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Dorohedoro v4-000-min.jpg
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What are we going to learn in the fourth volume?
All of this is still... In the most chaotic shambles.
That is... DOROHEDORO!

Volume 1: >>146433218
Volume 2: >>146482890
Volume 3: >>146525392

Official Soundtrack: https://mhzmusic2.bandcamp.com/album/dorohedoro-original-soundtrack
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Dorohedoro v4-001-min.jpg
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Dorohedoro v4-002-min.jpg
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Slime is best girl
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[Ochako's side]
She lost her helmet in the quake
Because the other schools will target them in groups she wants to rejoin with the class and tries to get away while hiding
[Deku's side]
The Shiketsu girl knows Deku is a close quarter fighter and thought he would be out fast, so she went to his location
Shiketsu girl: "I want to know more about you guys."
She throws the ball and while Deku takes his eyes off her for a second she disappeared
Suddenly she is behind him and throws another ball
Deku can deflect it in the last second
He tries to attack, but she disappeared and reappeared behind him again
Shiketsu girl: "I am not hiding my quirk. It's [disappearance]. I can divert my presence from the eyes and ears of a person. But forget that. I want to know why you try to become a hero. Honor? Pride? For someone's sake? I want to know more about it."
Deku is forced to retreat after other schools arrived at his location and he is in the worst possible situation
While retreating he sees Ochako
Ochako: "Here!"
Deku in his thoughts: "Uraraka, you..."
The other schools heared Ochako and came, too
Ochako's cliff is crumbling and she falls down
Deku in his thoughts: "That time, i chose to fight and broke my body. If i didn't i could have reached Kacchan, could have saved him and All Might wouldn't have to fight All For One. That time, if i had been faster to reach Kouta none of this would have happened. To help someone i first have to make sure i'm unharmed myself. And until my body is ready, i can't use 100% again!"
Deku's new shoe released a strong shock and his speed is much faster
There is still a backlash, but it doesn't break his bones and Deku can catch Ochako
Deku and Ochako are hiding from the other schools
While Deku watches the situation Ochako takes a ball and tries to hit Deku's target
Deku stops her

Deku: "What kind of person are you, Shiketsu?"
Ochako's face melts and reveals that it is the Shiketsu girl
Shiketsu girl: "How did you know?"
Deku: "I didn't realize it before, but when you fell down the cliff i knew it wasn't the real Ochako."
Shiketsu girl: "I see. That's your reason. More, tell me more about your reasons."
Deku in his thoughts: "Is she asking all this because of the test... or is it something worse!?"
Does she have two quirks

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Where do you start with gundam?

I've heard some people say 0083 is a good starting point because it has some of the best that gundam has to offer, and its short, so if you don't like it you won't like the rest.
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War in the Pocket
Start with the original 1979 show.
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Gundam guide.jpg
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You're welcome.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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He could have the perfect girl, yet he rejects her for that slut. I'm so fucking angry right now I could smash my monitor. Holy fuck what a faggot he is.
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10/10 girl or 6/10 girl, your choice?
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Fuck off.
Love is not always what the populous agrees with, its what the individual wants.

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Am I going to like Prisma Illya if I'm can't into loli?
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I'm sorry, I've tried. But I seem unable to. It just feels creepy and unrealistic.
read the manga.
Do you at least like Type Moon?
If the answer is still no, then odds are slim.

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I though she were flat and looked like a child.
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No? She is 18 years old. Or 19. I forgot. She just looks small/tiny. A lot of girls like that IRL.
She is flat and looks like a child
I don't get why she wears pigtails to work but something more mature outside of work
This is what children look like nowadays.

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small muscle man manage to become 2d to live with dog girl

what am you excuse for not become 2d to be with you monster girl?

i am consider lay under heavy thing that fall but real life am not cartoon. you dont become 2d you just become red squish

am jealous of tiny muscle man. he not very tall but become 2d. in way this make him more tall than all of us. he never reach item on medium level shelf but he reach for monster girl and she am there

little muscle man give hope that we touch monster girl one day too
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First for Lala
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Did I kill thread?
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Its the deadest time for these threads. Give it 8 hrs.

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tumbling down.png
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What exactly was supposed to be the difference between all the versions of instrumentality that the series tried to portray?

From the background with Yui, it made it sound like her idea was different than SEELE's, since her life was endangered when they found out about her ulterior motives. But then during EoE the SEELE agent acts like this is what they planned from the start when Third Impact commences.

And it's basically stated outright that Gendo's idea of it was different than SEELE's due to their conflict, but also different from Yui's as well due to his panic when Rei rejects him in EoE. At least that's what it appears like, as he's never reunited with Yui like he wanted, since in the end we find out Yui's idea was fulfilled with Unit 01 becoming the vessel for her soul for eternity.

