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what did she do to jinbe?

reminder there's no chapter this week
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I want a big hug between this 2 people during whole cake.
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So do I.
The thing he lost was his good reputation, it seems.
But I'd have to check the chapter with the wheel to see if it was actually on there.

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Guys, there is not much time left.

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As I understand it, the deadline is tomorrow.
Fuck that guy if he doesn't post the nude version. I didn't retweet this for nothing.
The guy has 20k followers
Where the fuck are they?

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Also, how they managed to get out with that without getting the hentai qualification?

I understand things like Qwaser or Queen's Blade because its only teasing, but here it was actual sex.

How the managed to put this on TV? And most important, why no one followed its example?
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Akira best girl.
Showed no dick and pussy.

Just cuz there's sex; doesn't mean it's hentai.

Ikkitousen dragon destiny had a sex scene. The series is mostly t&a.

I don't know any other series where there was sex involved. Other than maybe gantz, Eva, blue seed, gundam seed. I don't know anythjng else.
Green green

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Beware of the ultimate despair photographer.
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>Next week, Aoi will die
>Naegi will fall into despair
>He will go fight Munakata on 1v1
>SHSL Luck will basically stomp Munakata
>Zetsubou wins
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please, my dick is still recovering from last thread
Who here is preparing their Seiko shrine

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

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Having passed for a native of the English language, I realised that I must also pass for a native of Japanese. How long should it take for me to accomplish it?
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matsuri is kawaii
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Could someone explain to me what
I don't have a clue of what that means even after using rikai and googling it. I thought it'd be "arch enemy" at first but I can't see how either.

Context is she's about to get dildo'd and thus loose her virginity.

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Dumping the first volume.
The story of what would happen if a yurifag was bodyswapped with a fujoshi.
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Precure Thread
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Is Yuri considered necrophilia because she looks like a reanimated corpse.
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Yuri is a grey

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A real madman would give her a Red Bull
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>Suu on a sugar rush
Cuddle snek
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Cuddle spooder

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So what about his guy?
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>so his name is Giorno Giovanna he is a JoJo but he is different because it's spelled GioGio also he is 15yo and the youngest JoJo and he is the son of Dio and is the only son who isn't retarded and also is a Joestar and he was born japanese but he moved to italy and his hair changed color and everybody likes him and his stand is golden and he can punch and say muda and also create life and also you can't hit what he creates or else you will be hurt too and also he can punch you and make you feel pain super slowly and also he can heal anything even himself and also he is chosen by the stand arrow and can reset literally every power and he wants to become a gangstar and he will and he is the boss
When Kyo asked Josuke if he has any memories before the beginning of JJL, he said no. So flashback man got reconned years ago.
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Gappy makes me happy

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Your weekly dose of alcohol poisoning and "diving" is here.

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oh fuck yes, thanks for the heads up
Fuck yeah
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sides gone

Previous thread: >>146869774
Dumping Shin Devilman, a spin off of the original Devilman manga, starring Ryo and Akira's adventures through time.
Please try to avoid posting images while the dump is ongoing since the volumes barely fit in one thread.
Also keep in mind that there are people experiencing for the first time the Devilman saga so try to mark everything that could be a spoiler, thank you!
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Please draw your waifu in Paint.
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I'm not very good at drawing
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I don't really have one, so I drew you're waifu instead

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It's time.
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What is it time for, exactly?
You know if Mugen found out that someone was constantly using his likeness as a way to encourage homosexual content he'd probably slice them open.
Mugen is not real.

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Do you agree with her?
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Blonde hair is illegal in my country.

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Episode 124: 蘇る幻影騎士団 - Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu
(The Revived Phantom Knights)
While searching for Yuzu, who was captured by Serena, Yuya runs into Ruri. While Yuto is rejoiced that Ruri is safe, Ruri suddenly initiates a Duel!

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?

>mfw it's HAPPENING
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>No Duel Coats
>Kaito doesn't throw swords
>Asuka can't even job properly
Why is Arc-V so shit at non-5Ds nostalgia?
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Today is a fucking great day
also yuya a best

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