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This is the ideal female body. You make not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
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Who even likes this guy?
How can you say it's ideal when we can't even see the feet?

Is Getter Emperor the most powerful mecha ever?
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Maybe. Gecchan is the best robot girl ever, at any rate.
Only if you disqualify the ones who use cheaty conceptual powers.

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Why aren't more anime girls wearing tank tops?
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Because most anime girls aren't fat sluts
Because women in Japan generally don't wear tank tops.
Those pesky patriarchal societal demands have no place in anime.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Why didn't he kill himself?

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She should clean her contacts or else she'll get an eye infection
Is that Hayasaka?

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This little cardcaptor is very scared. Cheer her up.
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Japanese bird cooking spaghetti
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I wanna give her a cardcaptor spankera.

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Did Kuromukuro fail because of the strong het element?
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It failed because it was bad. The characters and the plot were stupid. The only good thing was that massage scene.
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and now for waiting another two weeks until they finally kill Enshou
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>A new miniseries based on the Dragon Ball Z special, The History of Trunks is coming to HBO in 2018
>The show will opt out of typical Dragon Ball conventions and not include most of the typical Dragon Ball cast
>Trunks is a young teenage boy who must protect the future with his best friend Gohan after Android's eliminate humanities last hope for survival.
>The show is looking to take a more grounded and gritty take on the story, opting out of mentioning phrases like "Super Saiyan" that the Dragon Ball franchise has become popularly known for.
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Why do you keep posting this fake ass shit?
>more grounded take on the series
>adaption of the arc that revolves around time travel and cannibalistic cyborgs instead of something to do with Goku and the Red Ribbon army
Gee this sure seems plausible
>Time travel and cyborgs can't be grounded

We always talk about rewatching certain series, but what about series that lose a lot of its luster after the first blind watch?

In my opinion, series that rely on "hype" and/or plot twists are not nearly as enjoyable on a rewatch, stuff like Gun/Diebuster, Code Geass, TTGL, Kimi no Na Wa and KLK.

In your opinion, what are some series that aren't as fun when you rewatch it, even when your tastes haven't changed?
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>Code Geass
Speak for yourself, I've rewatched Code Geass a bunch of times now, mainly to enjoy the super dramatic acting and dialogue.
You are full of bullshit and rewatching trainwrecks like VVV is double the fun than the first time.
Also, it's not like Kimi no Na Wa tries to hide its plot twist at all.

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I want Chinatsu Yoshikawa's SWEATY pink pantsu on my face. Seriously, I want to bury my nose in her smushy, aromatic pussy region.
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Do you not have genitals?
Where did you get the idea that women aren't disgusting repulsive creatures like men?
2D girls are all nice smelling and clean.
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sweaty pussy.png
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>MC is Zainichi
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Go Specials - 02 [720p].mkv

Get in here
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Was she sluttier than usual this episode?
She's a dyke

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Why is she such a slut?
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Oops wrong image

I heard this was good but really it's just SAO level wish fulfillment; it's literally a narrative built to make the reader feel cool for being a badass that wins against society and frees his hot slave girl. How did this even get semi well known?
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>freeing his slave
Are you sure we read the same thing
You're right, he doesn't technically free her but takes her under his wing. that's even better, the reader still gets to experience the "alpha" male fantasy while having the illusion of being a good person because hey at least mc is not THAT much of a dick to her
He's more like a mom/babysitter for his team. And then his village full of slaves

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