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>you never got your anime
>you never got more popular than your sister
>you never got as useful as your sister who helped various TM characters with glasses and even artificial bodies
>you never got a sequel to your VN
>you never got a single good fig
>your fate/go clone instantly outperformed you
>you will never be relevant in TM ever again

What went wrong with Aoko?
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She's too perfect so Koyama wants to keep her to himself unlike how Takeuchi whored his waifu.
What went wrong is that she got her own VN instead of staying a fun side character.
It's like when you take a beloved bit actor and give them their own spinoff.
Mahoyo was garbo so nothing was lost really.

Why is this cat so lewd.
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Not really
When I close my eyes and listen to him, all I can hear is Black Hanekawa.
Yes really.

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Anime cliche you hate/love
>hero gets shot by main villain
>falls down
>villain goes on a huge rant about how nothing stands in his way anymore
>as his back is turned, the hero stands up
>villain turns back around and sees him
>"heh, the doctors said smoking would kill me"
>pulls out Zippo from his shirt pocket with the bullet lodged in it
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>The aliens appear to have a carbon based structure and would therefore find lead toxic.
>Speak English, doc!
>Shoot them with bullets.
>Now THIS I understand *cocks gun*
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>it's no use, they're counterhacking us
>another greentext thread

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Would you let a Christmas cake drink herself to death from loneliness?
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As long as I'm with her when she does.
We'll race each other.
What's wrong with her tongue?

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one of these
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I just want more EMT really

shoop betelgeuse's head onto kirito then it'll be accurate
look mom i am really funny.

>No Orange thread
>episode 7 is out
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It just came out, chill. Going to watch it now so I can get pissed off.
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Takako a cute.

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Here's the latest chapter of healthy housewife adventures. Enjoy.
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Hey kid, hop in. I've got some rock music and pizza in here. You trust me don't ya?
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What kind of pizza and what kind of rock music? This is very important.
Aaah, n-no thanks, I like other rock, and my waifu is waiting for me at home.
Any kind of beverages in there?

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Shinji a good boy, he dindu nuthin wrong. He don deserve any of this.
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How much does tomoya deserve? He had a hard life
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Where's MANkoto?

>Start watching this episode just now.
>Already want to drop it.
Why is it the most popular show? It reeks of "been done before".
Is it really just because the main character is a useless asshole?
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There are a couple nice girls.
Yeah I fucking figured.
people love "muh suffering" and think it makes for good storytelling

steins gate

Characters who have been dogged
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It's closer to Chomp
Shit thread, shit joke, shit fetish.

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Is yandere a dead archetype?
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It was never that appealing.
There was never one great character that anyone could point to and say, "That's a great yandere character!" because they're all pretty bad at coming up with these characters.
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It's not easy to make a good archetype characters.

Yandere is even harder
They're still being made, so no.

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>Wants to become a diver
>Can't swim

Dropped the show right there,that's just retarded
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She's just following Pikari's lead, if Pikari were a base jumper, Teko would join the base jumping club with her.
Definitely true and not bait.

I like the way you specifically set the file name too.

Now that's an anime I'd watch

Why would I lie about this shit?

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How do we fix the plague of unfunny memeshit in translations?
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But it makes things funnier
A translator's job isn't to try and make shit 'funnier' by putting in their meme humour. They usually fail at doing that anyway since it's so jarring.
His friend is lucky to have those boobs as his gf

For anime archiving purposes should I be getting 720p or 1080p? Does it even matter?
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The human eye only sees in 800p
Almost all of the 1080p stuff is going to be poorly upscaled from native 720p.
There's not much point unless you know for sure that the source was mastered in an unusually high resolution for some reason.
There is no reason for anything more than 480p people. This isn't scenes filmed in real life. It's friggin cartoons. It's not like if you get additional resolution you will start to see pores on the faces of the characters or more strands of hair. Your not magically going to see better quality out of those stick figures in the background either.

It's just a drawing.

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