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Chapter 2 translations are out.

Looks like The Promised Neverland is going to be a mystery manga more than a battle manga.

(and a slow as fuck one if it keeps up this pacing)

Enjoy it while you can, mystery mangas rarely last super long in WSJ.

So what do you think it's gonna be like outside? Urotsukidojin style demonic hellscape? cyber/biopunk post-human thing? Alien space ship?
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Enjoying it so far, the last chapter seemed pretty smart.

They can still see the sky, so everything seems fine. I'm going to argue it's a normal human world with Demons in the background.
only 2 chapters out & already +1k followers on mal

breakout title of 2016 confirmed, Fire Punch fags BTFO
>The main protagonist of a Shonen manga is female
>Isn't sexualized
>Not overshadowed by her male peers

The absolute madmen.

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This episode will become a legend.
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There a stream, or is this countdown for subtitles?
>1 hour left
I thought It's gonna be out any minute.
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File: Hunter X Hunter v27-000.jpg (1MB, 2037x3056px)Image search: [Google]
Hunter X Hunter v27-000.jpg
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#The anons here are smart and respectable people that will use the spoiler tag but if you're reading for the first time, be wary that once the dump ends, it is a free-for-all#

Gather 'round, anons!
Let me tell you a story that started some years ago...
We follow the adventures of Gon Freecs and his friends, going through their hardships to achieve their dreams!
Dreams of the unknown, dreams of freedom, dreams of vengeance and dreams of altruism...
Happiness, fear, courage, despair, loss, rivals, life threatening situations and pain. A lot of pain. The kind of pain that will lock your back chronically.
Start hunting!

>>144095979 = Volume 01, Chapters 001-008
>>144146180 = Volume 02, Chapters 009-017
>>144188803 = Volume 03, Chapters 018-026
>>144230506 = Volume 04, Chapters 027-035
>>144356632 = Volume 05, Chapters 036-044
>>144410671 = Volume 06, Chapters 045-054
>>144451959 = Volume 07, Chapters 055-063
>>144499128 = Volume 08, Chapters 064-073
>>144532109 = Volume 09, Chapters 074-083
>>144548709 = Volume 10, Chapters 084-093
>>144590930 = Volume 11, Chapters 094-103
>>144634721 = Volume 12, Chapters 104-115
>>144685939 = Volume 13, Chapters 116-127
>>144727354 = Volume 14, Chapters 127-139
>>144777510 = Volume 15, Chapters 140-151
>>144827102 = Volume 16, Chapters 152-163
>>144929217 = Volume 17, Chapters 164-175
>>144977199 = Volume 18, Chapters 176-187
>>145036060 = Volume 19, Chapters 188-199
>>145061654 = Volume 20, Chapters 200-211
>>145087552 = Volume 21, Chapters 212-223
>>145136216 = Volume 22, Chapters 224-235
>>145180630 = Volume 23, Chapters 236-247
>>145238396 = Volume 24, Chapters 248-260
>>145282889 = Volume 25, Chapters 261-270
>>145331784 = Volume 26, Chapters 271-280
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Hunter X Hunter v27-001.jpg
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Hunter X Hunter v27-002.jpg
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Hunter X Hunter v27-003.jpg
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Since surprisingly a lot of people around here haven't read this manga I figured this should be fun, maybe.

Let's follow the story of a young boy named Seiya and his friends in a world where Greek gods rule the universe. Struggle, battles, friendship, rivalries and lots of blood awaits them in this classic manga that inspired and still inspires generations of mangaka!

Without further ado, Saint Seiya Vol.1
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New episode soon. Chisa will be revealed as the Monokuma Maid
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I want to hug komaeda kun and tell him that I don't care if his talent is worthless I will always love him regardless
I want to console komaeda kun and make him feel like his life has worth
I want to be komaeda kun's hope
I want komaeda kun to hope inside of me
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Best Talent
Most funny
Cute face
Positive and optimistic
1 hour to go lads.

I like you.

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Can't wait for an entire arc dedicated to Armin's masturbatory habits.

Previous thread: >>145361794
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Armin is love
Armin is life
Armin is the shifter we need but don't deserve
Armin is the light in Eren's eyes
Armin will make the walls great again
I love Armin
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Only heartless monsters could abandon such a sweet, innocent boy!
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Annie kills the Charmin.jpg
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Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki. Also, I want Annie to kill Armin as soon as possible.

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True End.jpg
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What is Al's master plan?
Will Subaru overcome his shitty MC status?
Will Rem Who?

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Posting something an anon made.


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I want to join the Volleyball club
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I want to sasaki Sasaki's sasakis

we duck team now
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team skank.jpg
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Precure thread
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When was the last time we had a good eyebrow cure? Feels like it's been a while.
Those are good girls, this is clearly some kind of photo trickery.
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>It's a Free Planets Alliance Episode
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Really makes you drink.
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How would you fix Evangelion? If it was me, I'd give it a happy ending with Shinji and Asuka ending up together and saving the planet. Misato and Shinji's father also get together and she becomes Shinji's new mom.
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Also more Penpen screen time.
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but we had a pretty good ending with EoE. just ignore the rebuilds and nge is fine
It's perfect. To change anything would ruin it. We saw this happen with the rebuilds. Just listen to >>145379207 and all is fine.

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you're still a faggot.png
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Joubin confirmed rock human.

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Effect script is finally up. Same deal as the last times, reply to this post with your recording while stating somewhere in your post which one it is. Links for everything are in there, at the end of the script.

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Come forth, DEADLY QUEEN!!
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What is the best ongoing shonen battle manga & why is it Saike Mata Shitemo?

how come /a/ never talk about this?
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Don't talk to me or... Oh you already said it.
One of my favorite recent mangas. Saike is pretty rad.
post tape loli

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It's been a long time, isn't it ?
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Miuna fell asleep.gif
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Oh my lord it really is Monday.
I love you Miuna!
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It's out. http://mangastream.com/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/187/3592/1

I-is she kill?
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>immediately tries to talk her way out of the fight
Goddesses are the worst

>killing demon child war prisoners
fucked up
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