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What does /a/ think about Needless?
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As long as he's cute
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Really popular when it was airing, doesn't get much attention anymore.

I'd rate it somewhere around 5/6 out of 10
Disk a best.

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How many terabytes of anime do you keep on hand? I'm up to three and I rarely watch the shit these days. I can't bring myself to delete anything, I'm a digital hoarder.
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is this the meta thread part 2?
~3.5TB and counting at the moment.
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Around 12 , 6 for main use and 6 for back up. I still haven't optimized my archive like removing bloat or dub files so it might be around 5 once I finish.

Also I haven't added any show from the last 3 seasons because I got busy.

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Who wins?
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My dick
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Peko since Mukuro was already out of breath and being worn down while Peko was pretty much fine
Obviously me.

Did she really just kill her Onii-sama because of a little jealousy? And that suggestive pose where she is holding her half opened robe closed as he wakes up the next morning while wearing a warming smile on her face. What exactly did she do all night?
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I saw the image name and still thought this was Mahouka.
Me too. Mahouka guy should sue. This sounds identical.
Now that you mention it I don't actually see this anime listed on any anime website. Maybe its the english title that is?

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igo soccer shorts>takasaki x sakurai shorts>yuuko shorts>nakamura shorts>everything else
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>no Like Love
trash list
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Yuuko shorts > all
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patrician taste

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ITT your favorite gerren lagann reference in other anime.
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le gurren lagann reference.jpg
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Fuck you, Blackmore! FUCK YOU!
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Pucci loves his sister
I want to mindbreak Perla in front of Enrico


Did we like this, /a/?
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Anime short film thread?
It's sparkly I like it.
I don't really like animator shorts because they put in literally 5-10x the amount of time/effort/often budget for what would be needed for an anime for that length.

This one isn't so offensive in that way, but they always get my hopes up.

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Is it true that it gets better by each episode?
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I'm watching it only because its Berserk
Was this the best scene yet? I think it was, to be perfectly honest.
That's true, but it's not because of the quality of the episodes.
It's just the fact that Berserk itself has such a great story and cast of characters that it's still pretty watchable.

It's still Berserk

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So was there any good reason for Kirie and Shuichi not trying to actually leave the town until it was too late? They had plenty of time to get the fuck out, but even after the fire lighthouse, the talking parasite mosquito babies, the couple coiling into snakes, Kirie's hair nearly killing them and their teacher and classmates turning into snails they still stick around.
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That's just how most of the people in
Junji Ito 's works are like. They ofen have vary low crisis awareness.
Speaking of his work, do you think there is a possibility of an anime adaptation of his work ?
l would love to see an anime series in base on his short in form of an anthology with Tomie as the horror host.
By the way, what would a good heart Tomie be like ? It did make a good and story
I wnat to marry Tomie then slice her to pieces!
>They ofen have vary low crisis awareness.
I mean I get that coming from Kirie in the beginning, but after all that shit going on for month? Including her hair almost murdering her? By then I'd expect her to get with the program. And Shuichi was saying they had to get out from day one but he still stuck around, I guess because Kirie was still there.

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More footage.
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Shouko is cute.
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One Page Thread?
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I don't remember her being that hot.
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True Identity.png
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I'm game

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>"The spirit of the Survey Corp has been handed over to Armin!!”
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I want Levi to dominate Mikasa sexually.
>They have no Erwin.
>Soon they won't have no Eren too.
>the only thing they will have is a 2/10 combat whose most brilliant plan was repeat what Hanji said.

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>Luffy had to use gear 4 just to destroy 1 clone
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Everyone remember to do your best to appreciate Penguin today!
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2nd for carrot
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Carrot will be the Straw Hats' _______.


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Gentlemen...how do we torture...that which gets off on it?
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Why is so so lewd too.
dismember it slowly...
Extended orgasm denial.

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