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>One thing you dislike about your favorite part
>One thing you dislike about your favorite Jojo
>One thing you like about your least favorite part
>One thing you like about your least favorite Jojo
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Gay Priest has arrived
>He later died of cold
>Pre accident Johnny isn't madman
>Thunder Cross Split Attack
>Tribagel hair makes Josuke's Pompadour look normal

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I feel as if the anime was significantly better than the manga as it didn't have such a shitty ending. Am I the only one who thinks that?
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Nobody really seems to care about KoS ever since it finished. Ending felt rushed though
The manga dragged on a little too long, but it had much better scenery porn than the anime. The anime had some damn nice mech fights, though. I think they compliment each other nicely.

Sci-Fi megastructures are my art fetish. Hopefully the Blame! adaptation delivers anywhere near as well as the s2 ep8 preview.
I prefer the manga because I like Nihei's scenery. The pacing is fucked up though, drags on in the latter half with a lot of SoL and Nihei can't write romances for shit.

Still mad at what they did to Midorikawa.

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Imoutos are for ______.
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not getting attached to at all since all of them turn bitchy to you when they turn 12-13

by that time you are so used to giving them all the attention they crave from you that you cant handle the sudden lack of it.

you know that you shouldn't try to talk or play or try to do anything with her anymore since she doesnt want to anymore yet you need to and cant help yourself since you took care of her for 10 years.

then she will hate you even more every day that she sees you, and by the time you got rid of that need to give her attention about 3 years wil have passed and you start to hate her guts as well since shes always negative to you.

then when shes 18 you just stop talking to each other and you dont even know why you ever thought she was cute and endearing.

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MCs that were ultra betacucks at first but turned Absolute madmen later on. I'll start
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Who would be the best Atelier anime MC?
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Rorona, no contest.

I'm a bit biased though.
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I know who the best Atelier girl is.

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How does /a/ feel about Gundam Seed?

Despite the horridly abundant use of flashbacks and a tad too much stock footage, I thought it was a pretty satisfying series. The show really started to shine in the second half when it stopped being a lesser clone of 0079, despite the villains becoming a little cartoonishly evil. I don't really understand why it's so vehemently loathed by so many.
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worst Gundam series. I really like its World War 2 ambiance tho but its just so gay like it's aimed for girls or smthng
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It made Normalfags unable to tolerate Hiraiface and thus saved many fun and interesting shows from the cancerous infestation and ruination by that blight.

It's not a good show at all, but god bless it for it protecting good shows from retards.
SEED is okay, Destiny is trash.

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When's the next season?

And who's your favorite dxd?
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1. Xenovia
2. Irina
3. Kuroka
4. Akeno
5. Rias

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Edgy Tohka.png
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Let's go on that date kisama, otherwise I'll kill you.
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Best retard.
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She could be worse.

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So what was his power?
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what happens next?
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The power of noone gives a shit anymore because Bleach sucks 8 dicks in a row.
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You know

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Kumeta Kouji Thread

I'll be dumping Offside Trap, a newly-translated one-shot he did for the" Ore no the 100th!!" series.
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Peaceful thread.

Previous >>145391711
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie would probably make a good mother
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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Goodnight Sweet Commander Handsome.
You'll always live in our hearts.
I think this picture deserves an explanation

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I already like it !
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I'm slowly starting to develop awkward feelings of affection towards it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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He cant keep getting away with it.
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I liked it better when he just did simple upskirts. Having the character lewd enough to drop under-trou on her own initiative kind of ruins the point.
Fucking mtu
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Could be like that other artist trend. Lewd ships seem to abound these days.

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later fag.png
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Let's face it, he entered the Friendship Cup without Rin because he knew he'd get BTFO round one otherwise
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Banana will rise again

>battle beast aka gx monkey incoming
>banana lost

It was the best for him desu.
>Pendulum Melodious never

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Final Nisekoi chapter by Tsurezure.

It's been a pleasure.
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Before I forget, Triplicate ranted as usual on


And a DDL to the chapter can be found on

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