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Is Sagiri Imouto of the year?
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Not blood related
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More like cumdump of the year

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loli loevs pizza
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Cheese pizza :DDDDD
whada fug man
Mayte, all those lole deservers the robotic-oniichin :DDDDD

Well that just extended the this manga a few more months. I thought it was almost going to end but not we have to have more drama added.
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>Not throwing away the book.
He is too retarded to live.
>allergic to Aki
>Labeling you revenge diary with "revenge diary".
How much dumber can the MC be?

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The sad thing is that in reality these good friends sued each other.
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Blue Blazes was 10/10
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Say what you want about Kubo as a mangaka alongside his asspulls in the manga, but let him design clothes for you with his fashions designs and he will make you look good.
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when did they ever wear any of this shit
Honestly really like his art, and bleach up to a certain part. i'm not digging the clothes though.
This isn't his art, it's Pierrots.

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Personally I pick Revy because she's rocking some nice titties.
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Sawyer is best girl

She does make cute waifu material
Probably either "yes it is" lady, or Roberta.

>inb4 "stick dick crazy"
They're ALL crazy in some way.

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>right after Risa Taneda
I guess he was pregnant too.

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Himeragi and Kojou look so good together.
Work ethic expected of an individual is brutal in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually a health problem.

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pedobait's wild ride continues
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is this gonna turn into a loli yuri harem now?
>waited 2 weeks
>6 pages

Why is this allowed?
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Sun Aug 6 20:00:15 2017.png
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I really don't think she can push the uguu any further without breaking something

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rem 78.jpg
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I would give anything to make her happy. It's not fair that she's so tortured. She's made mistakes, but she's really passionate. At least she doesn't just let things happen to her. Rem is simply too good for the world she's in and I would give up my soul to rescue her from it.
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Just look at her. She's fucking precious. How could anybody want this treasure to be hurt?
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rem 77.png
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Rem with long hair is best.
She's the mistake.

>Red Ash -Magicicada- [1080p].mkv
Will there be more episodes to come?
I know the game is dead though.
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The conflict literally happened because of the dumb useless bitch.
best girl shows up at the end

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since 2nd season of Senran Kagura is on the way

What do we expect?
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Will Miyabi appear?
An awful lot of shitposting.

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stop making hibike threads
Don't you know anon? Instagram filters can make any animation good.
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Can this be a Kumiko thread?

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What are the most autistic characters ever in anime.

My submission is pic related.
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Quite literally.
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>[PAS] Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. - 06 [WEB UNCENSORED 720p AAC] [65F00F23].mkv

All aboard the rape train
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Pure heterosexual relationship.
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The girl's too cute for this.
>she chose to be his fuck boddie but not his girlfriend

>the MC, the princess and the villain died
>but not really, lol
I feel fucking rused.
This is the worst start of a second season I've ever seen. Way to ruin all the tension and suspense left by the ending of the first one.
Is there any reason to keep watching this shit?
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You haven't even begun to see the show go to shit.
S2 is shit ! SHIT!

Don't watch it.
The dude with the Tornado mech is pretty cool.
I also really liked the mech that had dozens of options that followed it around.
And I guess it is kind of interesting to watch Slaine try his hardest to have his cake and eat it to only for everything to crumble apart around him.

But season 2 is really, really bad and it quickly becomes clear that they ran out of mech ideas.
Never forget yo-yo mech.

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