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>muh holyland
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muh band practice
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muh deutschland
>Muh chastity

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Short airing soon. If you don't watch she'll cry.
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Tsurezure part 2.
Was kinda fun to hear something about small creatures from Daru though.
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CEOGCcOUMAAZqzF.png orig.png
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What do you /a/ssholes think happened to them after they graduated college?
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Got jobs and husbands, that's what usually happens to attractive college graduates.

Mugi married a black guy
Mugi married and had 3 kids with a black guy
I think mugi married a black guy.

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delicious honey cock juice edition
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source on this cropped provocative naughty material?
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That's shindol probably TSF monogatari, not sure

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What do you want, dad?
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your virginity
You don't have to tell me what happened at school today, but you do have to eat all the eggs.
*unzips dick*

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What's your favorite Opening? What's your least favorite?

Favorite would have to be Death Parade
Least favorite would have to be Gundam 0080
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Some of my favorites:
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>Ping Pong
OP is alright.

Contributing some nice OPs:
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Best intro coming through.


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Next time on Tomo Ball Z
Maybe something happens
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I want SHOUNEN HAATO powerups and gratuitous auras of power.

Go the whole nine yards here.
Is that even his final form?
The long haired guy in the first panel is gonna take him out.

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When will the gyaru era begin ?
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It already has.

Hopefully, never
Can gyarus be pure?

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Just finished marathoning this. I can't believe people made charts to illustrate the story progression. How can you be retarded enough to not be able to follow the plot?
I feel bad that normies shit all over Tomino and mad him feel bad.
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I like the touch of having him put his junk away. Most anime treat men like they have no junk at all.
Tomino even made them shit on the Gundam. He likes this kind of details I guess.
The only thing that really confused me was the names of the ships and what factions they belong to but it wasn't too much trouble.

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Episode 6 airs in 30 minutes

>tfw we're halfway through the season
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You're better off waiting until subs are out to make a thread. 1 hour left.
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>[HorribleSubs] Amaama to Inazuma - 06 [720p].mkv
It's lolitime.

I'm 8 episodes in and struggling to see why this is so highly rated. Plot makes no sense, characters are either wafer-thin or just annoying, and I swear if Gai says "you're the key to the operation" and then immediately says "meh get involved or not, i don't care" again, I think I might cry.

Have I been duped into thinking this was an actual anime when it's really a set-up for hentai? Are there any redeeming features here? Tell me your thoughts.
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>highly rated
It's because you trusted the opinions of a bunch of retards. Next time be more critical.
First mistake you made was believing ratings.
Ratings of all sites are fucked up beyond believe.
>so highly rated
I don't know what kind of sites you have been visiting young man, but there's your problem

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I want Illya to sit on my face!
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fuck off
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That's a bold strategy, Cotton! Let's see if it pays off.

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Can we have a thread with Isane in the OP?
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Spoilers when?
Seven more days. I can't fucking wait.

doesn't look like her to me m8

>mfw there are people on this very board that don't Usami sin't best girl of the season
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>don't Usami sin't best girl of the season

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dia, you really love kanan.png
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Knowing that Uranohoshi is a Catholic School, I'm not surprised. How about you lads? Are you surprised that Dia loves Kanan and that Mari probably has feelings for Kanan as well?
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What's so great about Kanan that the two girl want her pussy.
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That's not how you love Jesus.
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Riko is love.

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