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>tfw you will win the Reina bowl
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I'm rewatching the first episode again and damn, it feels so far away and so long ago. Everything was so happy there and there was no suffering.
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Freyjafags on the rope!

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Next ep is titled "Wilhelm Van Astrea"

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Truly the Haruhi Madoka of Evangelion
Stop using this piece of trash as a header.
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Ferris locked.png
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If you don't feel bad for Felix after this, you are fucking shit.

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The animation and visuals were very good in this episode. What's your thought about the episode 05?
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Dat JoJo reference. And those knives from Teru.
Can someone gif this? It'd make a better gif than webm, I think.

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taboo tatoo.jpg
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Who else is watching the greatest unintentional comedy of 2016?
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>the greatest unintentional comedy of 2016
But anon, that's Berserk.
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I want to bluesy inside freusy.
>Who else is watching the greatest unintentional comedy of 2016?
But thats re:zero.

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JoJo thread
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What's his end goal?
I miss the time when you were the worst

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New Episode!
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She looks soft and cute.
Cakes are best.
Tomboys, too.
I'll wait for Doki. Quality > Speed

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Look at your keyboard between T and O
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There's a faggot hiding in the keyboard, between I and [
I didn't notice before. Good job anon.

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Peaceful thread.

Love Erwin and Armin. Do not forget about Bert.
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Goodnight Sweet Commander Handsome.
You'll always live in our hearts.
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Reminder that Reimika is canon! CANON!
Reminder that manlet is hung and has fucked bitches.

Also Armin did drugs once and has also fucked bitches.

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It's like the author's been lurking in these threads or something. Also new chapter, bring your rage.
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Goddammit can't he at least fuck the nurse?
Why dont they just cut off his penis and use that to procreate?
>Try to set up government and #1 as villians
>They are doing the logical thing that any other rational person would understand

Fuck this shit MC.
This is beyond shitty harem hijinks, he is fucking around with the human race because he doesn't want to have sex with anyone but this one girl.
That sweet and everything but this is a different situation, this is about saving humanity and it is not even about sacrificing anything. He does not need to kill anyone, he is not going to die from doing it, JUST FUCKING HAVE SEX!

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>145346281
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Don't forget to do your reps!
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How do I fix this?
Both ITH and AGTH do the same thing. Flyable Heart works fine.
You've tried some of the other memory locations right? In the drop down selection on the top

>Definition of "hot": when you look at someone's body and think, "I want to fuck that".
>Definition of "sexy": when you observe someone's personality and behavior and think, "I want to fuck that".
>Definition of "cute": something that makes you go "aaawwwww" and want to cuddle them and give them headpats.

According to these definitions, what anime girls fit all these criteria?
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There are plenty of those around.
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Two "new" manga in the next issue (week after next, right?); Love Rush (by E-Robot's author) and Astra Lost in Space (by Sket Dance's author). I liked Astra Lost in Space when i read the first chapter several weeks ago, I am so, so, SO fucking not interested in Love Rush. I don't even want to dump it.

Manga for other folks:
Bleach: http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/VDbXpzBU/file.html
Seraph of the End: http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/GVXW1Fhm/file.html
Blue Exorcist: http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/h50JRBJl/file.html

Seraph and Exorcist do not have any double pages joined.
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the new manga
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oh, I guess Astra comes next week

I guess they'll put it in the magazine? That'd be nice, I can't figure out how to rip the "free" stuff they've been offering.
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We all know the typical fanservice for guys (ZR, loli in swimsuits or underwear, big bouncy breasts etc) but what are the equivalents for women anime viewers?
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OP is a faggot
Accepted manservice areas (incomplete list):
Lower abdomen
Do women actually like the muscly guys in anime? Their proportion are so off and overdefined, it makes them look grotesque. Of course there are exceptions for some art styles but in the majority of anime the guys' bodies look repulsive.

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Episode 55: ”Hey, I Wanna Meet Son Goku. A Summons from the Omni-King! August 21st

After receiving a message from the Omni-King that he wants to meet with Son Goku, the God of Destruction Beerus orders Goku to go to the Omni-King at once. If the Omni-King is displeased , the entire universe might be wiped out… But despite Beerus being beside himself with worry, Goku is totally carefree, or rather seems to find the whole thing a nuisance. What could be the Omni-King’s true motives for summoning Goku?

Episode 56: ”Rematch with Goku Black! Introducing Super Saiyan Rose!! August 28th

The Repairs on the time machine are finished, so Goku, Vegeta and Trunks head to the future. In a ruined future city, the three meet up with the resistance, and run into somebody unexpected.

Episode 57: “Title Undecided" September 4th

Can Goku and the gang defeat Black?! Goku finally becomes Super Saiyan Blue and uses his full power against Black; an intense battle unfolds!
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Use the catalog retard >>145364668
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>August 21st
No new episode this week, didn't we just have a break
Thank the Olympics

Post them.
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She is pure perfection. When I look at her, I get the worst feeling of longing.
dead meme is dead
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