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Have some Reina neck
I'd ravage that loli so hard.

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Rosette and Chrono End.png
895KB, 1023x540px
I'll start with this.
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This ending of this show is actually what made me think about dying when I was kid. Shit was airing on TV when I was age like 8 or so I don't know, and that girl crying "I don't want to die" still stays in my memory.
IKR?! It was the same way when I watched Trigun way back during the "anime on adult swim" days. It destroyed muh feels and to this day it's remained on my mind.
That's the show where the vilain won at the end? It really pissed me.

who wore it better?
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your'e mum
your mother

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Am I finally seeing this man look better than before?
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If the White Whale kills people, and then devours their existence from reality, how do people know it exists?

For that matter, how do all those fighters even remember the family that they've lost?
How awesome will he get in the next episode?

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2MB, 1920x1080px
She's gonna appear in the new noval right? Kamachi won't let us down will he
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File: 1470282111834.jpg (414KB, 800x566px)Image search: [Google]
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Kamachi will always let you down.
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It's nine o'clock on a Monday
I look up and it’s the usual team
An albino kid sat next to me
Making love to his coffee and cream

He says, "Stiyl can you burn me a scientist
I'm not really sure of his name
But he’s loud and he’s coarse
And he has no remorse
When he beats me to drive me insane.”
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52KB, 466x393px
Oh, laaaaa la la laaaaaa, la la la laaaaa
La laaaaa la la laaaaa la laaaaa

Burn us a fag, you're the Stiyl man
Burn us a fag tonight
Well we're all in the mood for some shitposts
And you've got us feeling alright

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>mods delete loli thread instead of the 10 generals

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Gonna be deleted anyways, so post scat
great, now it's a loli scat thread. we're all gunna get banned
wtf man

What does /a/ think of this series?

I watched the first two shows a long ass time ago, and I'm currently watching the movies.
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>Fate = best ass
>Nanoha = WMD
>totally not gay
>loli mechs
tl;dr, it's pretty good. Nanoha A's was the best season.
It went downhill pretty fast after As.
>still cumming away to Fate's ass
it was good.

Sleep tight, Aoba-chan.
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fuck off stop spamming this shit
Nice sage faggot.

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1MB, 1022x572px
Additive, 5000 lines, 15 line heaviness, 200 test iterations, 1 waifu.

Show me your waifu
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Can you provide a way to do this without using javascript?
I have a perfectly capable CPU here and it's not going to be squandered hundreds of billions of cycles on generating JIT bytecode for some shitty webdev language.
File: Linify 7.png (2MB, 1022x570px)Image search: [Google]
Linify 7.png
2MB, 1022x570px
Looks like Watashi for some reason.

The guide. Read it.

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>paint error on her underbust armor
God damn it.
>Paint error on the promo
>Still has that hair seam
>Ridiculous price
>GSC shop exclusive
Is this the blunder of the century?

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What is the ???% from the new episode? It doesn't seem to be an emotion like the 100%. Is it an entity inside mob or maybe Mob's true self?
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File: 001.jpg (85KB, 650x476px)Image search: [Google]
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I feel like it's a separate entity possessing him.
Then again was it explained what ???% was? Haven't read the manga for a bit.

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Uh why the fuck is the show prison break

Why is this bitch so edgy?
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I'm not up to date in my Tales of lore, isn't that the belts and zippers bitch from Tales of Berseria? What she doing in Zestiria?

bamco gotta shill
Two games in one show


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Would you a Tio on full moon?
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Displeased at your choice.
No. Get the blonde bimbo away from me. She's a rapist that needs to be deported.
fuck off Monster Musume General

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Crusch and Ferris.jpg
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Episode 20 is titled "Wilhelm Van Astrea"

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The saga continues.
File: CluN8ruVYAIy5xP.jpg (61KB, 500x653px)Image search: [Google]
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>Emilia is the main character
>last 5 episodes Emilia isn't even present and we're hunting a whale now

I did not expect this.

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How is your country represented in anime and manga, /a/?
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It isn't :( (Netherlands)
File: homeland.jpg (129KB, 566x748px)Image search: [Google]
129KB, 566x748px
Never fear, /sp/ is here!
File: 1430671654257.jpg (352KB, 800x1083px)Image search: [Google]
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Everyone is blonde but acts exactly the same as the Japanese.

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