on Beserk?Why do you find it shit /a?
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The shitty animation, and the fact that they skipped TWO FUCKING ARCS!
Music is shit
Animation is shit
Pacing is shit

Berserk 2016 wins the triple crown of shit
>could've gave it to any decent studio to do a proper adaptation
>nope lets just make it full CGI and retarded as fuck


They nailed rape horse that's about it.

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New chapter out soon. Hope Rello will return to us.
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So when they finally save the humans we will see the enemies at the north of the empire, right?

I wonder if Mikaros and Rafaed will survive their defeat and reunite with the other New World big bads, they surely will have archangels names too.
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Damn it rello, your absence is steadily killing the hype

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What would you do to Yuki-chan?
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>remove glasses.

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Why did it take so long for the Jojo series to introduce a cute girl? She's been around for just one episode and she blows all the other female characters out of the water, especially in appearance.
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Why'd you post that background, OP? Did you mean to post a girl instead?
I agree, I also had exactly the same idea as Rohan and would have used his stand to look up all that lewd stuff about her.

I really wish a 3rd season was made.
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I wish ended last season and stopped following the manga.

Kaiji should have had enough experiences to become jaded and say fuck it. Honestly he should have taken a vast majority of the winnings and give pidly amount to that faggot Endo and that other guy.
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Fuck Miyoshi.
Finish the pachinko arc, you'll know why ENDOU thinks highly of kaiji

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What will their sex be like?
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1 hour teasing, two minutes of actual sex.
Nishikata will tease her with his dick
Lots of teasing
Consensual leg locks
lying about safe days

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Dumping this cute oneshot about a gyaru trying to win over the guy she likes.
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How could he say no to this qtπ

Newfag here. Are more comiket exclusives up yet?
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I might as last turn into a proper otaku. holy shit that seducing yui face is gonna make me hard all day
Best girl is looking too cute!
Same here holy shit she is hot.

>[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Rinne - 41 [720p]
Its out!!

Why can't Jumonji win the Mamiya-san?!?!?!
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I would say he deserves better, but she's the best girl in the show despite being so placid it borders on indolence. I don't see him suddenly going gay, either, so he's basically trapped by fate and doomed to be forever second to a guy so broke he enforces being beta on himself to avoid charges.

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Why does he always go after other girls even though he has a gf?
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Because he's alpha.
Is Araragi the most alpha harem lead?
I'd cuck 'Gahara too if I had the chance

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rukia orihime.jpg
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Who should win

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Rukia > shit > Orihime
Uhh... Renji, I guess.

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ITT: Overrated shit
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Alright, you reverse psychology, I'm gonna watch this masterpiece.
Fate shit
Gurren Lagann, a show about nothing

>no Anne-Happy thread
let's fix this
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>Anne Happy
>Anne isn't the MC
>No one calls her Anne
>she is happy though
thats because you are supposed to pronounce it "Unhappy"

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