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Describe /a/ in 1 (one) image.
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>another haremshit manga where the MC is a beta self insert faggot

When will this shit ever stop?
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Just read hentai.
it wouldn't be "interesting" if the protag was chill and enjoyed his harem. No one wants to read a story about a guy going to the store to buy groceries and nothing happening you know?

so beta harem mc's will always be a thing.
I liked that one short with the gay harem mc. That was fun.

>gigantic bitch
>annoying as fuck
>not even that hot

So why do people like Asuka again?
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Some people are masochists. And I guess she has redhead appeal.
its a meme but shhh

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It's time.
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Reminder that the Goku Black arc is already better than the Cell and Buu arcs, and might end up being better than the Freeza and Saiyan arcs.
Who'd this
>Reminder that the Goku Black arc is already better than the Cell and Buu arcs,
Not true.

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What is the best kind of yuri and why is it not chin-in-hand kisses.

Not Riko btw.
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>still more canon than YoshiRiko
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tl;dr Arisha became a seiyu to challenge her limits like a true shounen hero.

As for who she could have been inspired by, who could it be?

Could it have been Emitsun, her co-star in the PSO play?
Could it be Tatsuhisa Suzuki who played her robot buddy Usada and Makoto of Free?
Could it be Nan-chan who played the 2d counterpart of Aki-chan?
Or was it the Better Yellow Mao?
How plausible are the girls' names? An anon mentioned Dia and Ruby being DQN/kirakira names. What about other ยต's and Aqours members?

>Chika telling Oji to back the fuck up
Chika is going to be amazing when she is older and more experienced
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Jokes on you Oji. Osamu dosen't even need that arm

well I guess it is time to update the collage from the previous thread
>Chika gets Ouji Suwafied
>Cheeky Osamu trap left before pierces Oujbrain

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Today they show the 1st episode hopefully with enough time to make the necessary fixes
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Is anyone watching livestream? Any noticeable changes?
Dead show.
No shit. They stopped broadcast after 4th episode and restarted it after over a month

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What is Loli?

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Mugen Tensei 2016-10
>Akatsuki Myuuto (new multi-chapter series), Shunjou Shuusuke, Sabusuka, Maimu Maimu, Sawajiri Merou, Kizuki Rei, Takasugi Kou, Inomaru, Jamming, Hakaba, Chiyou Yoyuchi, Ariga Tou, Yabitsu Hiro, Maekawa Hayato, Ryuuga Shin

Hotmilk 2016-10
>inkey, Sasamori Tomoe, Uekan, Menea the Dog, Kihiru, Asuhiro, Munomerikun, Equal, Matsuna Hajime, Onapan, Kuro Food, Yamazaki Kazuma, Koga Ryouichi, Usoneko

UNREAL 2016-10
>GIGI Met, Erect Sawaru, Simon, Fan no Hitori, Satsuki Imonet, Taniguchi-san, DATE, Horitomo, Shiina Kazuki, Ashimoto Yoika

Mugen Tensei once again being the bestest
>3 artists worth reading
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Daily reminder

ITT: Post your favorite waifu by personality
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Amen. Shame she was in such a mess of a show.
How do you mean mess?
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best taste

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Mangastream out

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First for nothing, nothing, NOTHING happened: the chapter.
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>Luffy needed gear 4 vs a soldier
Shanks at a wedding and Mihawk is involved, okay then.

Also, Luffy is fucked and Sanji becomes a shivering bitch when his big brothers show up.

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TFW one has the absolutely literally best taste in Sabers, let alone (Type Moon) characters.
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>not liking all Sabers

Are you gay, son?
Feels good.
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The best. I love my emperor!

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Episode 22 in 12 minutes
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Muetta a cute, A CUTE

misaka a qt
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i love misaka
s3 when


Post Girls
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Why the fuck did she do this?

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Did she have Stockholm syndrome or something?
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That would suggest she spent a significant amount of time with him.

Battered wife syndrome, except she wasn't a wife for a long time.
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>mainstream syndrome
>happily ever after
>imo she shouldnt have married at all
Ino had the hots for Sasuke even after he became rogue too. Had nothing to do with stockholm syndrome. It's simply that the chicks in Naruto really are that shallow. A hot guy can destroy the earth and they'd still get wet for him.

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