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>tfw dagashi kashi was literally FOTM
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It was completely forgettable.
Good characters wasted on candy shilling.
>fap-fodder of the month
It served its purpose.

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This girl comes to you and says that she'll wait 12000 years for you. What do you say?
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Is she a gunbuster?
You're an idiot
I love Emilia.

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Which color of panties is your favorite?
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Light pink
light blue

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>ITT: "Dropped" moments.
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Togashidrones still defend this hack.
you already made this thread, fuck off >>145596927
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And I'll directly quote someone from that thread as my reply to this shitpost because he said it perfectly:

> He used a long established facet of the power system (post death nen) to do something absurdly simple that actually revives people in real life (cardiac massage). As long as his rubber can theoretically squeeze at the same strength as a regular human hand, it's believable.

Delete this, OP

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Describe an anime in 3 words. I'll start.
>Dense headed faggot
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>Dense headed faggot
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Satoshi tripping shrooms

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When's the last time you watched an Anime on VHS /a/?

Where is your VCR right now?
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>Where is your VCR right now?
In the landfill, probably.
It's a shame, I kinda want to play around with one again, and digitize shit.
Rewatched my Rayearth bootlegs a few weeks ago. And my VCR is under my BVM, not hooked up though because I'm moving a ton of stuff around.
I've had both seasons of Grander Musashi on VHS that I must've watched at least 10 times through. My VCR is under my bed.

Frog Girl = Best Girl

prove me wrong

protip:you can't
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She's best when she's cute.
She's worst when pixiv artists try to make her lewd. She just can't pull it off.
do NOT sexualise this frog

I'd say shes a bit like Tomoko in that regard.

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In August 2015, Production I.G. announced that a new LOGH project would come out in 2017 (http://gineiden-anime.com/). Since then, there's been zero news about it.

Is LOGH 2017 dead?
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The dream will never die!
>new LoGH project announced for 2017

Still 4 months left for 2017, what else do you want? If it airs Summer 2017 we don't need more news until next year

10 years later and i still cant deal with his and Yang death

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Why doesn't Josuke use shining diamond on Joseph?

Why doesn't Josuke take Joseph to the Italian restaurant?

Josuke literally has access to two healing stands and it does not even cross his mind to turn back the clock for his doddering old dad.

We could have had part three Joseph running around Morioh having wacky adventures with his son, wearing his cowboy hat yelling "OH MY GOD!"
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>shining diamond
1. Josuke can't fix aging, I'm pretty sure.
2. Tonio's powers also have limits, in one of the Rohan one-shots he talks about a woman with a brain tumor that his food couldn't fix
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>Shining diamond

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What is Granblue about?
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Grinding your life away
Rage of Bahamut 2
Sucking RNG dick for a chance at waifu

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No. This is not your fucking blog. Ask fucking ask.com, and I hope you get viruses up your asshole.
It's hair.
It's a bird looking up.

Right lads.

Why are the Japs so bad at ending shit. Just finished Akumetsu which has been on my backlog for a while and I really enjoyed, but the neding fucking sucked and it's got me all mad about how other manga have ended. Are Japs just shit at wrapping up stories?
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Bumping this shit cos I'm mad as fug.
You only ask this because you are woefully unaware how serialized manga publishing works. Manga chapters are written as long as there is popularity and dropped when there isn't. This makes it nigh impossible to write sane and coherent endings for the most part.
I liked Bokuranos ending

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What is the deeper meaning being conveyed here?
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Shinji will grow into a person with a femdom fetish

Pen Pen thought Shinji's Dick was a fish for a second and tried to eat it.
Clothing is for the weak.

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Left or right?
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how old is left?
right is right

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How much better would it be if they actually went on war instead of that stupid dark tournament idea?
Do you think HxH is reusing the Demon Realm idea now with its current arc?
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I'm on ep. 103 and I don't know how they'll fit all that in 9 episodes.
Come back when you've finished

You'll find out. It's nowhere near as in-depth with its fights like DT was.

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