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Tio is about to give you an excited hug, and you are certain to get a few snapped bones.

What do you do? Avoid the hug and make her cry, or accept having your arms turned to powder?
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I ask her to give me her ogreload instead.
Say something along the lines of 'please be gentle' and be thankful my insurance is paid up.
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Go for the crumple zones.
Force imparted will be lessened while user satisfaction will increase.

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Daily reminder that you should skip the second season of this show. Also Oregairu thread
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komachi best girl.
S2 was mostly good, it's just the last 3 episodes that got rushed to keep up with volume 11.
Get rid of the fang and the ahoge and she's basically Haruno.

I don't get it.
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elaborate faggot.
First verse of lain opening
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And you don't seem to understand

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Today we discus the best ways to eradicate the Goblin menace.
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More like anti goblin memes.
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The best way to eradicate goblins is through pure, unadulterated revenge rape

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frog-chan is cute! cute
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>ribbit ribbit
What did she mean by this?
the thought of a guy forcing me to dress up as cheerleader for him is pretty hot so i need sauce for this
Kero Kero

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is neon genesis evangelion worth watching? I have it downloaded just wondering if its worth the time.
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Here we go...
Yeah, but watch end of Evangelion after you finish it
Also, if you don't fully understand it please watch it again until you do, is better than searching explanations online (what i did, i still regret it)
so what you're saying is that the kid gets better after episode 1? he was really the thing making me stop
He doesn't, he's still a whiny little coward, but he's a pretty well written characters and his problems and insecurities are what make the show as good as it is, you really get yo know and understand why he acts the way he does
Don't expect many "epic action scenes" tho, mostly after episode 15

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why do some groups release with FLAC audio? It only inflates the filesize.
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It gives them a sense of superiority.
It depends heavily on your audio equipment. I'm surprised that groups don't also release 320kbps .mp3s, though.
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You gullible little shits actually think that anime has high enough quality audio to justify FLAC? They can't even animate above 720p, don't even fucking bother.

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Do you download your manga to read it, read it online or order directly from japan?
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>Ever reading digital versions of books.
I don't

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You know the drill. Write an Anime Plot.

This time however add Tokusatsu into it.

What do you get?
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talk shit about my waifu, /a/.
protip: you cant

also, post yours so i can laugh at your shitty taste
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What do you think, OP?
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blondes are fucking stupid

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New Chapter is out.
Don't shitpost about MHA.
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So thats it for the diamond invasion arc?
Is this fun?
No, it's Black Clover.

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Why everyone hate this series? I'm watch and it was good. Also Snail best ghost
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No one really hates it. Just vocal minority shitposters. The threads are usually pretty alright.
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Pretty much this. It's just the mad/insecure Kyoanus fags and studiowar fags that are pretty vocal. Saying that 'everyone hates this series' is pretty inaccurate.
yep, true

Is that an OC btw?

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Chapters 5 and 6 of the Anthology coming up.

Chapter 5 - Hanako’s Lucky Day

Waah, awesome, awesome!
This kitty is letting me touch him!

Hanako, it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it…

Ah... there he goes…

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A mobile zoo!
*Petting Zoo*

**I'm not actually sure of the actual name of these. They're like traveling zoos that get setup for school functions and stuff.
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Hey, hey, you guys wanna go?

Sounds good <3 Seems it goes throughout the entire park (This is going to be tiring…)
I wonder if they have lions?

Hahaha, small animals are the main attraction here. Lions aren’t considered <3
Ah… Well, then maybe they have squirrels!

I… I don’t feel so good…!!
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Cuddly, cuddly…
They’re cute, aren’t they?
Be careful… of everything

Of… Of course this would happen…!!

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There's something different about Mitarai!
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He rejects despair.
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Check my devas
What? Mitarai is not fat anymore? Fucking retcons. Fuck Kohacka.

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Vegetable vs Moosleman
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First for The Best OTP
Whis is cute!
I concur.

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