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What do the Japanese think about anime?
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Fans like it and others don't
They have shit taste about it

For example the most normalfag anime at the moment is Kemono Friends. Fucking Kemono Friends!
Manga is the more prominent medium in Japan.

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Bonus questions:

>best girlfriend/wife
>best platonic friend
>best mother
>each of their fetishes
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The answer is my wife Ritsu.
kuso thread
>best girlfriend/wife
>best platonic friend
>best mother

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ITT: We come up with alternate titles for series' and other guess what they are.

I'll start
>My Boyfriend is an Enabler

Pic unrelated, go.
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which one is that
Kuzu no Honkai?
Ok, just a couple of easy ones
Travel to the west with aliens
Galactic Spiral
Degenerate Angel

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Kyoukai no Kanata is simply average, though.
And Mitsuki has a generic design.
This. OP should get some taste.

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What kind of gamer girl do you like?
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My 3D girlfriend.
video games are for subhumans
Too bad she likes games more than you. Should have stuck to a 2D gf.

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I think I'm going insane /a/

I remember the anime ending with Yusuke using all 3 aura's at once and then the climatic punch. After which Koenma tells Yusuke he won't be bringing him back anymore and this is his last life, but I just watched and read the ending again and it didn't happen instead Yusuke develops a new aura based on sacred energy.

What else has changed /a/? Also why wasn't the demon tournament show casing more fights?
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one of the greatest anime of all time
>I think I'm going insane
Drink more orange juice. That protects you from insanity. It's scientifically proven.

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Onii-chan piss piss.
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Don't post lewds of my waifu.

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>skintight black shirt

I don't get why already attractive people try to enhance their sex appeal even further by wearing attractive clothing. She already has nice lips, huge boobs, and a cute femme fatale-type personality. What's the point in wearing tight clothes like that to accentuate things even further?
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are you a mudslime
to make the person that she loves be more attracted to her.
Which one is the trap again?

Why is it that the boobs are always the first thing people go for with body-switch stories?
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Because they can't show masturbation without going up 3+ age brackets and preventing the majority of their original audience from watching
It's the first thing I'd grab if I switched bodies with a girl. Then I'd masturbate.
because they don't have a dick anymore

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Fuck, marry, brutally rape
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Anons are not brutal. Stop it with the implications.
Marry iroha
Fuck yui
Brutally rape yuki
We only go for tender rape 'round these parts...

...Heyyy... that skirt is so cute on you... c'mon... slip it down... I SAID SLIP IT YOU WHORE!!!

...See, you made me mad... C'mon, just a little... yeahhhhh...

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>Character says something really audible
>Sorry, what is it?
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>>Character says something
You lost me.
you get lost quite easily anon
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>I like you.
>What did she mean 'I like you'?

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> it's another "perfect and hot girl falls into subhuman spineless trash faggot MC" anime
Come fucking on
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>watching garbage
>getting garbage
Drop it and move on, you retard. No one expects you to like very single anime.
>watch shit made for a 13yr
>complains about self insert
>making the same thread every fucking day

Why are you so thirsty for attention?

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Do you like this kind of girl?
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Hmm, she's quite appealing. I like.
It's a fine girl

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ITT: post openings that only YOU like
>tfw I love Death Note opening 2
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done by maximum the homo
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I Love that OP too. The first OP for Death Note was boring I thought.

Anyway, Obscure Mahou Shoujo coming through.


he only good thing to come out of this anime.

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dumb Aqua poster
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Worship it.
But of course, nopan are best ases.

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