And why would SEELE put the fate of instrumentality in Shinji's hands if the result is so malleable to his will? Did they simply predict that a broken mind like his would never reject instrumentality? But they knew Unit 01 had Yui's soul in it and the connection between the two of them is what drove its power, so if they knew that Yui still existed within Unit 01 and that her instrumentality plan was different than theirs, why would they make Unit 01 the cornerstone of their plan?

If the initiation of the Impacts are caused between the unity of an Adam life form and a Lilith life form, why were the Angels going after Adam? How would the fusion of Adam + Angel cause an Impact? Why didn't the fusion of Rei + Armisael cause an Impact if this were the case, since humans + Adam caused an Impact?

And what exactly did Fuyutsuki mean when he was talking about instrumentality shielding the human race from Third Impact? I thought instrumentality and Third Impact were one and the same? If protecting humanity was the plan from the beginning, wouldn't defeating all 18 Angels suffice? Or is the unification and destruction of Adam+Lilith required as well?
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>And why would SEELE put the fate of instrumentality in Shinji's hands if the result is so malleable to his will?
Gendo was supposed to be in control, but Rei chose Shinji instead. Apparently this part of the plan depended entirely on that Rei would follow her orders until the very end.
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The Angels were trying to reunite with Adam, but simply confused Lilith with Adam. Adam based life + Lilith would've blown things up, but we don't know who would survive after that. Presumably, Angels + Adam would wipe out the Lilim, allowing the Angels to dominate earth.

Gendo wanted to control Instrumentality to bring his wife back. To that end, he want to hold both Adam and Lilith's soul - which was inside Rei - within himself. If he had succeeded in doing this, he probably could've resurrected Yui.

Rei denies Gendo this and steals Adam from him, fusing with Lilith's body to initiate a different form of Instrumentality. She then gave control of it to Shinji, giving him the ability to choose how Instrumentality progresses. The Instrumentality that we see is not what Seele wanted, but it seemed close enough that they were satisfied with it anyway. Seele would've been happy if Shinji had simply let Instrumentality complete and fuse all beings into one. Instead, Shinji rejected Instrumentality.

Yui's goal was to deny Seele of their goal, allowing Humanity to keep existing. As a side goal, she also created a lasting monument to Humanity so that it would never die.

Rei + Armisael wouldn't have done shit because Rei didn't have Lilith's full soul until Rei III.
File: 1472676383897.png (157KB, 336x475px)Image search: [Google]
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>The Angels were trying to reunite with Adam, but simply confused Lilith with Adam
That makes sense for the first few episodes, but then Gaghiel attacks the Navy fleet in episode 8, knowing that Adam is there with Kaji. If they were still confused about whether Adam or Lilith was in Terminal Dogma wouldn't it have just attacked NERV HQ then?

>Rei + Armisael wouldn't have done shit because Rei didn't have Lilith's full soul until Rei III.
Wait really? I thought Rei's entire identity was the clone of Yui shell + Lilith's soul? Maybe I missed something.

>Gendo was supposed to be in control, but Rei chose Shinji instead
Okay, so SEELE's plan assumed Gendo would be in control, assuming he also followed orders? Which is why they attacked NERV when they found out he had a different plan for instrumentality too, since they didn't trust him anymore to carry out instrumentality according to their wishes? And this is why they defaulted to using Shinji + Unit 01 as a backup?

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maybe the translation needs revising
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i don't get it
Tomo is Lucifer, playing with a little boys heart like this.
I kinda feel bad for him now, his dick's been in constant confusion for ten years now.

You didn't forget, right? You wouldn't forget Miuna on a Monday, wouldn't you?
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I could never forget.
I want to make Miuna a single teen mother.

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Summary of first VN trailer released with more scenes, reiterated release date. Less than a month to go!
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Did they cum inside her?
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Seems awfully loyal to the state, that Strachwitz.
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Jurgen catches you cuddling with his sister.
What do you do?

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All you need is Nina.
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Momo is sexy, I want to fingerbang her butt.
I want her hat.
Anybody have an update about the vn of CYOA?

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Think of an anime.
You are now an additional main character of that anime, this is your power. How fucked are you?
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>fire energy manipulation
The power totorment evil souls.
Well I'm either gonna be the best ghoul or CCG agent.
>One piece
>water attacks

Either I'd be completely broken, or completely useless. Does the fruit even work for water powers?

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[ ] Save Miyu
[ ] Save the world
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Fuck Miyu
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