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What are some rumors about her?
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That she's fat
She can't get a boyfriend.
In the closet

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>create the cutest trap of all time
>later retcon it into being female

why the fuck did he do that?
why did he betray his fanbase?
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Welp, now I can fap to it.
>later retcon it into being female

>why did he betray his fanbase?
Because trapfags are a shit.
Traps are for faggots
Traps are shit

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download (4).png
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What absurd power level are they on? Havent watched since cell.
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they've drastically flattened the power curve and then forgot how to write
Well here's the thing:

It doesn't matter anymore. He's gonna shine a color for the specific arc but still be on the same level as every other fighter.
you should at least finish the cell and Buu arc, or better yet just finish the manga. After that just assume its over.

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both are great. I prefer #1.
Both are good but I like naked apron more.

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I'm going to MARRY my girlfriend Sharo-chan soon!
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gween tee!
Rize is a best.

Did /a/ like the manga about high schoolers with hemorrhoids?
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>no female toilet scenes
Yeah missed chance. Especially disappointing because the author usually does really ecchi series

Post your favorite 'N-NANI ??' moments
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Who is this Semen Demon.jpg
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This is Sagiri, when she grows up.
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You already made this thread.
Sagiri is already a perverted slut. Just like this whore from "Garden" hentai

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>episode 2 of owari will be 100% outsourced
Is Shaft finished? What's taking up all their time, exactly?
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shaft have been outsourcing stuff for over a decade
Don't worry the Office Division of Microsoft Japan will handle it perfectly.
Madoka S2.

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Daily reminder that C.C remains best girl. Even as delicious brown.
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>Even as
You mean especially as
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Smug C.C a best
File: 64124523_p34.png (467KB, 600x866px)Image search: [Google]
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It's amazing how C.C can pull off being both sexy and innocent at the same time.

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Question @Ishidate: How difficult was it to switch from the Japanese landscape KyoAni is used to to the western/European one in VE?
>Ishidate: It was extremely difficult. Drawing the backgrounds was hard since we wanted Violet Evergarden to take place in a European-esque setting. We had some references but didn’t actually visit Europe beforehand which I regret now. I should have come here earlier.

Question @TRUE: What was your inspiration while making this song?
>TRUE: Violet has to learn a lot of words one by one. That’s why I wanted to put every word in this song together as careful as possible and give it my all. Although self-praise is not recommended, I think I did pretty well.
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Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
Music: Evan Call (Big Order)
Character Design: Akiko Takase (Violet Evergarden LN)
Color Design: Yuka Yoneda (Maidragon)
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe (Kyoukai no Kanata, Maidragon)

>More VA
Tiffany Evergarden: Toshiko Sawada
Oliver: Satoshi Taki
Lillian: Rie Hikisaka
Nerine: Aya Saito

>Episode 1 staff
Storyboard: Taichi Ishidate
Episode Director: Taichi Ishidate, Haruka Fujita, Shinpei Sawa
Animation Director: Nobouki Maruji, Akiko Takase, Yuko Myoken, Tatsunoko Maruko
Key Animation: Yoshinori Urata, Chiyoko Ueno, Seiichi Akitake, Hiroshi Karata, Fumie Okano, Kunihiro Hene, Nobuaki Maruki, Shinpei Sawa, Taira Yamaguchi, Nami Iwasaki, Kohei Okamura, Tatsunari Maruko, Hidehiro Asama, Sena Suzuki, Kota Seto, Ryosuke Shirakawa, Sae Sawada, Shiho Morisaki, Ryo Miyagi, Ami Kuriki, Aoi Okune, Sayaka Watanabe, Chiharu Kuroda, Saeko Fujita, Aoi Matsumoto, Chika Kamo, Sumire Kusano, Yuki Yokoyama, Kyohei Ando, Mariko Takahashi, Rie Sezaki, Tomoko Yoshimura
If they just pull off this series well, it'll be one of the best anime of all time
and I have faith that kyoani can do it
The hype for this is unreal. They will never live up to this.

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Kurumi is so perfect, how can the other girls even hope to compete?
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remember that /a/ is full of cucks and cowards, who can't appreciate a real strong woman like clock. the fact that she has ANY competition at all should tell you all you need.
By not being ugly.

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Still the best idol anime ever made.
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>Blocks your path
File: f58e22de57.jpg (68KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Yayoi best girl

What makes this scene so hot?
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Loving pure wife openly submitting by taking your seed and gladly accepting the consequences to her body.
Is this an epitome of vanilla?
Endless curves

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Pic related, even reading plot summaries or watching clips of it don't ring any bells for me. For some reason I have much more clear memories of Otome than I do Hime. Can anyone explain why that might be?
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Uh they all get a magical pet and need to fight

they don't and decide to be friends until plot fucks them over then every one dies and then gets better

Oh and Natsuki got lesbo raped
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Fresh, Doki, Happiness charge precure.

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