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What's the point of a Season 3? Who wanted this?
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i D0
Fujos and faggots?
What do /a/ think about the ending of R2? Was it satisfying or not good enough?

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/a/ I am taking another risk this might be a good isekai
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if any of you guys know about source material tell me please
I loved the comedy aspect
What the hell kind of culture looks down on its medical practitioners? Everyone needs a doctor some time in their lives.

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Is there nothing the Chinese won't bootleg?

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When will this maid dragon shit end?
>When will dragon go away?

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Dragon too strong.

Why do Nips want girls to be sexualized as much as possible, without actually letting them have sex?
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>Muh hymen
Because then it crosses from ecchi to hentai.
Cause you can't air that on TV or sell in a Non-18+ Manga.

And discuss:
1. Why /a/ likes it
2. Why few others do
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Every show that is liked by /a/ is also like by reddit. The only shows this might not apply to are some really niche CGDCTs.
Does Reddit like FF?
Let's see:

As for why the show wasn't popular:
1. Relatively unknown studio
2. Unknown director
3. Poorly marketed
4. Not particularly well-known VAs
5. First half of the show was world-building SoL
6. The actual plot was rather messy
7. One of the MCs (Papika) was hardly developed.

As for why it was popular here.
1. The girls were hella cute.
2. The VAs did a really good job.
3. The yuri tones were nice.
4. The animation was good.
5. The OST, OP and ED were fantastic.
6. The world-building SoL part was great.

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It's over


Risa Taneda's return announcement, Risa Taneda was supposed to return to the TV anime "Saiku no Soma no-dish" Ninagi's role, but "I will restart my work considering my physical condition It was officially announced that in the circumstances, considering the long-standing TV series recording, it was decided to change the cast and change the bitterness.
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I fucking hate this because my mind has already established her as Erina's voice. Feels weird having a major role replaced. Taneda did it for 2 seasons already, it's not like it's a minor character or a few ova or episodes.
I thought VA roles were sacred in Japan.
Its been about a year most people won't notice

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Forget gyaru, moms, and thick girls

When will we enter the grloious age of normal looking girls?
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why is her hand down there touching her privates?
she's a fucking degenerate.

wake me up when we enter the age of self respecting women

That's so normal.

ITT: Impossible to discuss anime on /a/
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I just dont know why we need a thread a day about it
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NGE is up it's own ass. Don't get memed. Don't watch NGE. Watch the rebuilds.
RahXephon is the better NGE (exclusively referring to the tv show)

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Translation's out!
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So why did Ilya choose to summon this guy as Berserker when his best class is Archer.
Seems counter productive with how bad the berserker class is as a whole
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The Einzberns wanted big stats because big stats = easy win
Kerry and his free thinking bullshit fucked them over hard, so they want absolute loyalty this time around, and since they know even as a Berserker Herc could assrape most everyone no problem
Except when Berserker jobbed in all 3 routes

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Don't mind me, I was just denied a Best Animated Feature nomination for this year's Oscars.

just a reminder that the Academy picked The Red Turtle over a goddamn masterpiece
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academy awards are garbage but at least they know not to reward generic moe shit
Oscars, like all awards, are worthless crap.
They dont want something that promotes two Japanese citizens getting together to get an award.

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This is the cutest anime character ever conceived.
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t. Nano
I beg to fucking differ
i must protect mama and papa...

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Why are American characters always coarse overly patriotic assholes?
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It's in our blood
>Why are American characters always best
>why do American characters act American

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So she's smaller than Ai-chan?

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Fuck you, Aniplex. This trash is called Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai.

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Yeah, it's fucking hilarious to see all these second rate directors and studios trying to replicate the success of Kimi no Na wa.

Here is Shaft's ripoff.
Kimi no Na Wa was already a rip off
Looks like shit

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