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Why would a loli wear protective armor but leave her soft tummy exposed?
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because it's cute
You're blind if you can't see her plot armor
File: Fate_Hollow_Ataraxia_115.jpg (64KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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The better question is why is she wearing the upper portion when it should be completely bare like the original?

Naruto is a solid 7/10
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7.1/10 3/10 if boruto is considered still part of naruto series in general

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Anime-Only fags come post your delicious theory's and opinions on the Abyss.
let's keep MiA separate from the made in abyss general
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okay ill bite
i think the way the show is going ozin is going to tell riko that her mom was a not so good person and warn her to not go after her
the reason I think this is because what habo had said the seeker camp ahead would contain distressing things for riko as well as to be wary if ozin
im guessing ozin is a huge blabbermouth about all the wrong that liza did and is why habo warns riko like "ya the guardian is bat shit insane for saying that liza did all this bad stuff but we cant discount it because shes a white whistle too"
this is what I got from habos warning and im hoping im right so I can see riko have to face how her mother was an awful person
Very interesting hypothesis.
It's Ozen and Lyza by the way.
They're going to get halfway there and cyborg-kun is going to say "Riko your face looks like a brick." And then Riko is going to say "Bwahhh! Cyborg-kun, you're face looks like a brick, too!"

And then they're going to lament the poor design choice for the series and kill themselves to end it before their hideousness can continue to poison the innocent eyes of the viewing public any further

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Hamtaro was so cute
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For a children's anime, it had one of the better English dubs for its genre out there.
Dub was botched in a few ways.

But in the end, Laura for life.
I prefer Ebichu.

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>anime cliche happens
>>"woah what is this, some kind of anime?!"
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>This isn't some shitty, corporatized, third rate anime produced by overworked and underpaid artists for heedless and moronic consumers, this is real life!
File: the boy with the band aids.jpg (405KB, 680x1236px)Image search: [Google]
the boy with the band aids.jpg
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But I love this trope.

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>Hatsune Miku anime never
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See how much people care about that?
That's why
Why would you want a miku anime?
There's absolutely no canon narrative with any of the crypton loids.
It would probably be idolshit.
Just watch Black Rock Shooter

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Why is anime so sexually suggestive?
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Sex sells, and otaku eat that shit up.
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akari lewd.gif
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otaku will see sexual tension and lewdness even when there isn't any, so you might as well pander to them by ramping up the sex appeal
It's not, there's nothing inherently sexual about a drawing. You just happen to interpret it as such. Kind of how like some people find tiles sexually alluring, despite them being nothing but tiles.

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>[Ohys-Raws] Kakegurui - 05.5 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4
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re-cap episode??????
It's because of some bull-crap involving another station in which an sports event is taking Kakegurui slot for about a week or two. I guess they want everyone on the same page and decided to do recap bull-shit for this week and next week until that station is able to catch-up. Instead of just airing the ep on the stations that are not affected by it.

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>The coolest swimming sakuga

I hope it had some heterosexual romance or at least the atmosphere
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The characters in this anime are asexual, so do not
File: DGXgh-OUQAA58yy.jpg (91KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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I can't believe I'm actually getting kinda hyped for the movie.
>heterosexual romance
It went nowhere.

She killed millions.
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He let quintillions die.
File: wepf.png (930KB, 800x1131px)Image search: [Google]
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Of course, just look at her. That's the prototypical face of a mass murderer.

File: 1501416793790.jpg (32KB, 481x314px)Image search: [Google]
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Was this truly necessary?
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that whole anime wasn't necessary

File: listen up u fuck ups.jpg (723KB, 1920x1200px)Image search: [Google]
listen up u fuck ups.jpg
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let's compare the moment when we dropped Mawaru Penguindrum
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around 13th episode i think, after ringo dropped her diary
Dropped it when Ringo got raped. Fucl Ikuhara.
Same here. Pretty late into the series. Episode 19?

File: 1391919622513.jpg (26KB, 500x449px)Image search: [Google]
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>author dies before finishing his manga
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File: 18467.jpg (35KB, 225x350px)Image search: [Google]
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>author dies before finishing his manga and gets replaced by digital internkun
>the story gets better
>authors relatives won't accept a continuation of his works

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Chapter 80 of Fire Force, Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Brigade of Flames manga is out.
Adora Burst and Adora Link information revealed.
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Justify this bullshit, /a/.
i like when the author does this. he also explained thermoacoustic engines, which I didn't know existed and i when i searched for it, it was real i learn something.

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Hisoka is dead, press "O" to pay respects
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