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Post your honest opinion on it. I think that it actually might be bigger than we thought.
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It was pretty good.
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it's AOTY >>145731917
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The VA's performance where the best in years.

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>implying you wouldn't bang this
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Kon is small stuffed lion. I have no reason to want the sex with that.
Last guy who did that did it only maybe once and then left for 13(?) years.
still the least sexy character in the series

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'Anon, I'm happy now.'
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Crowd congratulates Anno on godzilla


Post your favorite canon OTPs itt.
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Tatsuki will win
Me x Rukia

>but that's not canon
Fuck you you're not my dad
This thread won't go anywhere if you don't play by your own rules OP.

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Chapter 2 is out. And more father-daughter time.
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Dumping. Although I might burn out around the middle.
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> You will never have a demon daughteru.

More like Strike dat PLOT

>last seconds of the video
Every fucking time.
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I enjoy StB

Kanon is purest StB
>liking the slut who undressed at light speed to offer her virginity to Kojou
>while being recorded by a camera
>whose video was sent to her father and uncle

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So its confirmed that he is Blast right?
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No he is some random faggit.
Why does anyone care about plot twists in this manga? Everything is literally worthless and all the cast are douchebags.
>Everything is literally worthless and all the cast are douchebags

I actually like OPM and this made me laugh heartily. I just love how dismissive this sentence is. Don't know why it was funny, but thanks, anon.

>live on an island
>can't swim

Why is this such a common thing? Are there really that many people who don't know how to swim? It's pretty basic stuff.
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I dunno man, probably.

My grandma learned to swim when she was in her sixties and was already afraid that we'd drown anytime we went to the lake.
Teko is a Tokyolite you fucking retard. Why are the people who harp about shit always so fucking stupid?
How does being from Tokyo justify being in high school and not knowing how to swim?

Discuss the magazine!

Most recent ToC was

Weekly Shonen Jump #36/37
One Piece (Lead CP) (unranked)
1. My Hero Academia
2. Haikyuu!!
Nisekoi (CP, END) (unranked)
3. Black Clover
4. Gintama
The Promised Neverland (CP) (unranked)
5. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
6. Hinomaru Zumou
Boruto (CP) (unranked)
7. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Bleach (CP) (unranked)
8. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
9. World Trigger
Kochikame (unranked)
10. Kimetsu no Yaiba
11. Samon the Summoner
12. Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club
13. Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary
14. Toriko
Chronicle of Isobe -Life is Hard- (unranked)

Next week we'll get the new series Love Rush from the mangaka of E-Robot, as well as the final chapter of Bleach!
The week following we'll get the new series Red Sprite from the mangaka of Iron Knight.
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Also, preview page.
We should be getting the next issue ToC as normally around Wednesday night.
fuck off
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I'm really hoping that when Toriko ends (probably serialization round) that Galaxy Gangs joins the magazine.
It would be a fitting replacement as a fun adventure manga, and it has the potential to be something truly special.


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so what if it is
I want to cum in that cute forehead.
We knew that at the chapter's end

Did a new chapter come out?

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What haven't you dropped yet this season /a/?
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I already have?
But Saiki is AOTY
91 Days and Thunderbolt Fantasy

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New WSJ series, though Viz was slow on it since it's been running for a while (how else would I have a volume 1 cover?) This isn't a proper rip of the chapter, though. See this series is free (for countries available to viz only, which is why I'm doing this), but viz's free series can't be ripped with the method I use.

If you want to read it on their site, here: http://www.viz.com/shonenjump/chapters/astra-lost-in-space

I'll be dumping my screencaps.

Regular WSJ is off this week, of course.
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By the by, the Sket Dance author is making this.
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also, may as well say WSJD Astra Lost in Space for searching

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Is K-on the best animated anime ever?
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>animated anime

As opposed of what?
What's the best non-animated anime ever?

Why do most japanese zombie manga turn out to be ecchi?
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because japs can't into plot, so they need PLOT to hope to sell a little.
Because then I wouldn't read it at all

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It's finally happening.

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>Voice cast

This is the first Yukana anime in how many years?
It's not like everybody forgot about FMP in 2016
Daily reminder that Tessa is best girl and that Chidori is an NTRing slut.

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