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Why is Jojo so boring right now? It doesn't even have a plot anymore. It's pretty much Start from point A------> Find Stand User-------->repeat. It's been 20 episodes and this shitshow just isn't enjoyable.
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Jojo has always been garbage.
Part 1 was good in the beginning and the very end.
Part 2 has so far been my favourite as it was consistently good the whole way through.
Part 3 was good in certain brief moments and amazing at the very end.
Part 4 is above average throughout the whole way. Nothing spectacular so far but we'll see.
part 4 is Araki's take on the SoL genre, and it doesn't get really good until Kira actually gets introduced
the funnier scens are honestly way better in the manga, they just don't have the right comedic timing in the anime, gotta stretch out episodes to 22 minutes i guess

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What was /a/'s first experience with anime?

What's the oldest anime you physically own?
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Same as OP for first anime. Physical um does Felix the cat count? I got a dollar store dvd of him but other than that I'm all online
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My good old 1997 vhs of the Pioneer dub.
Same as OP for first anime but this is the oldest I own

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>opnly 5 episodes left of Re:Zero

How am i supposed to continue watching anime after this?

Nothing will ever top it
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Rewatch OreImo
just don't watch anime for 5 years till season 2
Watch SAO, it's the same trash and you will eat it pretending it's good, kinda what you're doing right now with re:zero.

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What went wrong?
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Not enough focus on cooking/the food.

I wouldn't consider it "wrong" though, just not as good as it coudl be.
shonen jump
Azami introduced already. All the E10s introduced at once

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This is a Japanese 13 year old.
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Best fuckin girl
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This is a best girl.
>This is a Japanese shitty show

Easily in the top 5 worst anime of the past two years.

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Free prequel OVA.


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Is this to satiate the fujos who were upset their favourites were not in the feature film?
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I-Is it a freequel?

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Now you feel like number one
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super interesting
Did Tomo knock out his teammates already?

>Why you no throw at Jun and me!?

>Worry not // first I clean up the fags who don't deserve to be here
>The fight with you two begins after

>wot's this?
>Who knows, it s'posed to be ghetto ball

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Haven't watched this in a while. Just got my pc. Still fucking great, though why is Karamatsu always said to be the worst brother? You're literally retarded if you think he's the worst.
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I thought the consensus Totty was the worst? And that unless you're a fujo or a gay Jyushimatsu was best matsu?
But he's mentally retarded
>Jyushimatsu was best matsu
I guess he does appeal to autstis such as yourself.

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Will any anime ever be as popular on /a/ as this was.
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Its not even popular on /a/, it only has huge hentai parody potential and the shit ending causes kiririncucksl and ayasefags/kurocucks to fight, which is fun0
Fuck off crossboarder.
Damn shit taste /a/.

>[HorribleSubs] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan - 06 [720p]

Funniest time of the week is here.
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I like that his VA can sound so pathetic.

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ITT: Post the angriest anime you have
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Show me a harem protagonist even half as alpha as Basara.
Protip: You can't.
Prove me wrong, F/a/ggots!
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Author's previous mc were better.
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Did his last work also play jump rope with the definitions of ecchi and hentai?

>Persona 3 the Movie #4 - Winter of Rebirth [BD 720p AAC] [5BB3446D]
>Persona 3 the Movie #4 - Winter of Rebirth [BD 720p AAC] [5BB3446D]
Persona 3 the Movie #4 - Winter of Rebirth [BD 720p AAC] [5BB3446D]

Holy shit, is this it? Is it finally over, I waited years for this and I can finally watch all of Persona 3?
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why the hell you are not talking about this?
Yes, it is subbed.
It was good too.

No one is seeding it though.
>I can finally watch all of Persona 3
You could also just play the game.

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What fetishes do you enjoy in your anime/hentai series?

What fetishes do you detest appearing?

Are there fetishes that should never be portrayed for the sake of sanity, or should all fetishes be open ground?
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I like gloves.
Is this denpa teki na kanojo?
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ITT: Overrated shit
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Aria, a show about nothing.

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