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How is this bitch alive again?
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Who knows? I was only in it for the cake.
I want to comfort her.
Still can't believe /a/ tricked me into watching this

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What are some nice hyperflat lolis?
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Would that be having a black hole in your chest
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>Why is Konata Izumi so perflat?

Also Rika.
She's 17,how is that loli?

What is it about this show that makes it so thrilling?
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scenes like this
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My sides
Yoshikage is the best Kira.

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Wat are brown girls for ?
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tender loving
Sleeping on their laps
Using more ink when you print them.

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Featuring body lotion and a chocolate ghost
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He might have actually been a somewhat threatening villain if he wasn't in a show about bloody card games.
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Reminder he got beat by Joey Fucking Wheeler.

And Mai. Dude's lucky as fuck his stupid card has goofy rules and he can just make every game a shadow game.
Yes, like literally everyone in the show ?
> Yami yugi is loosing against bakura
>Next turn he will die
>Summoning his fucking god and destroy bakura

This game is just luck and bullshit.

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Has key lose his charm?
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Key has been garbage for a long time.
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Just wait until announcement of their next big work. It's promised to happen within this year.
They need to make Kud Wafter already.

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As much of a trainwreck, and zero budget it is, it still had the best visual loli fanservice of the season. Maybe because they knew the series is going under all radars?
Anyways, Rewrite thread.
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>As much of a trainwreck, and zero budget it is, it still had the best visual loli fanservice of the season
That is the best? Isn't Prism Illya airing?

>Maybe because they knew the series is going under all radars?
That shit was in the VN so it was expected.

Maybe Kagari will save the series
>Isn't Prism Illya airing?
But it's not showing as much crotch shot and panties are also cut out (of the lolis), so as far as actually showing anything goes, this is the most explicit of the season.
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Well I would not know because I'm not watching that but from the threads on /a/ I got a different picture

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Why didn't he just restore the Empire and make Lisha-sama his personal fuckmaid?
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Better question.
Why is Lisha so cute?
Imouto best girl.
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You mean fuckempress.

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Why aren't you fulfilling your dream of becoming an animator, producing cult classic anime?
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I'm not Japanese.
Why would I go from a shitty job with shitty pay to an even worse job with even worse pay?

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What did you think of the ending? It's been four years since I watched it, still have mixed feelings about it.
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It was kinda shitty
The show as a whole was fun to watch though
It got a lot worse toward the end, lost a lot of steam. I still really liked Black Star's character growth and the Save Kid arc
Had the potential to be a lot better, animation was great

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Is anybody else secretly annoyed by the fact that the plural form of anime is still "anime"?

I don't get autistically bothered easily, but it sounds so agitating in my head when I have to post something like, "How many anime have you seen", or "What are your favorite anime?"

Even after all these years of knowing the correct version, I still want to add an "s" so badly.
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Pronouncing it as animays is retarded, anon
head (of cattle)
It's actually:
Singular - animus
Plural - animi

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Next episode (22) is titled "Flash Of Sloth".

Preview tomorrow.

Also, scans when?


OP2 Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAutfI4WhOA

Theater D Full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak8C3poI2Y
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So Betelgeuse next ep?
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Dumping ch37 raws, cover page this week too.
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*sip sip*
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