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Is this yuri?
Hibike thread?
Global 6 and 10

Why is she even friends with Yoshiko? She is a good girl that is forced to constantly put up with that retards bullshit and she deserves way better then that
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She's best girl is why.
I ship pure girl and main character.
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>called boob president
>also has a god tier ass

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Does the African have a chance at a bright future in the world of anime? Or is the future of black representation looking bleak?
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I'd say there's a very strong chance, so long as whatever said series is about would stick true to black culture & is simultaneously interesting

newfigs WILL be trolled by this thread
pls no more kokujin

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Well /a/, do you?
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oppai daisuki xD
Of course

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Episode 6 is out.
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Renge in Kurumi body

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Is it true that the uglier the characters in an anime, the better off the it is? Like, is there a correlation to this? So, if the cast was nothing but fat, pizza-faced neckbeards it'll be a 10/10 in plot?
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Pic unrelated, Kaiji is moe.
plot is for posers, the main attributes with which one must critique a cinematic artwork are the components of its mise-en-scene
No, this is wrong.
But if you see that a show is decently popular, well-regarded, and has all (or mostly) ugly characters, that is a good sign. It lets you know that people aren't just talking it up because of cute characters or fanservice.

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Thoughts on ecchi/harem anime?
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Super enjoyable if it has some plot.
Harem is usually just a depressing and drawn out cash cow. Unless it has great writing/ characters and the ending isn't just a bunch of pathetic girls hanging onto a taken man, in which case it's barely tolerable. Ouran High School Host Club is a good example of a harem done right.
Ecchi is just the foreplay anime that lures you into watching hentai to get rid of the blue balls you just inflicted upon yourself, unless you are the type of degenerate who jerks it to ecchi. There is no good ecchi anime because it only needs to be half-assed to get people tuning in.
Shit, like every anime. Miyazaki was right.

Am i the only one who digs anime girls wearing sneakers?
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>am i the only one

Yeah dude, you're the only special snowflake. Even the artist who drew that doesn't like it.
2D girls wearing caps with long hair is pretty nice too.
Oh cool im fine with that.

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>Muh Chariot
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Akko is the type of girl to give you a handjob if you ask really nicely.
Like you wouldn't devout your entire being to Chariots thick ass, if she was real.
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>Muh Cockona

Does this scene actually mean anything? After all, he's just talking to himself. The "people" he's talking to is just his versions of them that only exist inside his head. There's nothing to congratulate him for, since he didn't achieve anything except changing the state of his simulation. The actual people he thinks are congratulating him are all busy with their respective simulations.
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Refer to multiple endings theory. TV series would be ending "A," movie would be ending "B."
Misread OP. Basically that scene means he accepts Instrumentality.
You answered your own question

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What the fuck was her problem?
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Man problems. All the males around her were either too shit, too old, or lice.
She's too cute
She is an unfeeling and emotionless robot

Name one reasons why Ryuko isn't the ideal waifu.
Protip: you can't.
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She's not Nui
She's in love with a piece of clothing
Because Satsuki's better.

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>...based on a Japanese light novel series...
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>Tags: Netorare
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>based off a VN
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>Anime Original

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How do I recognize a terrible anime (In just one episode)?
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by having good taste
You can avoid terrible anime before even watching an episode.

For example:

"Studio: Trigger"
"Studio: KyoAni"
>LN adaptation
>Popular manga adaptation
>Has more than three women
>choose any anime
>watch the first episode
congratulations, you've just recognized a terrible anime, repeat as necessary

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I don't think Korean anon posted the chapter, so I guess I'll take over now.

73: Pursuit
[Side] The demon is right there...

"I... can't pass any information now"
"Nor can I contact the other two"
"I have to get out... now..."
"To where he... Tengen-sama is..."
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"Someone's coming again"
"The 'Ogimoto House' is a meddlesome bunch"


"If you make any noise, I'll crush your innards into smithereens"
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"This feels weird"
"Is she in a bad situation now?"
"I can't tell..."

"That room... where 'Makio' is"
"Feels disgustingly weird, yet..."
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There's wind...
But the windows aren't open

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