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Is she a shit waifu?
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Shit wife, good mom.
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Nope! The one where she took care of the kid won me over
Have you seen the shota Haru episode? She's a top tier waifu

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Do you think Kino was hallucinating?
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you'd hallucinate too if you had to inhale dick to fill your gas tank
Kino sucks german men for money
Talk to me about the horizontal lines. Why did they do that? Has any other anime ever done that?

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Why did Alice in Wonderland explode in Japan? There's gotta be an uncountable number of manga, anime, games, and fanart out there that reference, retell, or take inspiration from Through the Looking Glass.

Sure, it's big in the West but that makes sense - it was made here.

Is it simply because Alice is a qt loli who goes on a magical adventure?
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it really does seem like an anime plot with a loli and everything
>magical items
>a strange new world
>talking animals

It is pretty evocative
Don't you know that Japan loves cute shit?

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I just finished watching the first GitS movie and I don't understand why it's so well acclaimed.
It wasn't bad by any means but it didn't impress me either. Is there something about the movie I don't get?
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>Is there something about the movie I don't get
What kind of question is this?

Making of a cyborg felt like a religious experience.

The genesis of a new life, crafted by human hands. That hooked me in immediately.

I love myths and legends, and a common theme is the created surpassing the creator.

JC or JS?
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What the fuck is Asanagi's problem
I thought his thing was to bring haughty bitches and hoes down to make them learn their place but lately he's targeting everyone indiscriminately
JC > JS > JK

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Isekai Shokudou anime project announced.

The Western Style Cathouse.
Near the business district and nestled in a poor corner of the shopping district, in the first basement floor of a multi-business building.
From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is lunch time, and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is dinner time.
During holidays and weekends, the business district becomes empty.
Lunch is up to 1000 yen. You have your free choice of rice, bread and soup and it’s a good variety.
On the signboard mounted on the store’s entrance is the image of a beckoning cat. The cat’s bell is the main feature of this mascot. My cat-loving grandpa left this small store to me who, if I had to say, liked dogs better.
In other words, an average restaurant you can find anyway.

…Ah, but there’s one thing that’s different from other places.

Every Saturday, the store has some very special guests come in, and it becomes a business day.
Shouldn’t the store be closed? That’s right. That’s why it’s a special sale.
Only on Saturday, we welcome only these special customers, and because of that, superficially it’s a holiday.
Even I don’t know when my grandpa started doing this.
But, ‘Those on the Other Side’ call this place ‘The Other World Dining Hall’.
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I'm interested.
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Choose one to offer your loyality. You gonna have to fight the others under the command of your chosen one in a full-scale, all-out space war.
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the cute one
Is there even a question? Reinhardto sama is the only correct choice

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So, which one deserves the title of worst battle shounen ever made?
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So do you just make a new thread when you get bored or what?
Bleach at least had variety, characters lost fights most of the time, every Fairy shit arc is the same, bad guy > everyone wins a solo fight > Natsu beats the big bad with power of friendship.
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>asking for worst battle shounen
>doesn't post best battle shounen

Was he wrong?
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I don't remember Gold Roger saying that. What chapter was this?
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>see the world
>when he's under the impression he can see past the A - Aizen
Aizen is so overrated. So glad he's back in the bondage chair-the fucker probably went back himself since he's an absolute loner who no one cares about.

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>Name is Deathmask
>attack sends opponent to hell
>takes pleasure in crushing innocent lives of women and children
>house is covered with faces of victims

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to give a literal maniac a Gold Saint armor ?
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who ?
I started the show last week and just finished the sanctuary arc, does he appears later on ?
Shion was the pope that saga killed

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久我「幸平ちん 冬の山ナメてるでしょ」



ソーマ「でもこれしかないんす 俺が葉山に勝つには…」










久我「だからさぁ さっきから、ナメてるよね?」





■いざ、葉山超えへ!! 過酷な”下見”が始まる…!!

食戟のソーマ 183話 ネタバレへ続く!!
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As expected, Souma wants to investigate the bears' diet.
>Food Wars

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Its that time of week again
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where you at OP?
File: honk honk.png (287KB, 318x963px)Image search: [Google]
honk honk.png
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>OP disappears
I did make this thread, but I guess I can use it

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Man this episode made me so conflicted about you Yanks and your second amendment.

Like, on one hand, you all objectively kill each other more because of it, but on the other hand it lets you be an absolute madman like Nagito

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Izuru was a true patriot who stood for his rights
Nagito will be alive in Future Arc. Everything before it has been part of his master plan.
Reminder that OP is a whoring faggot that has a seething obsession to be the OP of new threads when new ones are not necessary.

You can easily spot him when he spaces the Danganronpa title.

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Would you refuse instumentality, /a/?

Hell yeah i would.
How would human tang taste like?
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it would taste like shinjis cum
a bitter with a bit of salt? We are mostly water, so I guess sea-water taste would make sense.
Would I reject getting my own personal heaven where I am basically God and happy?
No. I'd totally want to get tanged, fuck this gay earth

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>people actually watch this fucking garbage with dogshit designs
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File: Natsuki_Subaru_Anime.png (46KB, 337x124px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm past caring about this show but this guy's face is so fucking ugly.
Everyone in this show except for the yellow haired thief is ugly.
Subaru is the cringiest nice guys in all of anime

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