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Why the fuck do people like this shit?
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Girls 40%, Tanks 60% (Even if it's arcade shit)
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Because it's great you piece of shit.
Please explain what is so great about it.

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New thread Umarubros!

Last one reached bump and image limits >>145235405

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Has anyone ever successfully fapped to an umaru doujin before?

I tried it once and I couldn't help but laugh at the depictions of hamster umaru eating a mouthful of yogurt and making a mess.

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Grab on and hold tight snktards, the coming chapters will be wild ones.
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Bert was worst boy.
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I hope stump man makes it out of this alive
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Annie kills the Charmin.jpg
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Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki. Also, I want Annie to kill Armin as soon as possible.

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Crusch and Felix 2.jpg
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Episode 19 is titled "White Whale Conquest Battle" and it airs in 9 hours.

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I want to ___be ignored___ by Rem
Season 2?

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What anime has made you cry?
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AnoHana's the one and only that's truly made me bawl my eyes out.
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7 hours to go. Are you looking forward to it?
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tasasakiamagu ccb9.png
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Cant wait for Magilou aka best Berseria.
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Not-Lailah is better.

In honor of the Olympics, what's your favorite sports related anime?
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Ping Pong is pretty good
Daiya no Ace. Literally the only good one
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>ONE more day to go
What could BONES do to fuck up the episode? Are you worried? Excited?

I can't wait to hear Kirito getting his ass kicked.
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But today is Monday.
I really can't wait for Kirito to lose his shit

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I love my wife
ITT: kyoani circlejerk

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We all agree that Akame was the sexiest in that show, right?
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You mean Leonie.
Leone is top 3 or 4 of the main cast at best.
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Lostrage incited WIXOSS

first teaser is getting released today.

They confirmed that there will be male selectors.
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They could've picked a better name
When Selectors lose a battle they will lose their memories.

one Lrig from the previous anime will appear in the show.

At least Four new Lrigs apear. Their names are リル, メル, ナナシ.

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When they see your dick
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is this a general?

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Zombina is #1 and no one can tell me different
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My nigga
Mero wins! Tomorrow, will Mero's mom join her daughter in the tournament? Or will she run out of SAN trying to fight Doppel? Don't Miss It!
I swear, that face makes it look like she's calling someone a 'lint licker' or a 'doo-doo head cootie queen'

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Full Chapter out and translated, Mikasa is cute.
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Best (and likely last one standing) pairing.
Levi saved Erwin because he had no idea what to do with himself after finding out what was in the basement. Unlike Armin, who's dreams go beyond proving his father right.

You know what this means? all those interviews and fujobait were meaningless and Isayama himself might be laughing at all of you fujoshits. This month is awesome.
Reminder that this happened and it was very lewd.

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ibuki smile.jpg
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There is no greater Danganronpa girl than Ibuki. Discuss.
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Mikan is objectively the best girl, so no. Good try though, Ibuki indeed a cute.
Fuck you Cameron Mioda
C stands for Chad btw

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