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>Suddenly getting new chapter releases

Oh fuck yeah.
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Wasn't it cancelled?
Cancelled or finished no idea, but translations were pretty dead for a while.
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So who's hyped for this? Or did anyone watched it on the expo?
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Watched it AX. Probably his best work yet.
Not saying much considering all his other movies are pretty awful.
Read the novel.

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Tfw you realize you did not protect that smile
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>Dangan ronpa
>Before page 8

Retarded OP strikes again.
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guys can SOMEONE please explain to me how Chiaki as mastermind makes any sense in terms of her characterization thus far???? am i really supposed to believe that in one or two episodes of despair, she does a 180 and she's the mastermind? that would be a very lazy way to end the series UNLESS there's some key elements i'm missing. even the kirijunko shit makes more sense to me.
>Chiaki cant go a single episode without saying "Hinata-Kun..."

What does /a/ think of Thunderbolt Fantasy?
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It'd be better as a feature-length film than a weekly show. Also not anime.
Urobuchi's head looks like a tomato.
It's Thunderbolt Fantastic.

Is Tomoko a dwarf? Does she have a disability? Why is she so small? She looks like a fucking child.
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Because she's a frail NEET. A disgusting proto loli and lolis look by definition like fucking children.
No disability, she's just malnourished. When she eats, it's unhealthy, and her exercise is sparse.
Tomoko is 16 year old.

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Is Touken Ranbu overhyped?
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Overhyped how? Because it's on Animedia?
Not sure what there is to overhype about it, it's literally just a collection of guys.
It has a big fanbase.

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In honor of back to school, anime teachers, instructors and senseis thread.
for labor day also
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Sawako is the most underrated K-On.
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Lets heat this thread up a bit.
ecchi and or hentai teachers aloud with appropriate spoilering please.

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ITT: manga or anime that made you legitimately upset, uncomfortable, and unhappy

This shit is really hard to read /a/ I had to drop it.
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Been reading punpun. It's pretty fucking depressing. I've heard it gets worse as he grows up, I don't know if I'm ready for it.
The only problem I had with Punpun is some of the characters or arcs might be less appealing or interesting since the author isn't afraid to change the tone and focus of the story, otherwise I got exactly what I wanted.

How is it hard to read a sad story? You are meant to get attached to the characters and feel things that you normally wouldn't feel in your life. You are able to feel for the characters because you are a human being and empathy is in your nature. That's the fun of it.

You should try reading Sundome, Op.
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>and feel things that you normally wouldn't feel in your life

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Subs or Dubs?
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You should always use subs. If you have to ask you are probably too young and new to post here. Lurk more or fuck off back to /r/anime.
These dubs
Watch both sub and dub, do it for ash kon

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Anyone looking forward to another season of YowaPedal?
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Yep, all 12 of us that watched the series are definitely looking forward it.
12 + /n/
Although I'm wondering how they can make another race more interesting than the 1st.
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More crazy characters that can top abs and pic related.

That one role that proved you wrong for thinking a certain voice actor doesn't have a range.

I'm still dumbfounded that Petelgeuse is voiced by Kirito's voice actor.
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Now you get to see other VA try their hand at it.
"This is him now"
I wonder how he feels about voicing a villian in a walmart version of SAO

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How good is JoJo compared to HxH? I feel like picking it up since HiatusxHiatus is in effect
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they're not remotely comparable

Well how is it then? I sort of like the muscular men with the cool poses and fashion.
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Jojo Hohos

There is nothing wrong with anime girls having fat butts.
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I want to do all sorts of lewd things with Kobeni.
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Kobeni is so sexual it should be illegal.
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I'd volunteer if I wasn't lazy.

ITT: dead bitches
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>killing one of his waifus
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I hope not

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Read the guide

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i really regret having missed the Steins;Gate 0 Clear File

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