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Best Haikyuu season ever
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are they ok
This is the most hilarious rotoscope I've seen
So this is the gayest anime ever right?

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I'll start

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Please die like your dead meme
>HunterxHuntercuck still mad their shitty manga has been shown to be the garbage it is
I just wanted to share with you all that the other day my friend asked me "How in the hell were they actually able to kill Acnologia so simply?" and I couldn't help myself but tell him, "Because she's Erza". Had me a good chuckle I did.

>tfw no space princess gf
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Kill all space elves.
Good shitpost.
Finished the first season of Banner a few days ago. I think I prefered the first season, but it's still good. Gonna keep watching the next seasons in a few weeks or so.

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koi 6.jpg
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>it's a sex-ed episode

Honestly I did not see that coming.
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more than that, it foreshadowed a rather dark side to the whole program thing

though i don't know if they will follow through with it or if they're just play around with youkari
Is anyone even enjoying this show?

It's not really fun or interesting.
I literally only watch it because I see it as a deconstruction of romance anime. Aside from that and the cute character designs, it's very dull.

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Just got done marathoning this. Is there going to be a chapter this week?
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There should be, I don't recall any mention of a break
Thursdays typically?

I feel bad for Hana and Risa
Hana's getting what she deserves, but Risa's smile must be protected. Also, spoilers used to come out on Wednesdays, but lately we've had to wait for the Korean scans on Fridays/Saturdays. English translations seem to come out whenever they get around to doing it.

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It's been 3 days since I've finished watching this and I'm still sad as fuck, WTF?

This is just an anime and I've never cried so much, fuck the author of this for leaving a huge hole in my chest
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Get better taste and watch Nodame.
Said like a true cazul
Are you new to anime? There are sadder ones out there

pick 1 and explain
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Why don't you explain yourself?
Cocona, I like feminine girls and Cocona is basically an assortment of every feminine personality trait ever
Papika is fun but tomboys aren't that appealing
Cocona, orange hair and those eyes are good enough.

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how did this end?
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Read and find out, fag.
No pay off.
Nothing really happened.

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Thoughts on the show? Personally it'd be anime of the season for me if not for boku no hero academia, with aho girl and new game!! really close behind. It's just such a fucking fluffy comfy anime, I smile like an idiot for each episode
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My roommate cooks the best damn potatoes. It's fucking magic. Meanwhile some guy's GF cooks such terrible millennial meals it makes me want to die.

It's not about the ingredients or the money or the latest health memes, kids. It's all about the chef.
as a lazy fuck i just eat simple, easy to cook, tasty shit. chicken in the oven, fish in the pan, rice, starch mashed potato, steamed broccoli, ramen, curry and rice... could probably survive off all of the above with the occasional pizza
I liked the first three episodes but haven't had any real desire to watch it since, no idea if the gimmick can hold up for an entire season.

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Why do artists keep doing this shit? Have they become lazy to the point where they can't draw proper lines anymore? Or do they just randomly do it because they see other people doing it?
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>all those stylizations
>people only care about the mouth being multiple lines
It gives the detail of the upper lip you uncultured swine

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I love you anon!
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I hate you Mikan.
fuck you
Fuck you

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Goodnight /a/
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it's only 10, come hang out with this for a bit more
It's freaking 3 pm, do you lvie in Madagascar or what.
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Good night Anon.
Sweet dreams.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am not near any sources of fresh fish though.
Where does she get all these fish from?

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>Protagonist is not an irreedemable autist loser
>Story is self contained, does not need an additional ending movie, a japanese booklet and a PSP game just to understand what the fuck is going on
>Manages to have interesting characters and antagonists without making everyone relevant into a pile of neuroses
>Quon is more delicious than all girls in Eva combined

Why the fuck are we still being jewed by Eva 20 years later while Rahxephon fell into oblivion?
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>>Protagonist is not an irreedemable autist loser
Stopped reading there
I tried watching it but was put off by the protagonist. There's all this cool and weird shit going on, and not only is he completely uninterested in any of it, he actively avoids attempts to explain it to him.
Rahxephon still needed to have a tie in movie to help understand exactly 100% what was going on for some people.

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Anime with 10/10 OST
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Dragon Ball Z.jpg
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c the money of soul.jpg
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