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Anyone else who does this ?
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You mean puts subtitles in the middle of the screen? No. I'd reckon you'd have to be clinically retarded to do something like that.
I kind of like it. Clusters all the information I care about nearby, so I don't have to dart my eyes around.
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Fuck you, I can't stop laughing.

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Do the girls in Horizon know how erotic the bodysuits are?
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It's probably just normalized within society at that point. Also, they talk about ecchi stuff a lot, so it's probably nbd.
how did it get normalized?
I have absolutely NO idea. I'd love to ask the author that, t b h.

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what a disappointment. Can't believe this fag won the tournament.
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why? Autistic people can be good at things to you know. They arnt all lurking /a/
The author is a fucking hack.
Why? This shit is terrible.

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This one has been surprisingly interesting.

Mecha Knights (actually fight with swords & shit) + Magic (Mechs use Rods too) + design & improvements on the mechs, pic related being the latest one.

The only fault with it I've got so far is the traplike Gary Sue MC, who zooms around BTFO'ing everything while everyone else struggles.

Literally every other character is great though,
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I've mostly not really cared for anything besides the mech upgrading the main character's been doing nearly every episode. It's an aspect of Code Geass that I really loved, how both sides were constantly upgrading both the Guren and the Lancelot to 1-up each other at every turn.

If only the cast were decent. I just don't care for much of them at all, especially the two love interests, who are thankfully completely ignored by the protagonist, which is a welcome change to the formula, even if he's still got girls fawning over him. At least they actually have a reason to love him, since he's accomplished so much already.

The characters just aren't interesting enough, a lot of them feel pretty bland to me. They're mostly just people to surround the MC and advance his progress without being actual characters themselves. I might drop it after the battle in the next episode, unless something happens after that that keeps my attention.

At least the mech CG is good along with the animation in general being high quality, especially on the MC. If only there were any interesting designs besides MC.
I don't watch anime, let alone mecha.
Yup that's the problem. The writers are that busy fapping to the trap MC, they forget to develop anyone else. Pisses me off.

Shame cause as you said the animation is really high quality and the mecha stuff is interesting, loved when they pulled out the new one in the OP. Seems they're adding flight at some point too.

His badass super mech in the intro looks amazing and reminds me so much of Xenogears.

>22 years later
>no anime ever came close to being this ground-breaking
wtf ?
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How would you make an anime ground-breaking?
Make an anime that causes earthquakes when watched.

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ITT: Characters that deserved better.
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best girl.jpg
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Then again everyone died in the movie, but she is fundamentally good
Why tho

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Astolfo's a trap.
Jack the Ripper's a loli.
Frankenstein's a woman.

Why did they do this?

Mordred's cute though.
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Victor always created a female
>Astolfo's a trap.
He is mentioned to be really pretty in Orlando Furioso. Also adds to the silly that Astolfo is supposed to represent.

>Jack the Ripper's a loli
That's complicated and has an actual reason. Basically as nobody knows who Jack the Ripper was you can get a lot of different things by summoning that. This thing is one of those, an ammalgam of aborted children in 19th century London.

>Frankenstein's a woman.
Here Victor always created a girl.
>Why did they do this?

r8 h8
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I am moderately upset at your 3x3 being a rectangle and not a square.
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++ Bebop, Princess Tutu
+ Ping Pong
wtv DMT, Clannad, Galko, Jojo, Death Parade
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+Ping Pong
+Utena,Lain,Angel's Egg,Belladonna

14 years, 14 fucking years to finally find an anime that makes this pun
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It took you 14 years to find something that aired 23 years ago?
Really makes you think.
why do they use the same word for spider and cloud?

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kino 2017.jpg
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Why is the current artstyle standard so bland? New Kino looks like some A-1 waifu shittery.
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Looks ok-ish to me.
I know alot of people are pissed about this, but it didn't really come as much of a surprise to me. I guess that's just because I was expecting a shift from the originals style.
Isn't that just what Kino looks like now?

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its not requisimo you sick gardener
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It's Riko asf.

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>Go in thinking this was going to be standard pandering fanservice self-insert bullshit.

>Turns out to be an original anime with a Fate/Zero vibe.

>Focuses on many characters, not just the "protagonist."

>No shitty tsundere/harem/love triangle bullshit (at least up to the point I've watched so far)

>Doesn't rely on fanservice and surprisingly little pandering for something with this concept.

>Even the recap episode was funny and entertaining.

Why didn't you guys tell me that this was good?
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It's really good so far, final battle is hype
This must be bait

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>It's getting good reviews

/a/ BTFO
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Any sensible person on her knew it was going to be good. It was the knee jerk faggots that didn't.
Not /a/ related. Fuck off.
>It's getting good reviews

So was TFA. Fuck off.

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worst girl.jpg
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So she just wanted to fuck with Juri?
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File: 1501879935252.png (771KB, 570x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you blame her? Juri is an annoyingly gloomy cunt.
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Why is she so perfect?
bitch just jelly

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>"Hi, I'm American!"
>just give them blonde hair and blue eyes because you're too lazy to change their facial structure
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>"Hi, I'm 1/4 American/British/French!"
>blonde & blue eyes
It's not like anime characters usually have Asian facial structure though, even the native Japanese ones.
Not every place in America is full of niggers like where you live, OP.

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